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October 16, 2010

Late 5 minutes & got fine RM1

Law is always law, we can't against the law and it reminds me of 'Judge Dredd' film, starring Sylvester Stallone, whom always says "I am the Law"!

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And so, with no mercy, I was fined because of breaking the law - exceeded the parking time at public parking for 5 minutes only. And yes, just exceeded 5 minutes and the ticket was issued, I saw it with my own naked eyes from across the road. LOL! Just refer to Photo 1 below, left is my parking coupon and right is my ticket to the moon!

Photo 1: Coupon and ticket.

Jeez, why are they so efficient want?! Needless to say, money lah of course! Seriously, I saw the lady officer was issuing the ticket from across the road. I've rushed there, yet, too late... C'mon lah, I was from the Immigration to collect my passport then got fine meh... Anyway, the funniest part is, I was fined for RM1 ONLY!!! LOL!!!

5 minutes want to bother, now RM1 also want to haggle. Law is always law. It was truly my fault. And so, I went to the nearest station to settle the RM1 ticket to the moon. Hey, wait a minute, look again, the vehicle number was wrong! Don't believe me? Scroll down, compare Photo 2 and Photo 3.

Photo 2: Ain't my car, it's my cousin's car.

Cool logo eh? I think the logo has explained everything on why the lady officer was attracted. haha. By the way, it ain't my car, it's my cousin's car. Anyway, concentrate on the numbers, ain't it obvious? 9885? Now see Photo 3.

Photo 3: Closer view of the ticket.

Holy crap, the lady officer doesn't know numbers?! 5 and 6 also can get confused?! Laugh die me... Should have notice it earlier and ignore the ticket! Oh well, guess I am too "generous" to pay the RM1 ticket. Uh, should I buy lottery? 9886? It must be a sign to win the real ticket to the moon! Hehehe...

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