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January 20, 2011

Hunting foods in Penang

For people whom live to eat (not me of course), Penang is considered as one of the food heavens in Malaysia. Now, this blog post is mainly related to the foods that me and my 3 photo-kaki-eat-non-stop-out-of-mind-whatever-high-school-friends consumed.

I shall let the photos do the talking.

(1) Super Tanker Food Court @ Taman Lip Sin, Lengkuk Nipah.

Try whatever is there! Remember to try the pancakes there, known as Aki Pancake.

They do taste good and sorry for not showing some samples, my hands were dirty that time.

(2) Joo Hooi Cafe @ Penang Road.

Not only fried kway teow, you must try any of the Teo Chew Cendol right outside the cafe.

(3) Fried kway teow @ Lorong Selamat.

Generally, there are 2 stalls of fried kway teow along Lorong Selamat, pick any you like, but I would suggest the one as shown in the photo above.

(4) Rahim Burger @ Komtar bus stand, Penang Road.

The aura of the burger and the temptation is sooooo strong until can attract everyone who is passing by the bus station. Give it a damn try!

(5) Goodall Cafe @ Jalan Gottlieb.

Apparently, I was attracted by the sign - "Mee Juta", and so, I give it a damn try! And hell yeah, it taste very good! I think I can be a jutawan in no time? Anyway, you may also try the other foods around too.

(6) Pos Burger Jelutong @ Lebuhraya Jelutong.

The most unique burger I've even tried, they put potato inside! LOL! No harm trying, because it taste very good!

(7) Curry Mee @ Air Itam.

The laksa at Air Itam is too famous, and thus, I'm gonna introduce something else. The curry mee is super tasty that I think one bowl is insufficient, even for a small eater. However, you may try the other foods around too.

(8) Ikan bakar & Roti babi @ Song River Cafe, Gurney Drive.

Be there late, around 11pm, or else you'll miss the tremendous ikan bakar! A part from the ikan bakar, you can also try the roti babi and roasted chicken wings, no regret though.

Basically, I did not show every foods that we've consumed. I just upload which ever I think is worth to eat. Of course, there are lots more foods to hunt in Penang! All the best!

*P/S: Be sure to check out the relevant blog posts regarding my 4 days 3 nights Penang trip though!

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  1. Thanks for intro to other place that I don't really know, most of the place I have been there and they are nice! :D