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December 17, 2010

Fried Carrot Cake @ Tengkera Foodcourt & Jonker Walk, Melaka

Talking about fried carrot cake or chai tao kway, one of my favourite spots to hunt for it is not Kuala Lumpur, not Negeri Sembilan, not Johor, but Melaka. So, if you're in Melaka or will be visiting Melaka, and also a fried carrot cake lover like me, this post is a bonus for you!

Generally, there are few places to hunt for tasty fried carrot cake in Melaka, but I'm here to introduce you one of the best which located at Tengkera.

Photo 1: The stall.

Interestingly, the owner has been frying for ages and I dare to say, I'm one of his royal customers! Now now, let's see his masterpiece!

Photo 2: Fried carrot cake.

Ta-da~ What I like is that, he fries the carrot cake with enough sweet soybean paste, not too much and not too less! Not only that, the carrot cake is well evenly fried, unlike some places where certain portion is sweet while certain portion is tasteless.

Well, nothing much else from me, the rest is up to you to try! Look for this foodcourt in Tengkera!

Photo 3: Tengkera foodcourt.

Here’s a map for you, in case you might need it.

Anyway, you can find him from Friday until Sunday at Jonker Walk too! See the red line above, that's Jonker Walk.

Further details:
  • Location: Beside to Shell petrol station.
  • Operating hour: Breakfast & lunch hour on weekdays @ Tengkera Foodcourt and dinner hour on weekends @ Jonker Walk.
  • Service: Quick.
  • Cleanness: A.
  • Facilities: Lotsa of foods.
  • Safety: Nothing to aware off.
Try or cry!

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