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December 01, 2010

My December!

Back to December!!! It's good to have holidays, December 2010 is the month that I'm waiting for, because there are lotsa events and activities for me to explore and enjoy! Now, let me list out my December schedule. *Tsk tsk*

3rd December:
Sarawak ICT Expo @ Miri Indoor Stadium, 3rd - 5th December. I'll be going on the 3rd of December, helping my cousin to get a new laptop.

6th-9th December:
Waiting for my friends from Perth to come back and I'm gonna join whatever activities they do, like sports?

10th December:
Depart from Miri and going back to Kuala Lumpur with my Aunt Shirley. Uh, I miss my house and family members very much. I didn't go back for more than 8 months due to my study.

11th December:

Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS) @ PWTC, I will be going there to spam photos!!! This event will be running from 3rd until 12 of December.
*Details of KLIMS is available @ HERE.

12th December:

Digital Lifestyle Expo @ KLCC, again, go there to spam photos!!! This event will be running from 10th until 12th of December.
*Details of Digital Lifestyle Expo is available @ HERE.

13th December:
Going down to my hometown, Malacca, for visiting, and my Aunt Shirley misses her house too, so I gotta bring her back. Then we will spend our time in Malacca until...

17th December:
Going back to Kuala Lumpur again, because...

18th December:
Got a wedding ceremony to attend, I gotta bring my Aunt Shirley because it's her goddaughter's wedding though. Can spam photos too I think, since it's gonna hold in church.

19th December:

Comic Fiesta @ Berjaya Times Square, go there for what purpose lagi? Spam photos lah of course!!! And another big surprise gonna happen, I hope. *wink*
*Details of Comic Fiesta is available @ HERE.
*P.S: Stay tuned for that big surprise, I hope.

20th December:
Going down to my hometown again, Malacca, because my Aunt Shirley says the previous 4 days are not enough for her to spend her sweet time at her own house in Malacca.

21th - 26th December:
Linger around South Malaysia with my big family tree. LOL!!! Like usual, Christmas in Malacca ;)

27th December:
Going back to Kuala Lumpur again. School gonna open soon, my sisters got classes though. And my Aunt Shirley will be flying back to Miri on 29th of December.

28th December:
My secondary juniors' prom night @ Swiss Garden Hotel KL. Alvin and I are hired to be the photographers! Spam!

Uh, my mind now keep playing a new song of Taylor Swift, which is Back to December! My December gonna spam fly in no time too! January gonna be very busy with spamming too I guess... Anyway, stay tuned for everything, I will post up as many photos as possible. =D

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