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November 26, 2010

Dim Sum after Final exam @ Grand Palace Hotel, Miri, Sarawak

After suffered for more than 2 weeks for the final, and hell yeah, it is the end of semester and also the end of year 2, the best part is, it is holiday! HOORAY!!!

And so, after our last paper on 24th of November 2010, my friends and I have our time eating dim sum at Grand Palace Hotel in Miri. Well, it is my first time being there for dim sum. My friends claim that Grand Palace serves the best dim sum in Miri and I've followed them without any hesitation.

Photo 1: Dim Sum.
Photo 2: Halal.
Basically, we ordered everything in the menu, except for porridge. It should be more than 30 types of dim sum which includes steam and fried dim sums. Without further delay, let me show you some of the photos.

Amazingly, I've to agree with them, the dim sums are really-truly-super-duper delicious! My tongue has told me that the dim sums are very fresh. In fact, they are very juicy and the aroma is very pleasant though! Moreover, the mango dessert as below is very yummy!

Oh well, happy holiday everyone!

Uh, my RM33 just flew in the air~

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