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October 19, 2010

Junior's 7th Birthday Celebration

My cousin-nephew, Junior, has turned into 7 in year 2010. As for this year, an early birthday celebration was made, which was on 16th of October.

Photo 1: Junior's cake.

Basically, Junior loves number 7, and since he's 7 years old this year, thus, a 5kg sponge cake with the shape of 7 was customised for him.

Photo 2: Junior and his friends.

Photo 3: Blow~ Saw the smoke?

Interested to know the cake's flavour?

Photo 4: Chocolate and strawberry.

Furthermore, the combination of Orange Sunquick with 7Up was served as the main beverage. A part from that, all sorts of home made dishes were prepared for Junior's birthday as well, especially baba nyonya's foods such as chicken pongteh and sek bak. To play a part with number 7, chicken wings marinated with black pepper and honey which looks like 7 were also served.

Photo 5: Top is chicken wings, bottom left is sek bak and bottom right is chicken pongteh.

Well, it was a simple celebration for Junior. But... not for the adults, why? Scroll down...

Photo 6: Wine and beers.

A simple celebration where children enjoy playing around while the adults enjoy drinking! LOL... It shall be a remarkable day for Junior!

Happy Birthday Junior!!!

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