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December 22, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

Oh man, I really want to own an iPhone 4s so freaking badly... Why do I want an iPhone 4s? Is that a question or what? C'mon, name me a phone that is better than 4s! I hear Samsung Galaxy S2? Tell you what, S2 will not answer me if I ask a question, even a simple question... Although S2 is Slim, but it's too Simple...

Anyway, let me tell you the four-S-reasons on why I want an iPhone 4s!

(4) Steve Jobs

Needless to say, without this late visionary and creative genius, namely Steve Jobs, there will be no Apple products. Without Steve, there will be no Mac OS and I will not have a chance to get a MacBook Pro. Without Steve, there will be no iPhone and DiGi will not give away any iPhones. So, because of Steve, I want an iPhone 4s! Nonetheless, in remembering the late Steve, the new iPhone is "named" after him, which is iPhone-4-Steve~

(3) Siri: superbly smart assistant

Siri can just be like an intelligent robot. It's superbly smart! You ask or tell something, you'll get definitely get a respond. You can set a calendar, reminder, find information, send e-mail and so on... Tell me, is there any reason to deny for not having an iPhone 4s?

(2) Synchronisation

Uiseh, with the new feature - iCloud, everything can be synchronised wirelessly and also automatically! If you observe the image above (top right), I've updated my Mac OS to get the iCloud program! So, with an iPhone 4s, I can sync, sync and sync all of my files anyplace, anywhere and anytime, as long as my MacBook Pro is with me~

(1) Stylish, Sexy, Sleek & Seductive

Look at the iPhone 4s. It's not only the interface and features are special, the physical look is soooo stylish, sexy, sleek and seductive! Like the devil itself, who can resist the "i" that is created by Steve's temptation?

Therefore, I would like to tell everyone that 

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Boom baby! Apple iPhone 4s is finally on the shore of Malaysia! With the new dual core processor, improved 8MP camera and capable of Full HD video recording, never forget the insanely intelligent assistant - Siri, I'm sure everyone is anticipating to get an iPhone 4s.

Without further introduction, let's make a price comparison between the three mobile network operators that have the package for iPhone 4s in Malaysia. Let me prove it to you that DiGi has the most affordable iPhone 4s plan in Malaysia!!!

Click on the image above for a larger view.

Let's take the 16Gb iPhone 4s for a clearer comparison. Obviously, Maxis has the most expensive package among all, which has the total of RM3850, so put that aside. Hold on peeps, don't jump into conclusion that Celcom is the cheapest. It may look that way, but, let's do further comparison between DiGi and Celcom.

Click on the image above for a larger view.

DiGi can be higher than Celcom by RM140, but let me prove to you that DiGi is still the most affordable plan in Malaysia! Check the following four-S-points:

So, let's sum everything up. Regardless of the voice plan, Celcom has to add extra RM12 per month for SMS and MMS in order to have about the same usage as DiGi. If 24 months, that would be RM288. In other words, Celcom is more expensive than DiGi by RM148! Clearly now, DiGi is the most affordable iPhone 4s in Malaysia!!!

A part from that, no downpayment or any upfront payment required if you purchase an iPhone 4s from DiGi! Nevertheless, if you're too busy to get it from any DiGi Centre, you can purchase it online and DiGi will send your iPhone 4s to your doorstep! Do find out more info @! Hurry up and get yours today!

Lastly, I would like to tell everyone that 

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December 09, 2011

My 3rd, 4th & 5th week in Kemaman!

Lately, things are getting busier and so, I cut down the time to go out for photo shooting. Furthermore, since there is lesser things to talk about (in other words, it's getting boring in Kemaman), hence, I combined the past 3 weeks of food hunting into 1 blog post.

Terengganu! Doesn't it looks cute? Ok, maybe not...

Around Bandar Chukai, it is sorta obvious to see this signage. It shows the direction to Restoran Kemaman, Restoran Malaysia, Restoran Tong Juan and Kedai Kopi Hai Peng. Well, after 5 weeks in Kamaman, I've no idea where Restoran Kamaman and Restoran Malaysia located. Let's talk about foods, foods and foods.

I've no idea what to eat, plus it was raining at the moment I sat down. So I ordered mee sup ayam @ Restoran Dinnie 1. Hmm, overall is just ok. One thing I liked about it is the amount of veges given! Uh la la, you know what, it is not easy to get veges in Kemaman!!! Next~

Uhm, previously, I tried the rojak ayam @ Restoran Selera Awie (catch my previous blog post), which is super tasty. This time, I give a try on their chicken rice! What can I say, it's a food that must be eaten in Kemaman! Next next~

Remember previously I complaint about empty nasi lemak from Hai Peng Kopitiam? If you don't know what I'm talking about, read "My 1st week in Kemaman!"... LOL, just got to know that there 2 types of nasi lemak, which are ikan bilis and fish, wait, how about the 1st time I ate? Neither ikan bilis nor fish, seriously plain...

A small pack of nasi lemak is definitely not enough for me, so I give a try on their nasi dagang - RM2. Wow, it can be cheap, but the taste is not cheap! It's luxurious! Definitely will grab another one next time. Next next next~

Lastly, yea last but not least, I simply drop by at Limbong Seafood and ordered nasi goreng paprik. Holy moly, the amount of rice and ingredients given have bloated my tummy! From zero to super hero full! Worth trying though!

So that's it... 3 weeks and I only introduce these few. Why? Because it's monsoon season, when it rains, I will either have no dinner, or else I will not bring my camera out. Nevertheless, I eat what I've introduced before.

Ohya, some of you might be wondering and ask, why didn't I talk about my internship stuffs since I were so busy about my internship? Easy, because it's private and confidential yo!

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November 30, 2011

My 2nd week in Kemaman!

Uhhh, there it goes, the end of my second week of internship in Kemaman, Terengganu. This week is kinda interesting, I get to touch and disassemble several equipments such as Monolock, refer below:

What its function? Search it in Halliburton's website. Anyhow, I got a new companion, it's Casio G-Shock! Ah well, it's the cheapest G-Shock available in Kemaman. The reason I got it just because of safety purpose, whereby metal watch is not allowed in the workshop. Reason? If metal watch got hooked, it will not break easily compared to leather, rubber and silicon materials. Tell you what, I hate digital watches! LOL!

Now now now, let's talk something else... What else can it be? Foods for sure! On the first day of second week in Kemaman, which is Sunday, I had mee kari @ Ramlah Mee Kari Kemaman for dinner! In english, it's curry noodle.

Trust me, the photo above doesn't lie! Its tastes super duper awesome, especially the thick and spicy curry! Definitely will go there to torture my tummy again, someday. On Monday night, I had rojak ayam @ Restoran Selera Awie.

My oh my... This is waaaaay much nicer than the one I tried previously (check out "my 1st week in Kemaman"). Best of all, I get lotsa stuffs with RM5 - potato, egg, toufu, fried chicken (quite big) and noodle. *Slurp slurp* Next, on Tuesday night, I tried nasi kukus @ Che Mah Nasi Kukus. Nasi means rice and kukus means steam, so literally, it is steamed rice.

Nom nom nom! Pretty good, but I prefer nasi kukus from Marina Beach, because the chicken there is bigger, crunchier and more spice! Oh well, I had it for my lunch, so I did not snap it, perhaps next time. On Wednesday night, my mind goes blank and don't know what to eat, so...

I ordered Rice Plate from Kentucky Fried Chicken... I guess I don't have to describe the taste... Next, on Thursday night, I simply entered Restoran & Kafe Limbong and ordered mee ladna.

Hmmm, how shall I describe this... Let's make it simple, I think it's the combination of fried noodle with thick soup? Ah lol, anyway, the taste is not that bad though! Worth trying. Next next next, on Friday night, I simply head to A&W and get Coney dog!

Nom nom nom~ Saturday, is the day which I anticipated my family to come up to Kemaman to pay me a visit! So, the first place we went is the beach at Awana Kijal Golf, Beach & Spa Resort. Here's the beach.

Anyway, on our way to Awana, we stopped by the food stalls by the road side to fill our stomach. In general, the foods at there are mainly local foods, such as lemang, satar and otak-otak. In general, lemangsatar and otak-otak will be grilled over fire.

Basically, the main ingredient of satar is fish and coconut. Pretty nice and spicy! Worth the try.

As for otak-otak, the main ingredient is fish and spice. To me, the taste is kinda common, maybe because I'm used to the taste of otak-otak from Malacca? hehehe

As for lemang, it's pretty cheap there compared to Kuala Lumpur! Based on KL price, if you add another RM2, you'll get additional 2 sticks of these lemang in Kemaman, 3 for RM10! Most importantly, the lemang here is far nicer than those in KL!

As for our dinner, we head to the most popular seafood restaurant in Kemaman, which is Restoran Tong Juan! The main dish is the famous stuffed crab!

Now, I'm not gonna talk about its tastes, go give it a damn try! Basically, the crab shell is stuffed with crab meat and all sorts of stuffs like vegetables. Seriously, give it a try, because it's only available within Terengganu and the nearby places. We also ordered mixed vegetable soup.

Hmm, what I like about it is, it's free from Ajinomoto, I think.... Anyway, this soup is common, so let's proceed with sweet-sour-I-can't-remember-what-fish.

Nyummy! Super tasty, fresh and crispy! Last but not least, my sister ordered I-can't-remember-what-flavour-lobster!

It's my first time eating lobster, it's kinda chewy though. BUT... OMG, RM130 for few pieces of its chewy meat... I don't think it's worth trying... Overall, it's was full satisfaction by having dinner @ Restoran Tong Juan!

On Sunday, we have no idea where to go, so, we went to...

Urm well, the photo won't tell you where it is, unless you been there? Anyway, it's Cherating beach @ The Legend Resort. The day was no so nice as it was very cloudy on Sunday. Before my family head back to Kuala Lumpur, we had bak kut teh for our dinner.

You must be asking me where's the photo? Uhhh crap, I've forgotten to bring my camera with me. No worry, stay tuned and I will go there again!

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November 19, 2011

My 1st week in Kemaman!

Well, waddaya know, time passes really fast and it's the end of my 1st week of internship in Kemaman Supply Base (KSB). Oh yeah, 11 weeks to go and I think I have not let everyone know in which company I am doing my industrial training. It's Halliburton Energy Service (M) Sdn. Bhd. *wink wink*

No matter what field we are in, safety is always first! Always... On the 1st day I stepped my feet in the office, I was given 2 Red Wing coveralls, 1 safety helmet and 1 pair of Red Wing safety boots.

For individuals who are not local, they will either be placed in home stay, staff house or else hotel. I think for first timer like me will be placed in hotel, Hotel Shafura to be exact. Find me there within these 12 weeks! Anyway, I was placed in Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) department and below is the workshop.

Things haven't get busy so far, but I think on 2nd week onwards, my hands will start to get "polluted" with lubricants... Anyway, let me introduce you Kemaman! Throughout my 1st week in Kemaman, I've conquered Bandar Chukai or Cukai! (Bandar means town whereas Cukai means tax, I prefer to name the town Chukai) Basically, Bandar Chukai is a small town of Kemaman and there's where my hotel located.

Kemaman is not only for oil & gas companies, because, fishing activities were also been carried out along Sungai Kemaman and South China Sea!

The main road of Bandar Chukai is Jalan Sulaimani. Uh, it's a real busy road and not easy to cross over... Really...

The photo above is not lying, it doesn't looks busy because traffic light is behind me! Now, let's talk about foods! Yea foods, foods and foods! On my first night in Kemaman, I simply walk in Restaurant Haniey and ordered mee goreng mamak or known as fried noodle mamak style in english!

With the exact amount of spice, less oil and large portion, the mee goreng mamak is... Uhm, I've to admit, it tastes delicious! I would recommend to those who like mee goreng mamak! On the 2nd night, I simply went to Restaurant MZF and ordered mee rojak ayam or known as chicken noodle rojak in english.

Looks mouthwatering eh? Give it a try! It tastes good! Only thing is you gotta request them to heat it up, because the rojak kuah or paste is served cold... Following night, I walked further down for dinner and I entered Teratak Simple for its nasi dagang or literally known as trading rice.

Hmm, I would rate it 6 out of 10. It's not because of the bad taste that I rated it that low, and not because of switching the fish curry for chicken, but it's because the dish is lack of shaved fried coconut!!! Really that Simple?! It spoils the name of nasi dagang... Next night, I went to a famous coffee shop in Kemaman, that is Hai Peng Kopitiam Sdn. Bhd.

I was starving that night and so I ordered the curry puff (too hungry so did not snap) and the biggest dish in there, which is Italian pasta with Asian touch! OMG! Know what I'm gonna say? IT'S SUPER TASTY! The "Asian touch" is Tuna fish. Do give it a damn try if you were in Kemaman! Then the following night, it's kinda disappointed in Restaurant Al-Baik...

First of all, I anticipated to try the Double Zinger Burger from KFC, yet, Kentucky wasted my precious 45 minutes on queueing (2 more person my turn) then it suddenly blackout... Damnit!!! With frustration, I entered Restaurant Al-Baik which is a mamak shop and I simply ordered mee goreng mamak. Expecting a fried noodle mamak from a mamak would taste delicious, but IT WAS A TOTAL DISASTER! I finish it off and went to nearby bakery for extra foods...

Hehehe, although I failed to stuff my tummy with Double Zinger Burger, but, I never give up! I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken again, with the hope that it would not blackout...

Nom nom nom~ There it goes into my tummy! I think, still fried chicken from KFC is the best, not the burgers...  On Saturday, it was my offday, I thought of going to Museum Kemaman, hence, I went to pay a visit. Pity me, suffered 15 minutes of walking under hot sun and in the end, I get nothing... Thus on the way back, I rewarded myself with kuih apam balik from the road side.

Wuuu, not bad not bad! Worth trying but noob me, on the 2nd thought, I've forgotten that it's very heaty and not a good time to eat under bright sunny weather... Urgh, on the way back, I bought a bottle of 1.5L 100 Plus to "counter-attack" it. Anyway as for dinner, I went to Hai Peng Kopitiam Sdn. Bhd. again. This time, I brought back its nasi lemak.

Speaking of dinner and nasi lemak, I've forgotten I haven't touch them! Be right back and I will tell you how it tastes... *POOF*

OK I'm back peeps! Oh no, a nasi lemak is incomplete without egg, ikan bilis (a.k.a dried anchovies) and groundnuts... I didn't even realise while taking its sexy photos... But luckily, the sambal cooled me down! It taste sweet and spicy! Ngam ngam ho! Means just nice! As for the rice, really berlemak! Still, where's the egg?! The ikan bilis?! The groundnuts?! You don't deserve the name nasi lemak... Kidding kidding~ Do give it a try as well, because it's not expensive! Hell yeah, not expensive means cheap. Cheap means incomplete! LOL!

This sums up my 1st week in Kemaman. It work out well and I kinda get use to it except for not working on Friday... C'mon, Sunday is my rest day! How could you ask me to move my ass on Sunday?!

Anyway, do catchup my other blogpost yo~ Stay tuned for more updates!

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