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October 01, 2010

Photos of Curtin Open Day 2010 (Sarawak)

Before you start to see the photos I've shared in this post, it'll be nice if you read the 'Info About Curtin Open Day 2010'. This will ensure you to have a crystal clear idea on what has happened during the most tremendous event in Curtin University, Sarawak Campus - Curtin Open Day 2010.

Around 11am, after the opening ceremony of Curtin Open Day 2010 by the V.I.Ps, that was the moment where the performances on stage and the rest of the activities began. What events? Read @ 'Info About Curtin Open Day 2010'.

Photo 1: The V.I.Ps.

First, please allow me to show some of the performances on stage. Then only I will show you the photos of other events. From time to time, the stage was crowded by different people.

Photo 2: Crowd gathered around the stage.

I've almost missed the 1st performance entirely, because I was wondering and surveying the foods around my campus. Hungry mah, and I was in Curtin since 8:30am! Uh, I'll not talk about the foods... For you to discover~ Let's come back to the stage ;)

Photo 3: Sarawakian dance if I'm not mistaken, I've missed it.

Photo 4: Performance by the Curtin Cheerleading Club.

Photo 5: African dance by Curtin students.

Photo 6: I've forgotten what dance, but it was performed by Curtin students.

Photo 7: Robot dance by Curtin students. Very cool though!

Photo 8: Modeling show by Curtin students.

 Photo 9: More modeling show by Curtin students.

Boys, you wanna see the girls on the stage, don't you? Ah well, I will only post up 1 in this post and I'll leave the rest for you to discover... later~

Photo 10: 1 of the Curtin models.

Erm, I think that's it for the stage part. I bet some of you are complaining right now, some of my photos are overexposed, right? Sigh, sadly to say, as you can see the back part of the stage was not covered! That morning, it was sorta cloudy and it looked like gonna rain, yet, as the time passed, the day got brighter and brighter! Oh well... Now, let's move on to the other corner.

1st stop, the Kiddies' Corner. Wow, impressively, the Kiddies' Corner was occupied by hundreds and hundreds of kiddos! A lot of activities were there for the kiddos, such as, colouring contest, the playgrounds, eating ice-cream competition and blah blah blah... Anyway, congrats these kiddos below for their winning. hehe

Photo 11: The winners of, hmm, too many competition.

Erm, I only share some of my photos in this post, catch more photos at... later~

Now, let's proceed to the Kite Festival! They came down to Miri all the way from Bintulu!

Photo 12: Banner of Kite Festival.

Photo 13: Spin the kite! Spin?

Photo 14: Spin and spin the kites!

Basically, there were various sizes of kites were being displayed and performed. Let me show you some of it!

Photo 15: Setting up the kites.

Photo 16: Gigantic squid is flying!

Photo 17: Watch out! The hornbills are landing!

Well, too many kites, again, I'll let you discover it at... later~ Oh well, the above activities were held until evening. However, there were still some show went on, which were the Curtin Idol 2010 and Mr & Ms Curtin 2010! Now, I will show you the participants and the person in charge.

Photo 18: The participants and person in charge.

Well, it was a very tiring day for me. I was there since 8:30am until the last event, 7:30pm... Because? I wanna spam photos! Now, I'm gladly to share the entire album (consists of 123 photos) of Curtin Open Day 2010 @ HERE! Enjoy ;)

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