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December 17, 2010

Results of my Second Year Second Semester

Uh uh uh… Straight to my point, I'm darn-damn-super-duper-very-extremely-tremendously relief that I've succeeded my Year 2 Semester 2 like a piece of muffin! Expecting to see my result in this post? Well, sorry first, I'm like hell like gonna show it to the whole wide world!

Cut the crap, I'm just kidding anyway. Here you go… Don't expect much, will ya?

Click on the image for a larger view.

Frankly speaking, the only paper I was worrying is Thermodynamics. To play safe, I even brought back my Thermo stuffs to Kuala Lumpur, LOL!!! Because, as far as I remember, I only manage to complete 1 out of 4 questions. The other 3 questions were partially done wrongly. Also, my internal mark for Thermo was pretty low, like half of the total internal mark? I'm expecting to get a supplementary, damn it, wasted my effort for carrying my Thermo stuffs back!

Jeez, I've passed everything and yet, I'm still complaining. I should appreciate what I get, shouldn't I? :P

Uh uh uh… Now that I've completed my Second Year degree, Third Year is my next "obstacle"! Zip zap! I will kill them all with a lime green lightsaber!!!

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