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October 13, 2010

Anti-tick & Flea Collar for Tom

Once every 2 to 3 weeks, I will bath my cousin's 2 years old dog, namely Tom. Past few months, I was pretty busy with my assessments, and so, Tom was not cleaned for more than 1 month (wanna know why I'm the one to clean Tom instead of my cousin? I also don't know haha).

On 10th of October, I've forcefully bathed Tom, because Tom was effing stink! Guess what, for the first time, fleas were everywhere around Tom, especially in between its' paws! At times, we can see fleas on the ground of car porch, ewwww~ You wanna see? Sure? Too bad, I didn't capture it.

Previously, Tom was locked in his "bungalow", no freedom for Tom, because Tom is pretty rascal since puppy! (Tom's cage is special, custom made! So it's a "bungalow"...) Within these few months, I gave freedom to Tom, no "bungalow" for Tom. Yeehaaa... Due to Tom's rascal-ness, Tom will escape from the house through the main gate and mix around the street dogs each time the main gate was opened. Needless to say, that's the reason why Tom was conquered by the fleas!

Because of the ocean of fleas around Tom, I've locked Tom back into his "bungalow" right after Tom was bathed! Yet, not all fleas were gone, because Tom's anti-flea shampoo left not much. So and so, I've requested my aunt to get a anti-flea collar for Tom!

Photo 1: Kiltix anti-tick & flea collar.

Ta-da~ The anti-tick and flea collar specially for dogs! Kinda pricey though, RM35 for size M and RM38 for size L! For safety purpose, we get size L for Tom. Luckily the collar can be used for 6 to 7 months, so, it can be considered as the cheapest investment to prevent fleas on dogs. How it looks like? Refer to Photo 2 as below.

Photo 2: Kiltix anti-tick & flea collar.

I'm not too sure about the quality and the effect, it seems that the collar is a local brand from Malaysia. Furthermore, it's my first time to use this on a dog. Hmm, some people say that the collar will be less effective if the dog has fleas on its body. Oh well, just wait and see. Wait for these few months, or perhaps March 2011 when I get back from my long term holidays, I might share the effectiveness of this particular collar. As for the smell, I got no comment on it, hehe...

By the way, wanna see Tom with the collar? Just look at Photo 3 and Photo 4 ;)

Photo 3: Tom with the collar.

Photo 4: Tom with the collar at a closer view.

Now, let's hope that this collar can kill all the fleas around Tom! If it does, Tom will be set free again! FYI, Tom is like my own pet!


  1. where did you buy it? the flea collar. i'm looking for it.

  2. @Joan - I got it from a pet shop in Miri, known as Bettie. I notice other pet shops do sell it as well. ;)

  3. did the collar worked?

  4. Well.. Ive been using kiltix 4 quite sometime n i know it works 4 prevention x cure. Its better u get ur dog a tickwash at pet shops den use d collar as prevention. If u try 2 use it to kill u may end up having d ticks n fleas escaping into ur house instead.. Which is really troublesome. It can harm human as well.