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October 08, 2010

Samuel Ng's 20th Celebration @ Curtin

Being thrown into Curtin lake occasionally is one of the illegal traditions in the campus apartment (hostel), especially during the person's big day, ya know, I'm talking about birthday! Yeeehaaaa, full with craziness.

And there you go, Samuel Ng, a Kuching lang whom was born on the 4th of October, was thrown into Curtin lake twice to feed the crocodiles as a "celebration". He's a coursemate, a friend, a buddy, a boss, a blah blah blah of mine. Anyway, I bet you are interested to see some photos, don't you? Alright then, sit back and enjoy observing these photos ;)

Photo 1: Samuel was carried away.

Photo 2: Let's start counting down! 3... 2... 1...

Photo 3: *Splash* He goes.

Photo 4: 2nd round.

Photo 5: Birthday present. Can see? No? See bottom.

Photo 6: Can see? Still no? Wait ar, see bottom.

Photo 7: Tada, a pair of glow-in-the-dark condom!

Those are the craziness scenes that were happened on October 4, 2010, after 12:15am. Happy Belated Birthday Samuel! You're no longer a teenager! Welcome aboard, young man.

*P.S: Let me tell you a "secret". Samuel loves his sunglasses very much, yet, he's shy to put on his sunglasses to walk around the campus, so, he only will put on his sunglasses in his room! Don't believe me? Scroll down!!! Ohya, he's a great poser too!

Photo 8: Samuel the thinker.

Photo 9: He even put on when he's going to bed!

Photo 10: Samuel says Peace!

From Photo 8 until Photo 10, you can see his pai-kia-ness faces, agree? Especially in Photo 10. To those who don't know, pai-kia means naughty boy. Just compare Photo 10 above and Photo 11 below.

Photo 11: Cool?!

FYI, Photo 10 was taken on 3rd of October 2010 whereas Photo 11 was taken on 22nd of April 2010. And why I did I say him pai-kia? It's simply because of his new hairstyle! *wink wink*

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