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November 11, 2010

Shell and McDonald's @ Permyjaya, Miri

I've been waiting for the moment for a Shell petrol station to appear around Permyjaya, because the nearest station is at least 3km away from my place and it's not convenient for me to get there. Uh, at long last, a huge Shell petrol station nearby my housing area (Permyjaya) has opened.

A part from the Shell petrol station, a McDonald's Drive-Thru is also attached. Oh yeah~ It's basically located near to e-mart supermarket. Furthermore, I'll pass by the Shell petrol station as long as I'm going to e-mart supermarket or Curtin campus. Look, how convenient it is.

Based on the photo above, you may observe that many cars are parking at the station, because it's the 1st operating day for McDonald's Drive-Thru.

Ah, the operating hour for Shell and McDonald's are 24 hours per day. Can that be good? =/


  1. hoping in the future, more mcD's drive thru located at the center of miri. permyjaya is quite far, yet it is good to have mcD's drive thru in miri

  2. distance is not an obstacle for us to go to any mcdonald's is in miri ni ... what we emphasize at every restaurant is the cleanliness of the restaurant, service is fast and quick workers and the quality of food they serve is fresh ... even close to where mcdonald's who you go if takda things like that .. is empty ... there was a smart client ...