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November 16, 2010

Surprise Party for GWH

It's fun to prank others, yet, it was not fun to be pranked. LOL! Yes, GWH was pranked for his birthday party on 14th of November 2010! Anyway, if you're interested to know how GWH was tricked, do read the interesting blog post at Ker-Huei's blog @ HERE.

Anyway, here's a short blog post to see GWH's expression.

On 14th of November, GWH was shocked for few times, well, it was pretty obvious! LOL! First, when he saw many of his friends gathered around the table in McDonald's.

Second, when he get to see his one huge birthday card from Ker-Huei. Uh, I've missed to capture that moment. Goddamnit, it's really one HUGE birthday card. Wanna how huge his birthday card is? Read the related blog post at Ker-Huei's blog @ HERE.

Third, when Ker-Huei contacted him via video call (just to see his face).

Based on the photo above, his expression was epic! Even his birthday was 2 days before our final, yet, we didn't miss it! And lastly, even though there is no birthday cake for him, however, there are 2 bottles of liquor for him!

Happy Birthday GWH! XD


  1. haha!! more like promoting my blog right? haha!! thanks ar!! haha!!

  2. @OKH- No problem XD

    Not only that, got no time to type, final final~