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February 28, 2011

Foods @ Lawan Kuda, Gopeng, Perak

On my recent visit to my sister in Gopeng (due to National Service), my family members and I have discovered some cheap-yet-not-so-bad foods in the near by small town @ Gopeng, known as Lawan Kuda.

First, I'm gonna introduce the popiah a.ka. fresh spring roll. It's the Old Town Kong Heng Popiah.

As you can see from the picture above, there are two types of popiah - the ordinary one and the fried one. Tell you what, I love both of them! Each popiah has its own uniqueness. The ordinary one is very juicy whereas the fried one is very crispy! Both taste super good, especially the fillings inside!

Next, I'm gonna introduce two stalls of fried carrot cakes a.k.a chai tow kway. One is fried by a lady whereas the other one is fried by a man. Refer to the two photos below.

Basically, the similarity is just the ingredients. The main differences are the frying style and the taste. Based on the two photos above, you may see that the lady's fried carrot cake looks very common whereas the man's one is in long rectangular shape. Both taste good. Here's the thing, if you prefer the sweeter one, go for the lady; if you prefer the spicier one, then go for the man. I personally prefer the lady, because the fried carrot cake smells better.

Next next, it's the rice noodle roll a.k.a chee cheong fun and miscellaneous fried stuffs - yong tau foo etc.

Sorry, I didn't capture any photos of the chee cheong fun, however, every thing from this shop simply tastes good!

Looooong queue... Apparently, this shop was recommended in the press before, which is The Star newspaper. To read the full article, click HERE. Be sure to try it yo!

Lastly, all of the foods above can be found at the address below.

LOL, the address seems incomplete... Anyway, just follow the sign board to 'Program Latihan Khidmat Negara' towards Gopeng, you'll definitely pass by this small town.

Try or cry!

February 25, 2011

Kuala Lumpur Night Skyline @ Look Out Point, Ampang

Look Out Point (LOP), a fantastic place where famous to view Kuala Lumpur city, especially at night or during sunset. Basically, it's located 280m above sea level. Woot woot~

Ahh, I shall let the photos below do the main speech.

Cool eh?

While enjoying the night view of KL city, LOP is also great enough for visitors to have dinner at the same time. Generally, there are 4 restaurants/cafe at Look Out Point - LOP Western Foods, Gasoline Cafe, Haven Restaurant and Panorama Restaurant. As for my first trip with my friends, we had our lovely dinner @ Haven Restaurant.

Uh, not a bad meal though! Regarding the foods at Haven Restaurant, do check out their official website @ HERE.

Now now, some of you may be questioning, where and how the hell to get to Look Out Point? Easy, check out LOP's official website @ HERE ;)

Lastly, do visit LOP's website,, to gain some tips and tricks. Be sure to bring your love one there~

February 21, 2011

Best Egg Tarts @ TK Bread & Tarts

Egg tarts can be everyone's favourite. However, it's not an easy task to hunt a delicious egg tart. And so, I was recommended to try the egg tarts @ Tong Kee aka TK Bread & Tarts.

I'm not too sure how many types of egg tarts are there @ TK Bread & Tarts. Maybe just those two types as shown above?

Anyhow, my taste buds ain't good... I've tried both ordinary and butter egg tarts, but both taste the same. LOL! Their egg tarts are the watery/juicy type and they taste super delicious! *Slurp* Also, the crust of the egg tarts have lotsa layers! Cripy... Nyummy~

I could say that TK Bread & Tarts serves the best egg tarts in Malaysia? Top of all, the egg tarts are always freshly baked from oven!

I'm not too sure how many branches of TK Bread & Tarts out there, the one I've tried is located @ Sri Petaling.

Basically, it's very near to Hotel Sri Petaling. Just follow the sign board to Hotel Sri Petaling in case you don't know the exact location. Anyway, you may also try the one at Damansara Utama.

Try or cry!

February 20, 2011

Visiting Aquaria KLCC

First of all, many thanks to my buddy, Alvin Chiew, for getting us the free tickets to Aquaria KLCC. Hehehe... How he got it, don't ask me. LOL!

Alright folks, make sure you're clear about the map in this aquaria. Basically, the aquaria has two levels with several divisions. At Level One, it consists of Touch Pool, The Stream and Jewels of the Jungle. As for Level Two, it consists of The Deep Forest, The Coast, Oceanarium and many more. Just refer to the maps as below:

Level 1:

Level 2:

Now, imagine the maps above and I shall let the photos below do the talking...

From the entrance, it's pretty obvious to see the sign above - Piranha Feeding Show @ 4pm daily.

Cool eh? Can see Piranha at closer view, instead of going to South America.

Nyummy, the Coatimundi is having yogurt as lunch and fruits as well (I did not capture the fruit part).

Saw the crowd above? Well, it's feeding session at Aqua Theatre.

Uh, look at that, it's a Giant Blotched Fantail Ray! Look at its magnificent size! It still can grow though!

In conjunction with Chinese New Year, the diver dressed up like a God of Wealth. Gong xi gong xi!

Anyhow folks, if you're planning to visit the Aquaria KLCC, I would suggest you to go either on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday. Because there will be special feeding sessions. I've missed it though, because we went on Sunday (the only day where everybody was free).

Ohya, feel free to visit Aquaria KLCC Official Website for more info @ HERE. Be sure to have fun at there ;)

February 14, 2011

Playing with wireless flash @ Melaka

Playing with wireless flash is super fun I could say. Since it's the first time for Samuel to come down to Melaka, I've asked a favour from him to be my model!

I shall let all of the photos below do the talking ;)

Yupe, the red house a.k.a. Stadthuys in Melaka is our shooting spot! Here we go!

Cool eh? Among all, I love this picture the most, as below!

Anyway, special thanks to my assistant for holding the flash for me! I present you, Alvin Chiew! hehehe

*P.S, these are the gears that I've used: Nikon D70, Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5 AF-S DX ED VR and Nikon SB-900.

2 birthday cakes, 2 puppies

*Warning: This blog post can be very boring, because the blogger is "forced" to blog about it.

Now now, the blogger, Ezra Sang, has turned into 21 by year 2011. Frankly speaking, I dislike to celebrate my own birthday, because I'm shy! The most awkward moment is when everybody sings, look at you while you stand in front of your cake and you're holding a plastic knife doing nothing... Blah blah blah

Anyway, 1st, thanks to my "oldest" sister, Elycia, for baking a cake for me. LOL!

*P.S: This is Part One, it happened in KL.

What cake does it looks like hur? Any diea folks?

Ta-da~ It's a cheesecake! More photos of the cheesecake? See HERE.

It's not a party because I've requested NOT to celebrate my birthday, regardless it's 21 years old or 50 golden years. Anyhow, I got a present from my 3 sisters. Hmmmmmm

It's a 6-in-1 solar kits. You can choose to build either a solar windmill, solar revolving plane, solar airboat, solar plane, solar car or solar puppy. On that night itself, I've picked to build a solar puppy. Ain't it cute?! Awww~

On 2nd day, my aunt brought back a carrot cake for me... OMG...

*P.S: This is Part Two, it occurred in Melaka.

I'm super speechless when this happened... What can I say? LOL! And this time, I got another present from my cousins.

Hey look! It's another puppy! Ain't it cute?! Awww~

February 10, 2011

Chicken Rice Ball @ Restaurant Huang Chang, Melaka

Chicken rice ball can be found easily in Melaka, but of course not every single corner of Melaka. There are several shops that sell chicken rice ball, but which is better? It depends on individual. (Do I have to tell you this? LOL)

When it comes to chicken rice ball, I personally prefer the one that is served @ Restaurant Huang Chang, Melaka Baru, Melaka. Reasons? Simple, the rice is less oilier compared to some other places and their chili sauce are enormous! The best part is that the cucumbers are always fresh and crunchy! Always!

Yummy! Anyway, here's the sign of the shop.

As for its location, hmmmm. Some where within the red circle region in the map below, hehehe.

Be there early, or the chicken rice ball will finish during lunch break! Try or cry!