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October 31, 2010

No fate with iPhone4

The title above has clearly stated that I got no fate with iPhone4, regardless it's for free or with purchase. To be exact, no fate with all of the iPhones. Sad eh? Why I want an iPhone4? Read DiGi iPhone 4 Me. Come, let me tell you 4 different situations I've struggled to face this iPhone4. First, situation #1

(1) Nuffnang contest
An epic contest from Nuffnang and DiGi where only ONE iPhone4 to be won - DiGi iPhone 4 the Win. As far as I remember, this contest was held during my free week. Uh, it was a luck that I came across and saw this contest from my "sponsorship". Since it was running during my free week, and so, I've spent my precious time on blogging these 4 blog posts:
Result? Ain't it crystal clear enough that I did not win? Oh well, at least I've enjoyed blogging about it. hahaha...

Next... Situation #2...

(2) iDiGi Postpaid Plans - iPhone4
I did not win the contest doesn't mean I couldn't buy it, right? The moment I saw the plan released by DiGi (known as iDiGi Postpaid, read @HERE), I did consider to get 1 and ready to sacrifice my DiGi Campus Plan to Postpaid, yet, there's one main thing is limiting me, it's so important that I've to close this case. Wanna know what is it? It's the 3G coverage. In case you don't know what's going on, do read my previous post - DiGi 3G coverage in Miri, yet, no fate.

Anyway, here's a clearer picture in case you lazy wanna read my previous post - DiGi 3G coverage in Miri, yet, no fate.

See that red dot, there is where I live in Miri, Sarawak. If there's 3G coverage around my place, I'm ready to get iDiGi Postpaid (with monthly installment, because it's reasonable), ready to convert my DiGi Campus Plan to Postpaid and ready to unsubscribe my unpleasant Celcom Broadband.

Next next, situation #3...

(3) Maxis iPhone4 exclusive for Curtin Students & Staffs
Maxis plan is kinda complete, because the area I live is strong with 3G coverage. Before I tell you the obstacle, do see and read the image below carefully. Open your eyes widely.

Tell me now, won't you be attracted with that price of iPhone4? C'mon! It's RM640 only man! But wait, see again, notice the 'MaxisforBusiness'? Uhhh... RM640 is insanely affordable, but the plan is insanely pricey. With 2 years contract, we are required to pay RM80 for the Call Plan + RM99 for the Data Plan = round figure RM180.

It's a must to get both of the Call Plan + Data Plan. Initially, I was prepared to purchase the iPhone4 for RM640 + RM99 for the Data Plan per month, but who knows it's essential to get both Call Plan and Data Plan. The RM99 Data Plan can replace my Celcom Broadband though, because I'm paying the same price every month...

Lastly, situation #4...

(4) No money for iPhone4
You may ask me, why don't just buy the phone? Many say that it's cheaper in Singapore - $888. Now, here's the thing, I'm just an ordinary student with no income who can't afford to buy an iPhone4 directly. Top of that, this year, I've invested most of my money on my DSLR, with no regret. LOL!

I think it's my destiny not to own an iPhone for now, especially iPhone4. Well, let's just wait for iPhone5? ;)

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