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December 20, 2010

Moonlight hor fun @ Kedai Kopi & Makanan Hong Lai, Jalan Genting Klang, Kuala Lumpur

Straight to my point, the best, yes I mean the best, moonlight hor fun aka 夜光河粉 in Kuala Lumpur can be found @ Kedai Kopi & Makanan Hong Lai along Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak.

Photo 1: Moonlight hor fun.

How to eat? Just stir the raw egg (which looks like moon) with the noodle together and slot them into your mouth! Uh, needless to say, it's tooooo tasty... Or else I will not claim it as the best moonlight hor fun, right?

Besides moonlight hor fun, the other recommended dishes are hokkien mee, kway teow & mee hoon sup, and .

Basically, what makes it so special is that, all of the noodles at Hong Lai is cooked with charcoal, instead of gas. You name the amount you want, like for 3 people or so, and you'll get the noodles within... Erm, here's the thing, if you go there early, you'll be served in no time. So be there as soon as they open (before 7pm), and you'll get your foods within 15 minutes, perhaps.

If you're going at 8pm, I suggest you to fill your stomach by 10%, because you gotta wait at least 30 minutes (if you're lucky), or else gonna be longer than 45 minutes.

Why have to wait for so long? Charcoal mah...

Photo 2: Kedai Kopi & Makanan Hong Lai.

Anyway, here's a simple map for you. Basically, it's located along Jalan Genting Klang, the exact location is opposite of Courts (the furniture retailer).

Further details:
  • Location: Along Jalan Genting Klang, opposite of Courts.
  • Operating hour: 7pm - 2am.
  • Service: Very slow, because of charcoal.
  • Cleanness: A.
  • Facilities: 2 rooms, air-conditioned and open air.
  • Safety: Avoid parking in front of the stove or your car will be super oily.
Try or cry!

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