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December 01, 2010

Jipaban – My 2010 Santarina

Christmas is around the corner, everyone knows that. Every shopping mall we step in and every website we enter, we'll definitely see Christmas' decorations. And now because of Christmas, I would like to get a Santarina something for my Uncle Edward from Jipaban Online Shopping Mall! Why him? Because Christmas reminds me of him! Ho ho ho~

After surfing around inside Jipaban Online Shopping Mall for hours, I think I gonna get my Uncle Edward a Santarina 30cm adorable bear - Shelliemay!

You know why I've picked this Santarina Shelliemay? Simple, because it's brown in colour and cute! My uncle loves brown colour though. Moreover, I wish to get him something that he never get before and my Aunt Shirley told me that he never get a Santarina bear before in his entire life.

Apparently, it's not only because of Christmas, it's also because of my uncle's birthday! It falls on Christmas! Now, do you understand why Christmas reminds me of my uncle? Ho ho ho~

A little information for you, he's turning into 64 on this coming Christmas, I hope and I wish that I could celebrate with him, but, he'll be working over the sea. And I still remember that the last time we celebrated his birthday during Christmas was back 5 years ago, here's one photo!

Ta-da~ On the left is my Aunt Shirley whereas on the right is my Uncle Edward. Ho ho ho~ If I'm not mistaken, that was the last celebration we celebrated with him, he is pretty busy with his career even during Christmas! To be frank, he's like my own father. How I wish he'll be around during Christmas, to celebrate his Christmas and birthday at the same time, but it's alright, I think a gift like Santarina Shelliemay can surprise him, as soon as he come back!

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