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January 26, 2011

Wan tan mee @ Kedai Kopi Lai Foong, Kuala Lumpur

To me, hunting for a acceptable wan tan mee in Kuala Lumpur is a disaster! Thanks to Alvin Chiew, who recommended me to try the wan tan mee @ Kedai Kopi Lai Foong, Jalan Tun H.S.Lee, Kuala Lumpur. While we were in Form 5, after class and before tuition starts, we will eventually head to this place to slurp in this fascinating wan tan mee!

Alright, those are our old days. Now, if you don't know that the wan tan mee at Kedai Kopi Lai Foong is delicious, do give it a damn try!

Apparently, the stall of the wan tan mee is located next to the corner lot of Kedai Kope Lai Foong (not the corner lot). Two stalls in that shop, chicken rice and wan tan mee, the wan tan mee stall looks like this:

Once you've found the stall, enter the shop and grab a seat. Place your order and wait for your wan tan mee to be served! Erm erm, here's a thing, do not go there during peak hour with an empty stomach, especially lunch hour, because, it shall take some time to get your order! *tik tok*

Ta-da! It may looks normal, but the taste is totally abnormal! Sluuurrpp!!! Anyway, you may also try the chicken rice in the same shop.

Basically, it's located very near to Petaling Street. Here's a simple map for you in case you need it.

Try or cry!

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