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December 09, 2010

Opening & Closing of Miri ICT Expo 2010 (II)

On the first day itself, which was 3rd of December, I've headed to Miri Indoor Stadium as soon as it was opened at 11am. Oh yeah, even it was early, people has started to crowd the stadium. One of the reasons I got there early was to help my cousin to get a Asus laptop. Well, ya know, PC Fair can get good deals and bargain, no?

Photo 1: A part of the scene.

After walked inside the stadium for few rounds, then a disaster happened... Kidding kidding~ LOL

Photo 2: Opening ceremony by the VIPs.

Woot~ The opening ceremony for Miri ICT Expo (II). One thing special about this Miri ICT Expo is that, there's a lucky draw for customers who spend at least RM100, to be precise, each RM100 is entitle to get a coupon for lucky draw.

Since my cousin's laptop costs RM2480, and so I got 24 coupons with my name registered. Hehehe, he wasn't around, so I put my name on it. A part from that, the lucky draw will be closed on the last day of the ICT Expo at 8pm.

Let's move forward to the last day of Miri ICT Expo. Well, for the sake of this lucky draw, I gotta purposely travel 20km plus plus, to-and-fro, hoping to get something, even if the item is worthless.

Photo 3: 8pm and lucky draw time!

Uh uh, 8pm already and it's lucky draw time. I have no idea how many coupons were inside that box, and I only hold 24 coupons, gosh, the probability to get something is super low! Now let's observe the crowd!

Photo 4: Top part.

Photo 5: Bottom part.

Clearly, I didn't get anything form the lucky draw... Screw these people! Why do they have to show up for the lucky draw? Can't they absent and let me win everything? C'mon! They are just mouse, keyboard, speaker, bag, compact camera, netbook and notebook only mah.

Better luck next time? Apparently, I was there for the opening and closing ceremony of Miri ICT Expo 2010 (II)... LOL!

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