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November 05, 2010

Be part of ChurpChurp today!

Ever heard of ChurpChurp before? Some may answer yes and some may answer no. Well, after reading this, it will be a big YES for everyone. Basically, ChurpChurp is a social media solutions community and for now, ChurpChurp is only available in Malaysia and Singapore.

Furthermore, ChurpChurp is a community that will benefits both user (known as Churper) and advertiser or partner. Anyway, if you ain't a member yet, do sign up ASAP! Why? Let's do the countdown, begin with 6...

(SIX) Because Imma Churper!
First things first, because Imma Churper, and so, I want you to be a Churper as well (if you're not one yet). And why? Continue your reading ;)

(FIVE) Participate in Events & Activities
For people whom love to go outing and making new friends, ChurpChurp is the right place for you. From time to time, ChurpChurp will organise various interesting events. For instant, on 16th of October - Fly Kite Day.

(FOUR) Sister Site of Nuffnang
Imma member of Nuffnang. FYI, Nuffnang is Asia Pacific's first blog advertising community. Gladly to say, there will be no clashes with Nuffnang by becoming a Churper, which means, Premium Member like me will still remain as a Premium Member, known as Glitterati. If you are one of the Glitterati, you don't have to worry! Woohoo~

(THREE) Get to know the latest News & Promotions
Since ChurpChurp is a social media solutions community, members will get to know the latest news and promotions. The latest news & promotions can be known via the short and simple assignments given. A part from that, it may include FREE movie screening passes as well~

What are the short and simple assignments? Continue your reading ;)

(TWO) Get rewards via ChurpChurp!
ChurpChurp requires individuals who own Facebook and Twitter, so if you have both Facebook and Twitter, you got the advantages. Oh well, you're still not too late to sign up Facebook, Twitter and ChurpChurp, yet. Top of all, the main benefit for a Churper is getting reward by completing the given short and simple assignments.

C'mon peeps, short and simple assignment and you'll get reward. Best of all, you may do it at home, at school, at office, at college/university or even at restaurant, as long as you got internet connectivity! How short and simple? Just within 140 words letters including symbols and spaces, seriously! Interestingly, the assignments will be posted on your Twitter automatically, that's why 140 letters. Uh, forgot to mention, the assignments are full with guides!

(ONE) It's FREE upon registration!
Yupe, that's the main point. Register ChurpChurp now and be Churper like me, because it's FREE!!!

Are you a Churper now? Still not? What are you waiting for? Go go go!!! Sign up now @ and enjoy the benefits!

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