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January 10, 2011

My trip getting to Penang & going back to Kuala Lumpur

Alright, this time is about a holiday trip with my photo-kaki-eat-non-stop-out-of-mind-whatever-high-school-friends to Penang for 4 days 3 nights. They are Nicholas, Alvin and Max. However, this specific blog post is about our experiences getting to Penang and going back to Kuala Lumpur.

Three months back, out of mind, Nicholas suggested that we go to Penang and come back by the KTM train! Uh, I've declined it and booked Air Asia to come back to Kuala Lumpur instead! Thanks God that we did that way, because the journey to Penang is sorta suffering and shaking.

As you can see our tickets above, on the late of 3rd January, we departed from KL Sentral to Penang Butterworth by KTM at 10:20pm. Price, RM34 per head. The duration? Gosh, I'm not gonna take KTM to Butterworth again... Approximately 8 hours! Look what Alvin (in white) and Nicholas (in blue) did along the approximate 8 hours journey. So not fun!

On 4th January, early in the morning before the sunrise, 6:30am, we've finally reached Penang Butterworth....

To get to Penang from Butterworth is very easy, just walk across a bridge and simply take a ride with the ferry, which costs RM1.20 per head (up to the day I've posted this blog post). Bare in mind that, the ferry from Penang to Butterworth is free.

Needless to say, without sun, the temperature is low, it's the "best" time to catch cold. Uh, I guess our timing is superb? We manage to see sunrise along our approximate 20 minutes journey from Butterworth to Penang.

3 days later...

From our inn, GoodHope Inn @ Gurney, we took taxi to airport at the rate of RM38. Then, we departed from Penang airport at 3:30pm. You can see how happy Nicholas (in black) and Max (in red) are, compared to KTM...

Once we've reached LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal), we took the Air Asia shutter bus known as Sky Bus to KL Sentral. For your info, the prices for each are RM29 for the plane whereas RM6.50 for the bus. It's cheaper to buy the bus tickets online, or else you gotta pay RM9 per head.

Uh, the journey to KL Sentral from LCCT is longer compared to the journey from Penang to LCCT! Yet, it's way much comfortable compared to KTM, no?

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  1. You should have taken the sleeping berth for your train ride. costs only RM46 (lower deck) and cheaper if upper deck. that way you get to sleep properly in your own cabin.

    Seasoned traveller