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October 23, 2010

Buying Ocho @ Battle Stations is worth!

The "law" of spending money on online games is such a waste for most of us (especially parents), same goes to ordinary student whom like me. As a matter of fact, we can't guarantee ourself that we will play that particular online game for a long term. However, buying Ocho coins in Battle Stations in Facebook is another way round!

Every single game has their own uniqueness and addictiveness. Even so, playing Battle Stations in Facebook is tremendously different! Straight to my point, this is my first time spending money on an online game - Battle Stations in Facebook.Why did I bought it? Refer to the banner below...

I think the banner above has explained everything. But, I'll elaborate on the most 4 sensible reasons I bought the cheapest Ocho package (USD 5.50 = RM17.52).

(1) Generate more Action Points (AP fuel)
In Battle Stations, no AP means no game. You need AP to explore around, to battle with other players (known as PvP), to salvage your sunk ship, to travel to different destinations and also to do mining. In other words, AP is just like stamina. Obviously, you can't do anything without AP.

Normal player will gain +5 AP per hour, with extra 3 crews, you'll gain extra +1 AP (total +6 AP per hour); with extra 8 crews (which is maximum), you'll gain extra +2 AP (total +7 AP per hour). Now, by purchasing any package of Ocho coins, the player will instantly generate +8 AP per hour!

1 hour extra 1AP, 1 day extra 24AP and 30 days extra 720AP!!! Imagine if I'm playing Battle Stations for 3 years like Mob Wars in Facebook, pretty cool AP, but, this promotion is new though ;)

(2) Get Extractor instantly

To be frank, I feel my island is empty without the existing of the cute spider looking building, known as Extractor. As stated everywhere, the function of Extractor is to increase 25% of plasma mining yield.

Look on the bottom left of the above image, imagine the cute spider looking building, known as Extractor doesn't exist... My island is darn empty! Uh, the Extractor is animated too! Can you imagine the differences now?

(3) Allowed to 'Hunt for Treasure'
Luck plays an important role in our daily life, same applies to games. No luck, no fun. By purchasing any Ocho packages, the limitation of 'Hunting for Treasure' will be removed.

With luck, all sorts of rare items can be found! You may use the rare items or you may sell them in the Market and earn millions of Gold!

(4) Bypass the PV (Player Verification) system
Now, PV (Player Verification) system is pretty annoying. Don't know what is PV system? Read it @ here. With low PV score, there are plenty of limitations. Damn, sadly to say, I'm one of the unfortunate players with low PV score. And so, by purchasing Ocho coins, I've bypassed the PV system in no time! Anyway, this statement did not mention in the banner above, however, the details can be found somewhere @ here.

And sooooo.... That's it~ It still can be a waste for some of us, but wait, like I've said, playing Battle Stations in Facebook is tremendously different. It doesn't requires any installation setup like Maple Story, GunZ, Ragnarok Online and so on... Just login to Facebook and that's it.

Don't wait any longer. Trust me, it's worth buying! What's moreover is that, the above benefits are 100% permanent! No time limit or whatsoever duration! Anyway, I've started playing Battle Stations since 13th of October 2010 and I bought the Ocho coins after playing for 9 days! All thanks to kewl-handsome-eng dao Chris Jong for introducing Battle Stations to me! LOL!!!