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November 29, 2010

Stop Child Abuse

Every now and then, whenever we flip through the newspapers, listen to news on radio and TV, we'll definitely come across news regarding child abuse! Talk about child abuse, this topic is getting more and more common and perhaps boring, until many people have closed one of their eyes.

(Image source:

Generally, child abuse has many categories, the most common abuses are physical abuse and psychological abuse. Physical abuse may include kicking, slapping and caning. In the simple term, it is just like bullying. On the other hand, psychological abuse nowadays can be "performed" via cyberspace, mainly insulting. Yet, all of the above situations can be solved like a 3x3 Rubik's cube, within 20 moves or more.

(credits to Google for the photos, compiled by: EzraSang)

However, to me, there is ONE seriously inhuman act which is the most unacceptable and unforgivable. It is so effing brutal that I would never want to see it again, it is child sexual abuse! Do I have to explain this?

*P.S: Above photo is illustrating a real case scenario, happened this year, 2010. A little girl whom was sitting for UPSR (12 years old), namely Varsha, was killed brutally. I bet most of you have received this circular e-mail from your friends and family, it has more vile photos attached. Happy to see that?

C'mon peeps, let's raise our hand and join this 'Get on Board' campaign to stop child abuse, it is organised by United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). Remember, children are innocent, if you don't stop this, who will?


November 26, 2010

Dim Sum after Final exam @ Grand Palace Hotel, Miri, Sarawak

After suffered for more than 2 weeks for the final, and hell yeah, it is the end of semester and also the end of year 2, the best part is, it is holiday! HOORAY!!!

And so, after our last paper on 24th of November 2010, my friends and I have our time eating dim sum at Grand Palace Hotel in Miri. Well, it is my first time being there for dim sum. My friends claim that Grand Palace serves the best dim sum in Miri and I've followed them without any hesitation.

Photo 1: Dim Sum.
Photo 2: Halal.
Basically, we ordered everything in the menu, except for porridge. It should be more than 30 types of dim sum which includes steam and fried dim sums. Without further delay, let me show you some of the photos.

Amazingly, I've to agree with them, the dim sums are really-truly-super-duper delicious! My tongue has told me that the dim sums are very fresh. In fact, they are very juicy and the aroma is very pleasant though! Moreover, the mango dessert as below is very yummy!

Oh well, happy holiday everyone!

Uh, my RM33 just flew in the air~

November 22, 2010

Sarawak ICT Expo 2010 (II)

For the 3rd & the last ICT Expo (just like PC Fair) in Sarawak, it will be organised by CSSA (Computer Sales & Services Association Sarawak) again (similar to the previous ICT Expo which was on August 2010, feel free to read it @ HERE).

So far, only Miri and Sibu will take part in this last ICT Expo for year 2010, and following are the details:

Date : : 3rd December to 5th December 2010
Time : 11:00am to 9:00pm
Venue : Miri Indoor Stadium.

Date : 3rd December to 5th December 2010
Time : 11:00am to 9:00pm
Venue : Sibu Trade & Exhibition Centre.

I will update this post as soon as CSSA has updated their site. Anyway, for more info, kindly visit CSSA's website @ HERE.

See you there (Miri branch only lah)!

November 21, 2010

My 1st time trying Kam Pua Mee

I always get confused between kolo mee (干捞面) and kam pua mee (干盘面), because I never see, never touch, never smell and never taste before any kam pua mee in my entire life. Since I'm sending my cousin-nephew to Bintulu for his school holiday, I take this opportunity to see, to touch, to smell and to taste kam pua mee in Bintulu.

Why Bintulu? If I'm not mistaken, there's no real and pure kam pua mee in Miri. No? Well, any differences between kolo mee and kam pua mee? In Miri, Kuching and West Malaysia, people call it as kolo mee; whereas in Sibu, Bintulu and Sarikei, people call it as kam pua mee. And so? Differences?

Photo 1: Kam pua mee.

Well, does it looks exactly like kolo mee? Tell you what, my eyes told me that they look exactly the same, my nose told me that the smell also same and my tongue told me that the taste 100% same... LOL!!! The only difference I can tell is the thickness of the noodle. I can see that kam pua mee is thicker than kolo mee. That's it...

Anyway, the kam pua mee that I've shown in the photo above is from Ming Hung Cafe, Bintulu. It's located at the Bintulu Port, easy to find.

Photo 2: Ming Hung Cafe, Bintulu.

In my opinion, there's nothing special about the taste of that particular kam pua mee, because I'm bored with the taste of kolo mee in Miri.

Can someone tell me the real differences between kolo mee (干捞面) and kam pua mee (干盘面)? Because I really don't know the differences. Don't tell me the main difference is the language... Because I knew that, LOL!

*P.S #1: I know this shop doesn't serves the best kam pua mee in Bintulu, it's just for my trying purpose, and you should know that the writter is from Kuala Lumpur ;)

*P.S #2: Let's ignore the style of kolo mee in West Malaysia, because it is completely different.

November 16, 2010

Surprise Party for GWH

It's fun to prank others, yet, it was not fun to be pranked. LOL! Yes, GWH was pranked for his birthday party on 14th of November 2010! Anyway, if you're interested to know how GWH was tricked, do read the interesting blog post at Ker-Huei's blog @ HERE.

Anyway, here's a short blog post to see GWH's expression.

On 14th of November, GWH was shocked for few times, well, it was pretty obvious! LOL! First, when he saw many of his friends gathered around the table in McDonald's.

Second, when he get to see his one huge birthday card from Ker-Huei. Uh, I've missed to capture that moment. Goddamnit, it's really one HUGE birthday card. Wanna how huge his birthday card is? Read the related blog post at Ker-Huei's blog @ HERE.

Third, when Ker-Huei contacted him via video call (just to see his face).

Based on the photo above, his expression was epic! Even his birthday was 2 days before our final, yet, we didn't miss it! And lastly, even though there is no birthday cake for him, however, there are 2 bottles of liquor for him!

Happy Birthday GWH! XD

November 11, 2010

Shell and McDonald's @ Permyjaya, Miri

I've been waiting for the moment for a Shell petrol station to appear around Permyjaya, because the nearest station is at least 3km away from my place and it's not convenient for me to get there. Uh, at long last, a huge Shell petrol station nearby my housing area (Permyjaya) has opened.

A part from the Shell petrol station, a McDonald's Drive-Thru is also attached. Oh yeah~ It's basically located near to e-mart supermarket. Furthermore, I'll pass by the Shell petrol station as long as I'm going to e-mart supermarket or Curtin campus. Look, how convenient it is.

Based on the photo above, you may observe that many cars are parking at the station, because it's the 1st operating day for McDonald's Drive-Thru.

Ah, the operating hour for Shell and McDonald's are 24 hours per day. Can that be good? =/

November 10, 2010

My bad moment with Hartz Chicken Buffet

Despite of paying a lump sum of money for a buffet, there will be advantages for food lovers, big eaters, and people whom have huge appetite. Like always, buffet's slogan is - eat all you can! But in Hartz Chicken Buffet (HCB), the slogan is 'All You Can Eat'.

HCB gave me a deep negative impact, because it was my first time I've entered HCB (Miri branch). Is it because of their service? Hmm, perhaps not.

(1) Blackout for merely 10 minutes
I was in the mood of eating, duh, or else I wouldn't been there, obviously. For the first 20 minutes, I've enjoyed eating with lost count of rounds. All of a sudden, a 'tok' sound came from my back, and there it goes, blackout for merely 10 minutes... No lights and no air-conditioner are still acceptable, the worst part was that the water dispenser and ice-cream dispenser couldn't work!

Ain't it shameful? Uh, I was "dehydrated" by the freaking fried and dried chickens that I've consumed! And see, the ice-cream has melted and leaked from the dispenser.

(2) Out of toilet roll
As many of us know, in the simple term of conservation law - continuity equation, input is equal to output inside any region. So, we consume food (input) and eventually will poop (output). I went to the toilet and I shook my head, no more toilet roll and no hose. With my thick-skinned face, I've asked for toilet roll. And guess what, the supervisor came to me and handed me some serviettes with apology. Oh crap! Serviettes...

Ain't it shameful? A restaurant with no supply of toilet roll? Can't they afford it?

(3) Invalid Wi-Fi password
Next, eating without entertainment is bored, at times. My itchy hands took my phone out for a Wi-Fi scanning, and yeah, HCB has free Wi-Fi! As a customer, we have the right to "leech" the connection. And so, I've requested the password from the counter and damn it, the password was invalid. I approach to them again for confirmation, and again, the password was invalid (they even make phone call to somewhere for password confirmation). If not mistaken, the so called password is "0123835383har".

Ain't it shameful? Provide free Wi-Fi, but it's useless. Ah fine... As though I couldn't survive without internet.

(4) No photo shooting?
Then, I took out my camera for some food photo shooting, guess what, the supervisor has disallowed me to do so. Argh! With the tone of disappointment, I told him that I wanna promote HCB in my blog! I was really in the mood for promoting, really! Thanks to the word "promote", I was allowed to snap around. But you see, what's the turnout?

Am I promoting? =P

(5) The foods are ......
Errr... How should I describe this... Straight to my point, the foods are suck to the max!

Crispy and Spicy Fried Chicken? It's more likely to be Fried and Dried Chicken (on top). Wow, coleslaw is spilling (bottom left). By the way, is that sweet corn "soup" (bottom right)? Ohya, the spaghetti was the worst I've ever tasted in my entire life, it was freaking tasteless! And the list goes on...

Alright stop, the above were my bad moment I had with HCB within the limit - 2 hour period. But hey, the people at there are friendly though ;)

C'mon Hartz Chicken Buffet, do something will ya?

November 07, 2010

Laksa @ Tasty Point, Miri, Sarawak

Laksa, one of the most common yet demanding food in both West and East Malaysia. Although Sarawak has Sarawak Laksa, it doesn't mean that the ordinary laksa doesn't exist in the East. If you're looking for the ordinary laksa in Miri, which you used to taste around Peninsular Malaysia (except Penang Laksa), you're in the right place.

Photo 1: Tasty Point.

Tasty Point in Miri is sorta well-known by the locals here. Basically, Tasty Point offers 2 types of laksa, which are the ordinary laksa and the recommended special laksa. If you are a small eater, just order the ordinary laksa, on the order hand, a big eater must not waste the opportunity of trying the special laksa.

Anyway, let me show you the ordinary laksa that serves by Tasty Point.

Photo 2: Laksa.

Different taste bud will give different feedback. In my opinion, it's acceptable, just that the prawns are too little and small. Unlike some places where the laksa is pretty oily and dilute.

A part from the laksa, Tasty Point also serves several categories of foods, such as Noodles, Rice, Porridge and Bread. Nonetheless, Tasty Point offers various special breakfast set in the morning, do find out more about the Menu at Tasty Point's website @ HERE.

Photo 3: Fried kway teow.

Overall, the price at there is quite reasonable for a cafe (check out the price at Tasty Point's website @ HERE). Do give it a try! Anyway, here's a map for you, observe the red star, it's just opposite of Imperial Mall along Jalan Merpati.

Further details:
  • Location: Opposite Imperial Mall along Jalan Merpati.
  • Operating hour: 7am - 2:30pm
  • Service: Fast.
  • Cleanness: A.
  • Facilities: Air-conditioned, good for non-smokers.
  • Safety: Nothing to aware off. Just park your car nicely.
For more info, do logon to Tasty Point's website @ HERE.

November 05, 2010

Be part of ChurpChurp today!

Ever heard of ChurpChurp before? Some may answer yes and some may answer no. Well, after reading this, it will be a big YES for everyone. Basically, ChurpChurp is a social media solutions community and for now, ChurpChurp is only available in Malaysia and Singapore.

Furthermore, ChurpChurp is a community that will benefits both user (known as Churper) and advertiser or partner. Anyway, if you ain't a member yet, do sign up ASAP! Why? Let's do the countdown, begin with 6...

(SIX) Because Imma Churper!
First things first, because Imma Churper, and so, I want you to be a Churper as well (if you're not one yet). And why? Continue your reading ;)

(FIVE) Participate in Events & Activities
For people whom love to go outing and making new friends, ChurpChurp is the right place for you. From time to time, ChurpChurp will organise various interesting events. For instant, on 16th of October - Fly Kite Day.

(FOUR) Sister Site of Nuffnang
Imma member of Nuffnang. FYI, Nuffnang is Asia Pacific's first blog advertising community. Gladly to say, there will be no clashes with Nuffnang by becoming a Churper, which means, Premium Member like me will still remain as a Premium Member, known as Glitterati. If you are one of the Glitterati, you don't have to worry! Woohoo~

(THREE) Get to know the latest News & Promotions
Since ChurpChurp is a social media solutions community, members will get to know the latest news and promotions. The latest news & promotions can be known via the short and simple assignments given. A part from that, it may include FREE movie screening passes as well~

What are the short and simple assignments? Continue your reading ;)

(TWO) Get rewards via ChurpChurp!
ChurpChurp requires individuals who own Facebook and Twitter, so if you have both Facebook and Twitter, you got the advantages. Oh well, you're still not too late to sign up Facebook, Twitter and ChurpChurp, yet. Top of all, the main benefit for a Churper is getting reward by completing the given short and simple assignments.

C'mon peeps, short and simple assignment and you'll get reward. Best of all, you may do it at home, at school, at office, at college/university or even at restaurant, as long as you got internet connectivity! How short and simple? Just within 140 words letters including symbols and spaces, seriously! Interestingly, the assignments will be posted on your Twitter automatically, that's why 140 letters. Uh, forgot to mention, the assignments are full with guides!

(ONE) It's FREE upon registration!
Yupe, that's the main point. Register ChurpChurp now and be Churper like me, because it's FREE!!!

Are you a Churper now? Still not? What are you waiting for? Go go go!!! Sign up now @ and enjoy the benefits!