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October 10, 2010

AirAsia & MAS 101010 Promotions

The special day date, 10th of October 2010, or 101010 for short, is somehow sorta "unique", and you'll face it again on the next 100 decades. Cooooool~ Anyway, in conjunction with this special and "unique" date, both AirAsia and MAS airlines in Malaysia have released some special and "unique" packages for everyone. How special and "unique"? Continue your reading...

To be frank, these special and "unique" packages are not-so-attractive-or-perhaps-meaningless packages for everyone! Pretty full of disappointment to me...

Now, let me show you the promotion and AirAsia goes first.

*P/S: Click on the image for a larger view. Or you may visit HERE to check it out.

You may see the offered destinations ain't so wonderful, agree with me don't you? Why don't they offer more other beautiful destinations like Bali and Phuket? I wanna go there you know...... Furthermore, the booking period is only available for ONE day, which is on 101010! Crazy enough to do last minute booking?

Further details:
  • Booking Period: 10 Oct 2010
  • Travel Period: 18 Oct 2010 - 30 Nov 2010
  • Visit HERE for more lah!

Now, let's talk about MAS.

*P/S: Click on the image for a larger view. Or you may visit HERE to check it out.

Wow, well done MAS! More wonderful and beautiful destinations compared to AirAsia. Yet, did you notice 1 thing? The price? Exactly! The promotion is just like normal price. Each and every time the public complaint about the pricey promo, MAS will only answer many seats were sold during the previous promotions and blah blah blah... Hey look at the price again, KL to Miri - RM242! Very expensive indeed! How I wish I could enjoy my last year's flight with MAS, Miri to KL with only RM46 including tax! =/

Further details:
  • Booking Period: 09 Oct 2010 - 10 Oct 2010
  • Travel Period: 12 Oct 2010 - 31 May 2011
  • Visit HERE for more lah!

I'm pretty lazy wanna elaborate further, because...... Uh, I'm repeating it again, because the promotions are not-so-attractive-or-perhaps-meaningless! Haih, very disappointed!


  1. @Karen90- AirAsia is cheaper for selected destinations, so what you waiting for? Book book haha