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October 03, 2010

Penang Clam Fried Kueh Tiaw @ Jalan Pelita 2, Miri, Sarawak

Penang clam fried kueh tiaw is very common and it can be found everywhere in Malaysia, not only Penang. But to get the good one, it's very difficult, especially places which are far away from Penang, the best example now is Miri, Sarawak.

Straight to my point, in my opinion, the best Penang clam fried kueh tiaw in Miri can be found @ Pelita Hai Mai Food Centre at Jalan Pelita 2. First, let me show you the stall that fries the decent Penang clam fried kueh tiaw.

Photo 1: The stall with Penang clam fried kueh tiaw.

P.S: Click on the Photo 1 for a larger view, you can see the menu clearly.

I, personally prefer his Penang clam fried kueh tiaw. At times, you'll see a lady will do the frying instead of the man (in white in Photo 1). No matter husband or wife who fries it, the taste is simple the best in Miri! Now, let me show you the "masterpiece".

Photo 2: Penang clam fried kueh tiaw.

From the beginning, I already mentioned it's the best, I think I don't have to tell you the taste. I'll tell you the other perspective instead. Since it's clearly stated Penang clam fried kueh tiaw, so the kueh tiaw is fried with clam. LOL! Well, it has egg, bean spout, small-sized prawn and also la chang (腊肠, chinese sausage). These combination is common, yet, always very superb! Best of all, it's not oily! Look at Image 3 below for a closer view.

Photo 3: Closer view of Penang clam fried kueh tiaw.

As for the price, you can refer to Image 1. Well, to me, I prefer to order the bigger plate instead of the ordinary one, because, the ordinary one will not satisfy me! Why? Because the portion is small. Anyhow, this is how the food centre looks like.

Photo 4: Pelita Hai Mai Food Centre.

Now you know how it looks like, ladies and gentlemen, if you got the chance, do try it out, with no regret! Uh, almost forgotten, the fried kueh tiaw is effing delicious when it's combined with the blended chili! So don't miss it!

Further details:
  • Location: Jalan Pelita 2, Pelita Commercial Centre.
  • Operating hour: Not to sure, but it's safe to go during lunch hour.
  • Service: Fast.
  • Cleanness: A.
  • Facilities: Nill.
  • Safety: Nothing to worry about.

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