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July 31, 2010

Bye-bye sliding phone

Back few years, owning a sliding phone was like a hot pie, because it was freshly baked and taken out from the oven. It looks cool to everyone, perhaps more compact for some of us. Till lately, sliding phone has started being "replaced" by touch screen phone. Do any of you know that touch screen was 1 of the earliest advance technology? Which means touch screen has existed long ago. Well, that's not my point.

Without noticing, sliding phones are slowly being abandoned by everyone. Even phone makers have also reduced in designing sliding phones. In my opinion, there's 1 word to describe all of these, failure...

Sony Ericsson is famous for its lagginess, especially those models which are using Java platform, such as the top favourite W850i. Most of the users complaint that their phone often lag, eventually, will jam or hang. Moreover, the phone will often auto shut down...

As for Nokia, the ribbon is very fragile and it hardly can last for more than 18 months. Hmm, I think the brittle ribbon applies to ALL phone makers - the common issue. Now, this is my main point. Look at the picture below.

Spotted anything? Saw the cool red stripe on the LCD don't you? For God sake, it's not my theme. Alright, that is one of the Nokia phones that I'm currently using, a sliding phone, 5610 Express Music, else than my prime Nokia N82. To be frank, I'm considering to let it go. Reason? The ribbon. The sliding mechanism is simply not suit for gentle rough people whom like me. Yes, I think I've abused it too much. *Ouch, that's hurt*

Well, the red line above will slowly grow from time to time and will conquer the entire LCD! OMFG! It will change colour eventually - the screen may either turns to purple completely, or else green. Guess what can I do with such condition? Answering phone calls ONLY and without knowing who is calling. Goddmanit, no SMS... This is my 3rd time facing this situation, damn you fragile ribbon.

The 1st time happened was "sponsored" 50% by the shop that I bought in Miri, which means I only had to pay RM70 to change the stupid ribbon. You know why 50%? 1st, my 5610 is still under warranty. It's an AP set, although the warranty for LCD has over, we make up stories - blah blah blah, and so, he gave me such deal. LOL~

Not long after (about 6 months later), the same situation appeared again, guess what, I don't trust that shop anymore... Hehehe. Coincidentally, that time was my semester break, I was back in my hometown, Malacca. So, I've sent my 5610 to a phone clinic to get it fixed in Malacca. RM110 has just flew like nobody business. Argh... ONE year later, which is NOW, the same ridiculous situation is back again!

Fix it? I will say NO, bye-bye sliding phone. I'm not gonna purchase any sliding phone anymore, no matter how cool it is... Thanks for the sweeeeet memories. I guess a candy bar phone like my prime Nokia N82 is still simply the best, everlasting. ;)

Is this the right time for me to get a touch screen phone? Perhaps so. After all, I've stopped changing phones yearly since I got my prime Nokia N82 for more than 2 years. Come to think of it, my 5610 is less than 2 years old, indirectly, my N82 is older, LOL! Hmm, what phone should I purchase to replace my 5610 then? Should I try Samsung? Or maybe LG? Darn it, I think I don't need any fancy phone anymore. Shooo~ *wink wink*

July 28, 2010

My sexy red eyes!

Red eye, red eyes and red eyessss. It's all started from my cousin-nephew, Junior, whom was infected from his primary school on last Thursday. That evening Junior reached home, he reflected that he saw his friend's eyes are "bleeding". Oh gosh, kids know nothing, and Junior is only Standard One. Then, my aunt Shirley was infected on Sunday. Now, my turn, since Monday. The thing is, it only infected our left eyes, right eyes are practically safe.

As for my case, Monday evening left eye, Tuesday morning both eyes. WTF! I'm the unfortunate 1, both eyes were infected critically. Innocent me, my round and huge and cute eyes have transformed into sexy red eyes. See 'Picture 1' below, my left eye was infected and shrank. Then, see 'Picture 2', both eyes were infected.

Picture 1: My left eye on Monday evening.

Picture 2: Both eyes on Tuesday afternoon.

Red huh? The pictures above were taken after my medication, or else my eyes are redder. @_@

Hmm, see doctor? I will say no, doctor don't even dare to see my eyes. Junior and aunt Shirley went for their checkup on Friday and Monday respectively, and both of them get the same treatment and same medicine., although different doctor. What's the point I go and get the same medicine? Furthermore, Junior has 1 extra eye drop, cool~ See 'Picture 3' and 'Picture 4' for the medicine that we're applying.

Picture 3: NICOL eye drop.

Picture 4: Chloramphenicol cream.

Doctor advises us to apply the eye drop for 3 times per day with 2 drops each. As for the Chloramphenicol cream, doctor advises us to apply once a day, and only at night. I tell you what, I effing hate that cream very much. The moment I applied it on my eyes, what my eyes projected are bluuurrryy blur images, goddamnit. But what to do, the fastest way to cure is to apply the cream.

Think from the beginning, I've no idea why that particular stupid-savage-brainless-retard parents allow their kid to attend class with red eye. Or they don't even care about their kids? I dare to bet not only Junior was infected on Thursday, definitely other students are also infected. Jeez... Guess what, Junior has to skip his exam for the time being, because of red eye, luckily replacement is allowed for him...

By the way people, do you know that this red eye disease can be transferred through air particles? What else if not through air? Saliva? haha... Ohya, the doctor did mentioned that now is the red eye "season". So beware!

July 27, 2010

My First 25 FREE Credits from facebook!

Every morning, regardless the time, I do the things that I always do in facebook - check status updates, check Birthday, play Mob Wars (abandoned Mafia Wars), Metropolis, Friends For Sale and last but not least, Restaurant City. Well, it's my daily basis.

This morning, something uniquely special has popped-out before I'm trying to solve my daily Quiz in Restaurant City. Yes, as per title, I got 25 FREE facebook Credits (worth $2.50)! Yaaaahoooo!!! Just look at the image below and click it for a larger view.

Wow, facebook is sooooo generous huh? Now, what shall I do with the 25 FREE Credits? Hmm, should I spend it by purchasing premium items? Duh, don't even think about it... C'mon, it's just 25 facebook Credits! In Restaurant City, the minimum amount to trade "Playfish Cash" with facebook Credits is 49... And I only got 25... *Disappointed* Refer to the image below.

So what can I do with the FREE Credits? Keep it lor! What else... I shall wait for more FREE facebook Credits then. hehe

Anyway people, go and check it out yo. 25 FREE facebook Credits is better than nothing right? Ohya, the amount is very very very random, you may get 20 or even lesser like 10 (read HERE). By the way, it may not only appear in Restaurant City, it can be other games and applications like FarmVille, refer the games and applications that accept facebook credits @ HERE.

Imma lucky 1 to get 25 FREE facebook Credits. Good luck to you ;)

July 25, 2010

Finally, Imma Star Card Member of Toys Я Us

I've always wanted to be a privileged member of Toys Я Us, desperately. Yet, I'm always not eligible to become one... Ah I know I'm not working, I don't have money, I don't buy expensive toys, or whatsoever. Now, the curse has finally broken!

Yeay! At last......... Imma member of Toys Я Us who owns a 'Star Card'!

Hmm, I will not tell you what are the advantages of being a Star Card member, because, everything is available @ HERE! Kindly visit to find out more. But let me tell you the best part of it, it's a life time membership! Wuuhooo~

Soon or later, I can enjoy tonnes and tonnes of offers (NOT only toyssss), after being a Star Card Member! Wanna know more about it? Just visit the lovely website of Toys Я Us. Enjoy ;)

July 24, 2010

Pizza Hut: Meaty Deluxe Pizza

Tempted to try the new pizza (Meaty Deluxe Pizza) released by Pizza Hut? I will force encourage you to proceed with your plan! Go on and give it a damn try with no regret, I hope...

Basically, there are 2 types of meatball for you to decide, choose either Chicken or Beef but no mixing. Then, there are 4 types of topping for you to select, which are our old-time-favourite Hawaiian Chicken, Island Supreme, Super Supreme and Pepperoni.

Once again, I was treated by my Aunt Shirley to "criticise" on the new spaghetti pizza. As for our first try, we've selected Chicken meatball and Hawaiian Chicken as the topping. Look at Image 1 below. (=

Image 1: The entire Meaty Deluxe Pizza.

Image 2: A slice of the Meaty Deluxe Pizza on my plate.

Salivated? hehe... Anyway, observe on Image 2, did you spot something? No? Observe again. Ah, tell you what, the pizza is showing its love to me!!! <3

Ok, let's talk about the taste of the Chicken meatball + Hawaiian Chicken topping = Meaty Deluxe Pizza. Don't expect the meatball to be juicy and smooth, the taste is simply as normal as the frozen meatballs in the supermarket (if you know which to purchase), just that, we can enjoy the meatballs which are larger in size. As for the topping, hmm, I think I don't have to describe it, come on lah, it's Hawaiian Chicken leh...

However, I think the lacking part is still the...... CHEESE! Screw Pizza Hut, more cheeeeeese pleeeaaassee!!!

*p/s: My rating is 8/10

[Photos 2 Share] Vintage effect with Photoshop

I always jealous admire professional photographers produce quality photos, regardless how great are their "gears". However, vintage effect doesn't rely on the photographers' hands or the great "gears". What we need is choosing the right photo and master the skills of Photoshop-ing!

By Google-ing out "Vintage effect", hundreds of results were shown and thousands of tutorials were taught by different Gurus, even in Youtube as well. Due to curiosity, I've forced myself to tryout several vintage effect on a photo which taught by different Gurus in the net. So far, I did 3 different attempts. Here you go.

Image 1: 1st attempt.

Image 2: 2nd attempt.

Image 3: 3rd attempt

Image 4: Original.

Notice the differences? All of the above is vintage effect, but taught by different Gurus. The following are the respective links for each of my attempts.
  • 1st attempt @ here.
  • 2nd attempt @ here.
  • 3rd attempt @ here.
In my own opinion, I prefer Image 2, yet, I think all of the vintage photos are imperfect... Guess I need more practice!

-Click on the images for a larger view.
-Photos above were taken with Nikon D70 and Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G.

July 21, 2010

UFO spotted near Kota Kinabalu, Sabah?

While I'm Google-ing around to kill my time, I accidentally saw this hot topic. As per title, it's about the appearance of a UFO at a beach resort near Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Woot~ It sounds very interesting. Here's a part of the illogical relevant news.

One of the guests, Jemas Dungil, 27, told the tabloid that a woman shouted when she saw a round blue flying object in the sky.

"We came out of a hall to see what the commotion was all about and I saw a round blue disc in the sky."

"It turned green a few seconds later," she said.
Interested to read more? Kindly visit HERE.

The sad case is, it's not easy to Google out the perfect image of so-known-as UFO which occurred on 19th of July 2010. Anyhow, I think the image below should be acceptable, enjoy~

From my point of view, I strongly believe it's not a UFO. No, I didn't mean that I did not believe on the existence of UFOs, but, the blue disc can be some sort of light source or reflection of light between the cool sea and the bright sky.

A part from that, you should know that Sabah is well-known as 'the land below the wind'. The light may blink to green and disappear at a glimpse with the disturbance of air/gas particles or subatomic particles. Or maybe a big fish passed by and disturbed the water particles. Well, it can be categorised as one of the most unique "natural" phenomena on our Earth. Don't you think so?

Moreover, The Star (@ HERE) has also stated that some of the witnesses' handphones "went dead" mysteriously when they are trying to record the particular object. Hmm, I guess it's just coincident? No?

Oh well, just my personal thinking, no offence. I'm not an expert though. ;)

July 18, 2010

One day, octopuses will rule the world!

I wonder why humans are sooooo obsessed with the predictions of the most-intelligent-invertebrate with 3 hearts creature on Earth nowadays - octopus......

First, a male octopus, namely Paul, from Germany. He has betrayed Germany indirectly and "won" the 2010 FIFA World Cup against Netherlands in the final. Interesting huh?

Lately, here comes the existence of a female octopus, known as Cassandra, from Australia. Say hi to her will ya? What she did was, she has predicted that the current prime minister of Australia, Julia Gillard will win the next general election, against Tony Abbott on 21st August 2010.

Wow, amazing octopuses. Do you know that, there is someone who is betting on Paul with the price of €40k? Uh..... How about Cassandra? Is she worth €30k? Well, I wish Paul and Cassandra will get married, someday. Then produce infinite offspring so that everyone on this Earth can have 1 of these "psychic" octopuses at home. Woohoo!

OMGWTFBBQSAUCE! Get up!!! Why you people have to rely on predictions? Where's your self-instinct? Faith? Moreover, predictions of "psychic" octopuses?! Get up people! This is extremely gorgeous ridiculous! In my opinion, predictions for games are still acceptable. But now, predictions for politics, I guess it's a little too over? Don't you think so?

Even worse, now facebook has an application with the name of "Octopus Paul". You may ask Paul anything if you want to. Gosh.

If everything relies on these "psychic" octopuses, especially politics, I think one day, one single day, these octopuses will rule the world! Oh well, it's just predictions, no big deal.

July 16, 2010

Woot ~ My little Skyscraper in Nuffnang has grown up!

Since the day 'Life is easy like Ezy' is created, my little Skyscraper only managed to obtain 3 stars from Nuffnang. It's not too good and not too bad, just average, and it's very mutual among the members, regardless you're a Ordinary or a Glitterati member.

Until lately, with the appearance of booooombastic Buffered Ads in 'Life is easy like Ezy', my little Skyscraper has finally grown up! Just look at the screen shot below. *wink wink*

Yes, as you can see, my little Skyscraper has 4 stars now! Woot, FOUR stars! Hmm... Is it a good news? Of course it is a good news! You may find out the details @ HERE. Oh well, I hope my little Skyscraper can obtain 5 stars in the near future! Or soooon perhaps! Thank you Nuffnang!!!

July 15, 2010

Woot~ Surprise surprise. Here comes another Buffered Ads from Nuffnang!

Previously, I got these 3 Buffered Ads in 1 go on 11th of July @ 'Woot~ Surprise surprise. My 1st Buffered Ads from Nuffnang!' It was my 1st time getting Buffered Ads in 'Life is easy like Ezy'. Refer to the screen shot below:

Then, another 1 has joined the family 2 days later, which was on 13th of July @ 'Woot~ Surprise surprise. Another Buffered Ads from Nuffnang is joining the family!' Refer to the screen shot below:

Now, even more and more surprise surprise  wor, 2 days later, again, on 15th of July, here comes another Buffered Ads from Nuffnang! Woot woot!!! Can you believe it? I don't... MUAHAHAHA. Hmm, maybe I'm just a barbarian never experience such thing before? hehe. Just observe at the screen shot below:

The new Buffered Ads is 'Youth Olympic' on my Skyscraper. By the way, do you think I can get 1 more Buffered Ads 2 days later? On 17th of July 2010? hehehe... Just kidding lah... I'm glad what I have now. (=

So, once again, thanks million thanks to Nuffnang and advertiser for choosing 'Life is easy like Ezy'. Also, a billion thanks to my dearest readers and lovely visitors! Love all of you! I appreciated it very much! ;)

The Best Mee Jawa in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia @ Pulau Melayu

If you're in Miri and a Mee Jawa lover, then you should go to a hut along Jalan Pulau Melayu and give it a try! Don't look down on a hut though. I was first introduced by my cousin and he knew it from his friend whom is a local Mirian. Well, you can't deny when a local tells you where to eat, right?

To be frank, this is the best Mee Jawa I had ever eaten in my entire life. I've been there for more than 10 times within these 2 years, the taste simply remain unchanged and delicious! You can't deny it. Moreover, the Teh Tarik at there is simply special though (if you're lucky enough to get to right person to do).

Without further delay, let me show you the pictures of the Mee Java and Teh Tarik.

Image 1: Mee Jawa at RM4.

Image 2: Teh Tarik at RM1.80.

Did the pictures attracted you? hehe. If you're a big eater, make sure you order 2 plates of Mee Jawa, because the portion is very small. You can count how many pieces of the Mee (noodles). LOL.

Anyway, their Mee Jawa is a bit pricey, RM4 per plate. You get what you paid, it's nyummy! No offence! If you look at Image 1, the normal Mee Jawa includes beef and egg. If you order their Mee Jawa Special, they will add chicken for you, RM5.50 per plate. As for their Tek Tarik, it's attractive, but ain't so tasty, still acceptable.

You may try their other dishes as well, such as fried Kueh Tiaw, it's sweet. And oh, if you're a fried chicken freak, don't hesitate to try. Or should I say, it's a must! Their fried chicken is well-deep fried! Anyhow, feel free to see their menu as below:

Image 3: Menu.

Basically, it's easy to get there, all you have to do is to find the right hut. Now, let me lead you to the its location. Feel free to use Google Map if you don't know where is Pulau Melayu located. Ok, let's assume you know the golf course along Jalan Pulau Melayu, all you have to do is just head towards that direction. You'll 1st pass by 'Marine Apartment' and then 'SK Pulau Melayu' on your left hand side.

Image 4: Marine Apartment.

Image 5: SK Pulau Melayu.

Slowly, you'll see the golf course on your right hand side. Now, keep an eye and look for the sign which stated 'Jln Pulau Melayu 1', as shown in Image 6 below.

Image 6: Jln Pulau Melayu 1.

Once you saw that 'Jln Pulau Melayu 1' sign, look on your left immediately. If I'm not mistaken, there are 2 huts at there. The one I'm introducing right now is the deeper inside, just look at the Image 7 below how the hut looks like.

Image 7: The hut.

Now you may know the place, and so, these are the additional information of that hut. Ohya, if you wanna enjoy your meal, please don't go on weekend, particularly on Sunday! It's not easy to get a table for your friends or family! ;)

Further details:
  • Location: Along Jalan Pulau Melayu 1 (near to Miri Golf Club).
  • Operating hour: Morning until 12 noon. It will close after noon.
  • Service: Not bad. Pretty fast.
  • Cleanness: A, clean but many cats around on peak hour.
  • Facilities: Nill, just fan. You can see a beach in front after the golf course.
  • Safety: How can I rate this?

July 14, 2010

My 2nd year 1st semester exam results

Ahh! Finally, my exam result has out! I've waited excitedly since 8pm for the result to come out, and again, it came out at 12am. Jeez. Tell you what, these Curtin fellows will always inform us that the exam result will come out on what day at what time (usually Wednesday 5pm), yet, it will come out earlier.

Since we already knew the pattern, why should we wait until that late? You tell me lah? LMAO! Ok, cut the crap, I guess you wanna know my exam results, don't you? Haiya, let me show you lah, I won't hide anything from you one! Open your eyes bigger and wider, OK?

OMFG, can you believe that?! Why all F?! You see lah what has happened... Haih, die lor..... How am I gonna inform my parents? How am I gonna face my friends? These are the consequences when I:
1. did not study hard,
2. did not study smart,
3. did not complete tutorial,
4. did not attend lectures,
5. did not do pass year,
6. did not do extra exercises,
7. did not tell the truth.

Point #7, did not tell the truth?! Hehe, you have been tricked, see the screen shot below ;)

Tada. Jeez, shame of myself for getting such results. It could be better if I put more effort. Nevermind lah, I appreciated what I've got and I deserved it. In general, I've gone through one of the toughest and busiest semester in my entire Mechanical Engineering course. According to reliable seniors, the next challenging semester will be 3rd year 2nd semester, it consists of 6 units with 6 finals. Gosh, sounds scary.

As for now, I don't want to think about that yet, since there is still 1 more year to face 3rd year 2nd semester. So, 2nd year 2nd semester, here I come!!!

July 13, 2010

Woot~ Surprise surprise. Another Buffered Ads from Nuffnang is joining the family!

Yesterday, just yesterday, I've posted that I got buffered ads in my blog for the first time. Yes, just yesterday and first time! Anyway, the best part is, I got 3 Buffered Ads in 1 go. Triple kill! Feel free to read it @ "Woot~ Surprise surprise. My 1st Buffered Ads from Nuffnang!"

Now, more surprise surprise wor. Without noticing, here it comes, 1 more Buffered Ads on my Skyscraper!!! Why? Don't believe me kah? Just look at the screen shot below lor. ;)

Can see mah? Can't hor? Just click on the image lor. Anyway, it was 'DiGi Broadband Sustenance July 2010'. Welcome welcome and join the family. Alamak, only for July meh? Ahya, nevermind lar, better than nothing hor? We humans cannot be greedy. hehe

Once again, a million thanks to Nuffnang and advertisers for choosing my blog. And of course, a billion thanks to my dearest readers and lovely visitors! Love all of you! I appreciated it very much!

July 12, 2010

The end of FIFA World Cup 2010! Congratulation Spain!

I assume many of us has stay awake in Asia, just to watch the final match of 2010 FIFA World Cup - battle between Netherlands and Spain. As in Malaysia, or countries with similar time zone, the match was began at 2:30am! And yes, Spain has claimed the victory!

In this final, both Netherlands and Spain have tried their very best to get their 1st World Cup title, and of course to get the trophy as well. Unpleasantly, both Netherlands and Spain have struggled in their battle, it was a remarkable match with full of red yellow cards out from the referee's pocket!

However, Andres Iniesta, the hero of Spain, has proudly scored the winning goal at 116th minute in extra time! It wasn't easy though. Moreover, Spain was the first European nation team to win the World Cup on a foreign continent. Well done. Spain, congratulation!

Eh hey look at the picture above! There's an idiot was trying to place a hat on the trophy before the match began! LMAO! Get a life dude!

On the other hand, does that mean Paul the Octopus will become the legendary psychic octopus? Out of 22 predictions from Paul, only 2 were wrong, so far! Perhaps so.

Once again, congratulation Spain! =)

2010 FIFA World Cup with doodle

In conjunction with 2010 FIFA World Cup Final, doodle (Google's special logo) has also showed their support towards the final by releasing a new logo which can be found in Google's homepage, as shown below.

The national flag of 2 finalists were shown in the logo, which were Netherlands on the left while Spain on the right! Furthermore, the venue in the logo was designed alike as the stadium in Johannesburg.

If you click on the logo, it will redirect you the results of "2010 FIFA World Cup Final". ;)

Woot~ Surprise surprise. My 1st Buffered Ads from Nuffnang!

Wow, surprise surprise. For the first time after participating in Nuffnang actively for 6 months, finally, I got Buffered Ads from Nuffnang! Surprise surprise! Just look at the screen shot below. =)

What makes it more surprise is that, I got 3 Buffered Ads in 1 go! Triple kill! Wow, special thanks to Nuffnang and the advertisers for choosing my blog! I hope there will be more and more excitement for me from Nuffnang! Last but not least, thanks to all my dearest readers and lovely visitors as well! Love you all! I appreciated it very much!

July 10, 2010

Pictures to Share: Sundog in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

I'm re-posting this topic from my old blog, because I think it's worth to share with everyone. However, I've added some detailed information.

On 20th of May 2009, I was on my way to lunch with my friends in our campus. When 1 of us look up on the sky, surprisingly, we saw a "ring of rainbow" was surrounding the sun. Well, before this I've called it as a "circular rainbow", since the colour is exactly the same as rainbow and it was round. However, scientifically, it's known as 'Parhelia' or commonly known as 'Sundog', and not "circular rainbow" or whatsoever.

Here are 3 pictures which I've taken on that day with my Nokia N82. ;)

Image 1: Half of the sundog.

Image 2: Full sundog.

Image 3: Quarter of the sundog.

Cool heh? It was my first time seeing such beautiful phenomena in my entire life. Guess what, it was published in a local chinese newspaper on the 2nd day.

Based on wikipedia, sundogs are formed by plate-shaped hexagonal ice crystals in high and cold cirrus clouds or, during very cold weather, by ice crystals called diamond dust drifting in the air at low levels.

Is the weather in Miri, Sarawak cold? Not at all! You can see how bright the sun was in the picture. Do Miri, Sarawak or perhaps Malaysia stand a chance to form ice crystals? Hmm... Unsure. This world is full with beautiful phenomena around us, yet, we humans didn't really notice it at times. I wish I can see it for 1 more time.

July 09, 2010

You observe, I analyse

Today, I went out for almost half day since afternoon. Basically, I went to 2 banks, just to do some cash transactions. Then, I went to a local hypermarket in Miri, e-mart, to accompany my aunt to buy some rations.

Firstly, I went to CIMB to request a bank check, to pay my upcoming semester fee. After that, I went to AmBank, to help my cousin to cash in his money. However, 2 funny and similar incidents occurred at both of these banks. Below are the conversations between me and each of the bank officer respectively.
  1. At CIMB, the bank officer (Malay lady) asked me while looking at my bankbook and MyCard: "Are you mix blood? Because you don't looks like a chinese." I smiled at her and say my father is hokkien while my mother is baba-nyonya.
  2. At AmBank, the bank officer (young chinese lady) asked me in mandarin while looking at my cousin's bankbook: "Are you a chinese?" I answered yes in mandarin. She asked further: "But your name in the bankbook is not in chinese." I told her that the bankbook belongs to my cousin and I also explained my cousin is mixed with Iban father + baba-nyonya mother. She also inquire whether I'm mixed or not. And again, I explained the same thing as I explained in CIMB. LMAO
Sometimes I wonder, do people prefer to have a mixed blood child? Well, I'm proud to be one. ;)

Carry on to e-mart, since I only accompany my aunt, thus, my eyes started to spin around to observe the public in the hypermarket and I did some lame analysis on them. Just read the following 3 points.
  1. From what I've observed, I've to agree that obesity in Malaysia will definitely increase, as stated in the media and newspapers. Reason, out of 10 children below the age of 10, I see 8 of them are super chubby! Gosh! Thanks to the junk foods around us, as well as the insane promotion in e-mart.
  2. Is the trend or is this world turned upside down? 10 girls and ladies whom have walked in front of me, I've noticed that the young one looks older than the elderly, in terms of fashion! Wow, youngsters more outdated? Or maybe I'm the 1 who's outdated? LOL!
  3. Lastly, I've observed that out of 10 parents whom have a child below the age of 2, only 1 mother will carry their child while the other 9 fathers will carry their child. I wonder, do fathers stand a chance to buy their stuffs? haha
What a Friday. =D

July 07, 2010

What will your sleeping position tell about you?

Believe it or not, our daily sleeping positions could describe our personality. According to Professor Chris Idzikowski, the director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, there are 6 common sleeping positions in general. Furthermore, he also found that each sleeping position is linked to a particular personality type. The 6 common sleeping positions are shown as below:

Which is yours hur? Anyway, the 6 sleeping positions are described by Professor Chris Idzikowski as below:
  • Foetus - Those who curl up in the foetus position are described as tough on the outside but sensitive at heart. They may be shy when they first meet somebody, but soon relax.
    This is the most common sleeping position, adopted by 41% of the 1,000 people who took part in the survey. More than twice as many women as men tend to adopt this position.
  • Log - Lying on your side with both arms down by your side. These sleepers are easy going, social people who like being part of the in-crowd, and who are trusting of strangers. However, they may be gullible.
  • Yearner - People who sleep on their side with both arms out in front are said to have an open nature, but can be suspicious, cynical. They are slow to make up their minds, but once they have taken a decision, they are unlikely ever to change it.
  • Soldier - Lying on your back with both arms pinned to your sides. People who sleep in this position are generally quiet and reserved. They don't like a fuss, but set themselves and others high standards.
  • Freefaller - Lying on your front with your hands around the pillow, and your head turned to one side. Often gregarious and brash people, but can be nervy and thin-skinned underneath, and don't like criticism, or extreme situations.
  • Starfish - Lying on your back with both arms up around the pillow. These sleepers make good friends because they are always ready to listen to others, and offer help when needed. They generally don't like to be the centre of attention.
As for me, I'm a Yearner, and it's sooooo true that once I've made up my mind, that's it, I will hardly change it. You may try asking my friends around, if you know anyone of them. LOL. Moreover, my uncle whom has "calculated" about me, he also told me before that I'm a kind of person who will seldom change my mind, I will never do the thing which I dislike, although being forced. Does it mean that I'm very stubborn? Perhaps so. hehe

So, which is your sleeping position? ;) Feel free to read more at the embed source below.


July 06, 2010

Time, Money and Energy, which is important to you?

I bet many of you have seen this joke somewhere, more likely a circular e-mail. It's all about Time, Money and Energy in our 3 stages of life. However, scientifically, there are 7 stages of life in our normal life, just like what our English poet, William Shakespeare has wrote, "Seven Ages of Man". The 7 stages of life are, an infant, a child, a teenager, a young adult, an adult, a middle-aged man and an elderly. Anyhow, back to topic, if you have not read the "3 stages of life" before, feel free to read the following 3 points.
  1. Teen age - Teenagers have time and energy, yet, no money.
  2. Working age - Adults have energy and money, yet, no time.
  3. Old age - Elderlies have time and money, yet, no energy.
It can be a joke, funny or whatsoever, but logically, I think that's the true fact. Don't you agree with me? But that's NOT my point. Few months back, the moment I read this circular e-mail which was forwarded by my father, my mind has started to work something out.

These 3 important elements, which are Time, Money and Energy, are actually toying around with us, in our daily life. Or should I say, they are fooling around with humans, especially the unstoppable TIME!

Get up people! Time waits for no man. To earn Money, you need Time to work. Eventually, you'll get fatigued after you work. To recover your drained Energy, you need Time. To get more Time, what do you need? Money can't buy Time and Energy can't create Time.

Practically, Time is my life. When the time stops, that's the moment where my life ends. No disrespect, that's what I think. So boys and girls, which is important to you the most within these 3 elements?

July 05, 2010

Do you believe in 6 Degrees of Separation?

I was first asked by my friend, "hey, do you believe in 6 degrees of separation"? Instead of answering, I asked him back, "what do you by that?", and he explained the meaning behind it. After the explanation, I answered him, "Yes, of course, this world is small though".

Do you know the meaning of "6 degree of separation" in the very first place? I hope you do. If you don't, I'll give a short brief on it. We, humans, are actually related to each other at most of 6 people (it must not be 6 people, it can lesser). Get what I mean? As an example, I may know YOU through my father's friend's boss' sister's daughter's friend. Get the idea? ;)

Now, I would to ask everyone, do you believe in 6 degrees of separation? I bet you do, and I bet you'll give the same answer as I answered to my friend. Or maybe some of you don't. However, in my opinion, this world is big in size, yet, it's small in bonding. I've faced many situations in facebook real life which always truly surprised me. The people that I know, they are actually related too! Expect the unexpected, full of curiosity. Wow!

Well, I would to share a 47 minutes documentary unfolding the science behind the idea of six degrees of separation. It's very interesting indeed. So here you go, hope you’ll enjoy it.

Video source:

July 03, 2010

Lutong Festival / Pesta Lutong 2010

Image 1: The VVIPs, headmaster is on the second from left.

Lutong Festival or known as Pesta Lutong, was held on 3rd of July 2010 from 9am until 1pm. It was organised by SK Lutong and held at SJK Chung Hwa, Lutong. A part from that, the festival was inaugurated by Deputy Chief Minester of Sarawak, YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr. George Chan Hong Nam.

Image 2: Deputy Chief Minester of Sarawak in the middle.

Image 3: Deputy Chief Minester of Sarawak is giving a speech.

Basically, the festival is more likely a food fair and the purpose is more to donation for SK Lutong, since SK Lutong is constructing a new block of classes, which is almost done. Well, the festival was more merrier than I expected. Just look at the crowds in the following pictures.

Image 4: Crowds.

Image 5: Crowds.

Image 6: Crowds.

Based on the pictures above, it's very obvious that parents and kids have shown their support towards this festival. Give them a big applause, will ya? Now, let's talk about the foods at there. Like I mentioned earlier, this festival is more to donation, so, don't expect to get what you paid by using coupons.

Image 7: Coupons.

They have lotsa food at there, such as satay, cakes, ice-creams, roasted chicken wings, Java noodle, chicken pansuh and many more. I did took some pictures, but I think it's not worth to share, as it's very common. As for the number of stalls, I'm not too sure about it, but I saw 1 stall with the number of 18. I guess that's the most? Or maybe 20?

-Sorry for my lousy pictures, guess I'm too hungry to carry my camera around? hehe ;)
-Click on the images for a larger view.
-Images above were taken with Nikon D70 and Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G.