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October 28, 2010

Fun at the beach with CUTEC + extra activities

On 23rd of October 2010, CUTEC (Curtin University of Technology Engineering Club) has organised a party at the beach at Tanjung Lobang and it went successfully. Apparently, it was a day that everyone hoped it will not rain, yet, it was drizzling early in the morning. Despite of the water droplets, participants have attended as well, well, lucky enough, the sun has saved the day.

(I think there's typo, should be lunch instead of dinner)

I, as a member of CUTEC, why should I waste this opportunity? Right? Anyway, as promised, fun activities were lined up for us and meal with buffet style was also served. Basically, the entire troop of participants consist of own course mates and friends! LOL! What else? Owning lah of course! So and so, I'll let the photos below do the talking ;)

Photo 1: Our group and the list of games (9 stations totally).

Photo 2: Our main source of food, got others as well.

Photo 3: All of the participants.

Hmm, I think there's nothing that I can describe further. To be frank, it was sorta fun because we seldom have the chance to hang around with own course mates and friends, well, everyone is busy with own respective workloads.

Anyhow, right after the beach party around 1:30pm, most of  us had more insanely fun at the play ground nearby along the beach! Just scroll down and see their happy faces.

Photo 4: Shake and swing.

Photo 5: Weeeee~

Photo 6: *Smile*

Photo 7: Ain't this photo lovely?

Spending 1 hour at the play ground was kinda fatigue, especially where the strength was mainly used for laughing. Overall, it was a day that everyone can really release stress and relief tension. Just that, uh, body is sticky after all playing by the beach for more than 5 hours.

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