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October 10, 2010

10 lame things I did on 101010

10th of October 2010, or 101010 for short, is somehow very "special" to everyone. Everywhere, especially in facebook, everyone is spamming 101010, 10-10-10, one zero one zero one zero, and ten ten ten, yet, I don't see anything "special" behind it. As far as I can see, I was 10 years old, back 10 years ago. Also, we, Malaysians, are 10 years away from Vision 2020! Anything else? 101010 somehow reminds me of the Matrix digital rain.

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Now, let me list out 10 lame "special" things I did on 101010...

(1) I woke up at 10am!
I didn't plan to wake up at 10am, yet, I was awaken by the noises from the kids - my cousin-nephew and 2 neighbour's kiddos. Or else I will sleep longer! Arrghh, pretty annoying you know. C'mon, it's Sunday! I need more rest!

(2) I did 10 sit ups... only
As soon as I set my ass on the floor and faced my laptop, I did 10 sit ups within 10 seconds plus plus! I hardly do this, morning exercise and warm up perhaps? Hmm, by doing sit ups, I'm forming the number ONE and ZERO. How? One - when I'm stretched and Zero - when I bend my body. LOL!

(3) Shower for 10 minutes.
I'm not too sure too long or too short. Since the weather was so cold and raining season recently, so I took a hot shower around 10 minutes. Syiok!

(4) Chew 10 times.
Every single bite of foods that entered my mouth, I'll chew it for 10 times (for today only). Ya I know, we are supposedly to chew 21 times... But, who cares, I don't chew 21 times. =P

(5) Spend 10 minutes to clean my laptop.
I did not clean my internal and external laptop for few weeks, and so I've cleaned it. Shoo dust shoo~ Don't come back! By the way, if you like to know the simple ways to clean your laptop, feel free to read my tutorial @ HERE.

(6) Listened to "你不知道的事" for 10 times.
In english, it's known as "All The Things You Never Knew". Some of you may know this song, and some may not. Well, it's an emo song. Uh, I'm not emo-ing, but I love this song. It is sing by Wang Lee Hom, my idol since... erm, 10 years back? LOL! Anyway, I've embed the music video as below:

(7) Display 10 Retro Arcade Machines in my Restaurant City.
All these while, I only got 8 Retro Arcade Machines in my Restaurant City. Since today is so "special", so I've bought another 2 Retro Arcade Machines. Now there are 10 Retro Arcade Machines in my Restaurant City! Yeehaaaaa...

(8) Won Monopoly with properties valued at 10k!
I was pretty pissed by my last 2 midterms last week (Thermodynamics & Mechanical Design), I know I'm gonna fail it. And so, I've played Monopoly since yesterday to, erm, release stress? hehehe...

In the game above, I nearly own 10 hotels, yet, I only managed to built 9 hotels and 4 houses before all of the opponents bankrupted. ROFLMAO!

(9) My sideburns are 10cm long!
Wow, interestingly, I've measured my sideburns and there are 10cm away from top of my ear! Wanna see? No can't do. Ahya, me very shy lar, next time lar okay? ;) I think it's my time to spend RM10 for a hair cut though.

(10) Lame enough to list out these 10 points.
What else can I say? I still don't see anything special on 101010... What history can I make on 101010? Getting married like Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor (our 1st Malaysian to go into space) and Dr. Halina on 101010? haha


  1. Just when I think nobody in Malaysia speaks English I Google my domain name at random and find something written by a Malaysian who should be working at my hosting company. I can't think of 10 lame things I did on 101010, but I'll trade your 10 lame things with playing support ticket tag with Shinjiru any day.

    Everything is baby steps with them. Write something too long and you get nothing useful in response, but to their credit they speak better than I speak their language which is not at all.

  2. @STD Carriers- There are many talented Malaysian bloggers who blog in English eventhough majority of them blog in Bahasa Malaysia. How can I help you then?