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November 10, 2010

My bad moment with Hartz Chicken Buffet

Despite of paying a lump sum of money for a buffet, there will be advantages for food lovers, big eaters, and people whom have huge appetite. Like always, buffet's slogan is - eat all you can! But in Hartz Chicken Buffet (HCB), the slogan is 'All You Can Eat'.

HCB gave me a deep negative impact, because it was my first time I've entered HCB (Miri branch). Is it because of their service? Hmm, perhaps not.

(1) Blackout for merely 10 minutes
I was in the mood of eating, duh, or else I wouldn't been there, obviously. For the first 20 minutes, I've enjoyed eating with lost count of rounds. All of a sudden, a 'tok' sound came from my back, and there it goes, blackout for merely 10 minutes... No lights and no air-conditioner are still acceptable, the worst part was that the water dispenser and ice-cream dispenser couldn't work!

Ain't it shameful? Uh, I was "dehydrated" by the freaking fried and dried chickens that I've consumed! And see, the ice-cream has melted and leaked from the dispenser.

(2) Out of toilet roll
As many of us know, in the simple term of conservation law - continuity equation, input is equal to output inside any region. So, we consume food (input) and eventually will poop (output). I went to the toilet and I shook my head, no more toilet roll and no hose. With my thick-skinned face, I've asked for toilet roll. And guess what, the supervisor came to me and handed me some serviettes with apology. Oh crap! Serviettes...

Ain't it shameful? A restaurant with no supply of toilet roll? Can't they afford it?

(3) Invalid Wi-Fi password
Next, eating without entertainment is bored, at times. My itchy hands took my phone out for a Wi-Fi scanning, and yeah, HCB has free Wi-Fi! As a customer, we have the right to "leech" the connection. And so, I've requested the password from the counter and damn it, the password was invalid. I approach to them again for confirmation, and again, the password was invalid (they even make phone call to somewhere for password confirmation). If not mistaken, the so called password is "0123835383har".

Ain't it shameful? Provide free Wi-Fi, but it's useless. Ah fine... As though I couldn't survive without internet.

(4) No photo shooting?
Then, I took out my camera for some food photo shooting, guess what, the supervisor has disallowed me to do so. Argh! With the tone of disappointment, I told him that I wanna promote HCB in my blog! I was really in the mood for promoting, really! Thanks to the word "promote", I was allowed to snap around. But you see, what's the turnout?

Am I promoting? =P

(5) The foods are ......
Errr... How should I describe this... Straight to my point, the foods are suck to the max!

Crispy and Spicy Fried Chicken? It's more likely to be Fried and Dried Chicken (on top). Wow, coleslaw is spilling (bottom left). By the way, is that sweet corn "soup" (bottom right)? Ohya, the spaghetti was the worst I've ever tasted in my entire life, it was freaking tasteless! And the list goes on...

Alright stop, the above were my bad moment I had with HCB within the limit - 2 hour period. But hey, the people at there are friendly though ;)

C'mon Hartz Chicken Buffet, do something will ya?

1 comment:

  1. The problem encountered by the blogger seems to be a common thing with this particular food franchise. I went to the one in Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya and also had an appalling experience.

    The outlet in Sunway Pyramid has aged much and lacks proper maintenance; it's old-looking, laminated floors are peeling off and covered in dark stains with duct-tapes on some areas. Design, decoration, furnishing and lighting are very poor. Its atmosphere is dull and depressing. In terms of ambiance it's 1 star out of 5.

    The restaurant is not very clean. We found a piece of very, very dry chicken bone on our seat.

    Food is of low quality. The only thing worth having is the various styles of fried/roast chicken. Salad, soup and other dishes are very unappetizing and not worth the price paid.

    Food presentation is extremely poor, and some (local) dishes look and taste like they have been cooked by household maids in a rush.

    Plates, bowls, glasses and cups are all made of plastic and full of scratches and dark stains.

    With their current pricing of RM30/pax, it's definitely, absolutely, positively NOT worth it; unless you can eat around 8 pieces of chicken all by yourself (based on RM 3.50/piece of chicken).

    The dessert choices are pathetic and the steamed cakes have hard texture; they look and taste like those sold on roadside stalls.

    Point is, it's not worth trying at all. I paid RM 19.90 and still regret going coz there was really nothing special for the price.

    As I said earlier, try this only if you can eat tons of chicken. If not, try something else. This place has nothing to offer except their chicken (last I tried in Feb 2012: 3 types of fried chicken and 1 roasted chicken; they have other chicken dishes, but they were very lousy).

    To be fair, the chicken (fried+roasted) was quite good, served hot and crispy, and always refilled. Their staff was friendly and quick to clear dirty dishes from the table. That's where all the good part ends.