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October 31, 2010

No fate with iPhone4

The title above has clearly stated that I got no fate with iPhone4, regardless it's for free or with purchase. To be exact, no fate with all of the iPhones. Sad eh? Why I want an iPhone4? Read DiGi iPhone 4 Me. Come, let me tell you 4 different situations I've struggled to face this iPhone4. First, situation #1

(1) Nuffnang contest
An epic contest from Nuffnang and DiGi where only ONE iPhone4 to be won - DiGi iPhone 4 the Win. As far as I remember, this contest was held during my free week. Uh, it was a luck that I came across and saw this contest from my "sponsorship". Since it was running during my free week, and so, I've spent my precious time on blogging these 4 blog posts:
Result? Ain't it crystal clear enough that I did not win? Oh well, at least I've enjoyed blogging about it. hahaha...

Next... Situation #2...

(2) iDiGi Postpaid Plans - iPhone4
I did not win the contest doesn't mean I couldn't buy it, right? The moment I saw the plan released by DiGi (known as iDiGi Postpaid, read @HERE), I did consider to get 1 and ready to sacrifice my DiGi Campus Plan to Postpaid, yet, there's one main thing is limiting me, it's so important that I've to close this case. Wanna know what is it? It's the 3G coverage. In case you don't know what's going on, do read my previous post - DiGi 3G coverage in Miri, yet, no fate.

Anyway, here's a clearer picture in case you lazy wanna read my previous post - DiGi 3G coverage in Miri, yet, no fate.

See that red dot, there is where I live in Miri, Sarawak. If there's 3G coverage around my place, I'm ready to get iDiGi Postpaid (with monthly installment, because it's reasonable), ready to convert my DiGi Campus Plan to Postpaid and ready to unsubscribe my unpleasant Celcom Broadband.

Next next, situation #3...

(3) Maxis iPhone4 exclusive for Curtin Students & Staffs
Maxis plan is kinda complete, because the area I live is strong with 3G coverage. Before I tell you the obstacle, do see and read the image below carefully. Open your eyes widely.

Tell me now, won't you be attracted with that price of iPhone4? C'mon! It's RM640 only man! But wait, see again, notice the 'MaxisforBusiness'? Uhhh... RM640 is insanely affordable, but the plan is insanely pricey. With 2 years contract, we are required to pay RM80 for the Call Plan + RM99 for the Data Plan = round figure RM180.

It's a must to get both of the Call Plan + Data Plan. Initially, I was prepared to purchase the iPhone4 for RM640 + RM99 for the Data Plan per month, but who knows it's essential to get both Call Plan and Data Plan. The RM99 Data Plan can replace my Celcom Broadband though, because I'm paying the same price every month...

Lastly, situation #4...

(4) No money for iPhone4
You may ask me, why don't just buy the phone? Many say that it's cheaper in Singapore - $888. Now, here's the thing, I'm just an ordinary student with no income who can't afford to buy an iPhone4 directly. Top of that, this year, I've invested most of my money on my DSLR, with no regret. LOL!

I think it's my destiny not to own an iPhone for now, especially iPhone4. Well, let's just wait for iPhone5? ;)

October 28, 2010

Fun at the beach with CUTEC + extra activities

On 23rd of October 2010, CUTEC (Curtin University of Technology Engineering Club) has organised a party at the beach at Tanjung Lobang and it went successfully. Apparently, it was a day that everyone hoped it will not rain, yet, it was drizzling early in the morning. Despite of the water droplets, participants have attended as well, well, lucky enough, the sun has saved the day.

(I think there's typo, should be lunch instead of dinner)

I, as a member of CUTEC, why should I waste this opportunity? Right? Anyway, as promised, fun activities were lined up for us and meal with buffet style was also served. Basically, the entire troop of participants consist of own course mates and friends! LOL! What else? Owning lah of course! So and so, I'll let the photos below do the talking ;)

Photo 1: Our group and the list of games (9 stations totally).

Photo 2: Our main source of food, got others as well.

Photo 3: All of the participants.

Hmm, I think there's nothing that I can describe further. To be frank, it was sorta fun because we seldom have the chance to hang around with own course mates and friends, well, everyone is busy with own respective workloads.

Anyhow, right after the beach party around 1:30pm, most of  us had more insanely fun at the play ground nearby along the beach! Just scroll down and see their happy faces.

Photo 4: Shake and swing.

Photo 5: Weeeee~

Photo 6: *Smile*

Photo 7: Ain't this photo lovely?

Spending 1 hour at the play ground was kinda fatigue, especially where the strength was mainly used for laughing. Overall, it was a day that everyone can really release stress and relief tension. Just that, uh, body is sticky after all playing by the beach for more than 5 hours.

October 23, 2010

Buying Ocho @ Battle Stations is worth!

The "law" of spending money on online games is such a waste for most of us (especially parents), same goes to ordinary student whom like me. As a matter of fact, we can't guarantee ourself that we will play that particular online game for a long term. However, buying Ocho coins in Battle Stations in Facebook is another way round!

Every single game has their own uniqueness and addictiveness. Even so, playing Battle Stations in Facebook is tremendously different! Straight to my point, this is my first time spending money on an online game - Battle Stations in Facebook.Why did I bought it? Refer to the banner below...

I think the banner above has explained everything. But, I'll elaborate on the most 4 sensible reasons I bought the cheapest Ocho package (USD 5.50 = RM17.52).

(1) Generate more Action Points (AP fuel)
In Battle Stations, no AP means no game. You need AP to explore around, to battle with other players (known as PvP), to salvage your sunk ship, to travel to different destinations and also to do mining. In other words, AP is just like stamina. Obviously, you can't do anything without AP.

Normal player will gain +5 AP per hour, with extra 3 crews, you'll gain extra +1 AP (total +6 AP per hour); with extra 8 crews (which is maximum), you'll gain extra +2 AP (total +7 AP per hour). Now, by purchasing any package of Ocho coins, the player will instantly generate +8 AP per hour!

1 hour extra 1AP, 1 day extra 24AP and 30 days extra 720AP!!! Imagine if I'm playing Battle Stations for 3 years like Mob Wars in Facebook, pretty cool AP, but, this promotion is new though ;)

(2) Get Extractor instantly

To be frank, I feel my island is empty without the existing of the cute spider looking building, known as Extractor. As stated everywhere, the function of Extractor is to increase 25% of plasma mining yield.

Look on the bottom left of the above image, imagine the cute spider looking building, known as Extractor doesn't exist... My island is darn empty! Uh, the Extractor is animated too! Can you imagine the differences now?

(3) Allowed to 'Hunt for Treasure'
Luck plays an important role in our daily life, same applies to games. No luck, no fun. By purchasing any Ocho packages, the limitation of 'Hunting for Treasure' will be removed.

With luck, all sorts of rare items can be found! You may use the rare items or you may sell them in the Market and earn millions of Gold!

(4) Bypass the PV (Player Verification) system
Now, PV (Player Verification) system is pretty annoying. Don't know what is PV system? Read it @ here. With low PV score, there are plenty of limitations. Damn, sadly to say, I'm one of the unfortunate players with low PV score. And so, by purchasing Ocho coins, I've bypassed the PV system in no time! Anyway, this statement did not mention in the banner above, however, the details can be found somewhere @ here.

And sooooo.... That's it~ It still can be a waste for some of us, but wait, like I've said, playing Battle Stations in Facebook is tremendously different. It doesn't requires any installation setup like Maple Story, GunZ, Ragnarok Online and so on... Just login to Facebook and that's it.

Don't wait any longer. Trust me, it's worth buying! What's moreover is that, the above benefits are 100% permanent! No time limit or whatsoever duration! Anyway, I've started playing Battle Stations since 13th of October 2010 and I bought the Ocho coins after playing for 9 days! All thanks to kewl-handsome-eng dao Chris Jong for introducing Battle Stations to me! LOL!!!

October 19, 2010

Junior's 7th Birthday Celebration

My cousin-nephew, Junior, has turned into 7 in year 2010. As for this year, an early birthday celebration was made, which was on 16th of October.

Photo 1: Junior's cake.

Basically, Junior loves number 7, and since he's 7 years old this year, thus, a 5kg sponge cake with the shape of 7 was customised for him.

Photo 2: Junior and his friends.

Photo 3: Blow~ Saw the smoke?

Interested to know the cake's flavour?

Photo 4: Chocolate and strawberry.

Furthermore, the combination of Orange Sunquick with 7Up was served as the main beverage. A part from that, all sorts of home made dishes were prepared for Junior's birthday as well, especially baba nyonya's foods such as chicken pongteh and sek bak. To play a part with number 7, chicken wings marinated with black pepper and honey which looks like 7 were also served.

Photo 5: Top is chicken wings, bottom left is sek bak and bottom right is chicken pongteh.

Well, it was a simple celebration for Junior. But... not for the adults, why? Scroll down...

Photo 6: Wine and beers.

A simple celebration where children enjoy playing around while the adults enjoy drinking! LOL... It shall be a remarkable day for Junior!

Happy Birthday Junior!!!

October 16, 2010

Late 5 minutes & got fine RM1

Law is always law, we can't against the law and it reminds me of 'Judge Dredd' film, starring Sylvester Stallone, whom always says "I am the Law"!

Image source:

And so, with no mercy, I was fined because of breaking the law - exceeded the parking time at public parking for 5 minutes only. And yes, just exceeded 5 minutes and the ticket was issued, I saw it with my own naked eyes from across the road. LOL! Just refer to Photo 1 below, left is my parking coupon and right is my ticket to the moon!

Photo 1: Coupon and ticket.

Jeez, why are they so efficient want?! Needless to say, money lah of course! Seriously, I saw the lady officer was issuing the ticket from across the road. I've rushed there, yet, too late... C'mon lah, I was from the Immigration to collect my passport then got fine meh... Anyway, the funniest part is, I was fined for RM1 ONLY!!! LOL!!!

5 minutes want to bother, now RM1 also want to haggle. Law is always law. It was truly my fault. And so, I went to the nearest station to settle the RM1 ticket to the moon. Hey, wait a minute, look again, the vehicle number was wrong! Don't believe me? Scroll down, compare Photo 2 and Photo 3.

Photo 2: Ain't my car, it's my cousin's car.

Cool logo eh? I think the logo has explained everything on why the lady officer was attracted. haha. By the way, it ain't my car, it's my cousin's car. Anyway, concentrate on the numbers, ain't it obvious? 9885? Now see Photo 3.

Photo 3: Closer view of the ticket.

Holy crap, the lady officer doesn't know numbers?! 5 and 6 also can get confused?! Laugh die me... Should have notice it earlier and ignore the ticket! Oh well, guess I am too "generous" to pay the RM1 ticket. Uh, should I buy lottery? 9886? It must be a sign to win the real ticket to the moon! Hehehe...

October 13, 2010

Anti-tick & Flea Collar for Tom

Once every 2 to 3 weeks, I will bath my cousin's 2 years old dog, namely Tom. Past few months, I was pretty busy with my assessments, and so, Tom was not cleaned for more than 1 month (wanna know why I'm the one to clean Tom instead of my cousin? I also don't know haha).

On 10th of October, I've forcefully bathed Tom, because Tom was effing stink! Guess what, for the first time, fleas were everywhere around Tom, especially in between its' paws! At times, we can see fleas on the ground of car porch, ewwww~ You wanna see? Sure? Too bad, I didn't capture it.

Previously, Tom was locked in his "bungalow", no freedom for Tom, because Tom is pretty rascal since puppy! (Tom's cage is special, custom made! So it's a "bungalow"...) Within these few months, I gave freedom to Tom, no "bungalow" for Tom. Yeehaaa... Due to Tom's rascal-ness, Tom will escape from the house through the main gate and mix around the street dogs each time the main gate was opened. Needless to say, that's the reason why Tom was conquered by the fleas!

Because of the ocean of fleas around Tom, I've locked Tom back into his "bungalow" right after Tom was bathed! Yet, not all fleas were gone, because Tom's anti-flea shampoo left not much. So and so, I've requested my aunt to get a anti-flea collar for Tom!

Photo 1: Kiltix anti-tick & flea collar.

Ta-da~ The anti-tick and flea collar specially for dogs! Kinda pricey though, RM35 for size M and RM38 for size L! For safety purpose, we get size L for Tom. Luckily the collar can be used for 6 to 7 months, so, it can be considered as the cheapest investment to prevent fleas on dogs. How it looks like? Refer to Photo 2 as below.

Photo 2: Kiltix anti-tick & flea collar.

I'm not too sure about the quality and the effect, it seems that the collar is a local brand from Malaysia. Furthermore, it's my first time to use this on a dog. Hmm, some people say that the collar will be less effective if the dog has fleas on its body. Oh well, just wait and see. Wait for these few months, or perhaps March 2011 when I get back from my long term holidays, I might share the effectiveness of this particular collar. As for the smell, I got no comment on it, hehe...

By the way, wanna see Tom with the collar? Just look at Photo 3 and Photo 4 ;)

Photo 3: Tom with the collar.

Photo 4: Tom with the collar at a closer view.

Now, let's hope that this collar can kill all the fleas around Tom! If it does, Tom will be set free again! FYI, Tom is like my own pet!

October 10, 2010

10 lame things I did on 101010

10th of October 2010, or 101010 for short, is somehow very "special" to everyone. Everywhere, especially in facebook, everyone is spamming 101010, 10-10-10, one zero one zero one zero, and ten ten ten, yet, I don't see anything "special" behind it. As far as I can see, I was 10 years old, back 10 years ago. Also, we, Malaysians, are 10 years away from Vision 2020! Anything else? 101010 somehow reminds me of the Matrix digital rain.

Image source:

Now, let me list out 10 lame "special" things I did on 101010...

(1) I woke up at 10am!
I didn't plan to wake up at 10am, yet, I was awaken by the noises from the kids - my cousin-nephew and 2 neighbour's kiddos. Or else I will sleep longer! Arrghh, pretty annoying you know. C'mon, it's Sunday! I need more rest!

(2) I did 10 sit ups... only
As soon as I set my ass on the floor and faced my laptop, I did 10 sit ups within 10 seconds plus plus! I hardly do this, morning exercise and warm up perhaps? Hmm, by doing sit ups, I'm forming the number ONE and ZERO. How? One - when I'm stretched and Zero - when I bend my body. LOL!

(3) Shower for 10 minutes.
I'm not too sure too long or too short. Since the weather was so cold and raining season recently, so I took a hot shower around 10 minutes. Syiok!

(4) Chew 10 times.
Every single bite of foods that entered my mouth, I'll chew it for 10 times (for today only). Ya I know, we are supposedly to chew 21 times... But, who cares, I don't chew 21 times. =P

(5) Spend 10 minutes to clean my laptop.
I did not clean my internal and external laptop for few weeks, and so I've cleaned it. Shoo dust shoo~ Don't come back! By the way, if you like to know the simple ways to clean your laptop, feel free to read my tutorial @ HERE.

(6) Listened to "你不知道的事" for 10 times.
In english, it's known as "All The Things You Never Knew". Some of you may know this song, and some may not. Well, it's an emo song. Uh, I'm not emo-ing, but I love this song. It is sing by Wang Lee Hom, my idol since... erm, 10 years back? LOL! Anyway, I've embed the music video as below:

(7) Display 10 Retro Arcade Machines in my Restaurant City.
All these while, I only got 8 Retro Arcade Machines in my Restaurant City. Since today is so "special", so I've bought another 2 Retro Arcade Machines. Now there are 10 Retro Arcade Machines in my Restaurant City! Yeehaaaaa...

(8) Won Monopoly with properties valued at 10k!
I was pretty pissed by my last 2 midterms last week (Thermodynamics & Mechanical Design), I know I'm gonna fail it. And so, I've played Monopoly since yesterday to, erm, release stress? hehehe...

In the game above, I nearly own 10 hotels, yet, I only managed to built 9 hotels and 4 houses before all of the opponents bankrupted. ROFLMAO!

(9) My sideburns are 10cm long!
Wow, interestingly, I've measured my sideburns and there are 10cm away from top of my ear! Wanna see? No can't do. Ahya, me very shy lar, next time lar okay? ;) I think it's my time to spend RM10 for a hair cut though.

(10) Lame enough to list out these 10 points.
What else can I say? I still don't see anything special on 101010... What history can I make on 101010? Getting married like Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor (our 1st Malaysian to go into space) and Dr. Halina on 101010? haha

AirAsia & MAS 101010 Promotions

The special day date, 10th of October 2010, or 101010 for short, is somehow sorta "unique", and you'll face it again on the next 100 decades. Cooooool~ Anyway, in conjunction with this special and "unique" date, both AirAsia and MAS airlines in Malaysia have released some special and "unique" packages for everyone. How special and "unique"? Continue your reading...

To be frank, these special and "unique" packages are not-so-attractive-or-perhaps-meaningless packages for everyone! Pretty full of disappointment to me...

Now, let me show you the promotion and AirAsia goes first.

*P/S: Click on the image for a larger view. Or you may visit HERE to check it out.

You may see the offered destinations ain't so wonderful, agree with me don't you? Why don't they offer more other beautiful destinations like Bali and Phuket? I wanna go there you know...... Furthermore, the booking period is only available for ONE day, which is on 101010! Crazy enough to do last minute booking?

Further details:
  • Booking Period: 10 Oct 2010
  • Travel Period: 18 Oct 2010 - 30 Nov 2010
  • Visit HERE for more lah!

Now, let's talk about MAS.

*P/S: Click on the image for a larger view. Or you may visit HERE to check it out.

Wow, well done MAS! More wonderful and beautiful destinations compared to AirAsia. Yet, did you notice 1 thing? The price? Exactly! The promotion is just like normal price. Each and every time the public complaint about the pricey promo, MAS will only answer many seats were sold during the previous promotions and blah blah blah... Hey look at the price again, KL to Miri - RM242! Very expensive indeed! How I wish I could enjoy my last year's flight with MAS, Miri to KL with only RM46 including tax! =/

Further details:
  • Booking Period: 09 Oct 2010 - 10 Oct 2010
  • Travel Period: 12 Oct 2010 - 31 May 2011
  • Visit HERE for more lah!

I'm pretty lazy wanna elaborate further, because...... Uh, I'm repeating it again, because the promotions are not-so-attractive-or-perhaps-meaningless! Haih, very disappointed!

October 08, 2010

Samuel Ng's 20th Celebration @ Curtin

Being thrown into Curtin lake occasionally is one of the illegal traditions in the campus apartment (hostel), especially during the person's big day, ya know, I'm talking about birthday! Yeeehaaaa, full with craziness.

And there you go, Samuel Ng, a Kuching lang whom was born on the 4th of October, was thrown into Curtin lake twice to feed the crocodiles as a "celebration". He's a coursemate, a friend, a buddy, a boss, a blah blah blah of mine. Anyway, I bet you are interested to see some photos, don't you? Alright then, sit back and enjoy observing these photos ;)

Photo 1: Samuel was carried away.

Photo 2: Let's start counting down! 3... 2... 1...

Photo 3: *Splash* He goes.

Photo 4: 2nd round.

Photo 5: Birthday present. Can see? No? See bottom.

Photo 6: Can see? Still no? Wait ar, see bottom.

Photo 7: Tada, a pair of glow-in-the-dark condom!

Those are the craziness scenes that were happened on October 4, 2010, after 12:15am. Happy Belated Birthday Samuel! You're no longer a teenager! Welcome aboard, young man.

*P.S: Let me tell you a "secret". Samuel loves his sunglasses very much, yet, he's shy to put on his sunglasses to walk around the campus, so, he only will put on his sunglasses in his room! Don't believe me? Scroll down!!! Ohya, he's a great poser too!

Photo 8: Samuel the thinker.

Photo 9: He even put on when he's going to bed!

Photo 10: Samuel says Peace!

From Photo 8 until Photo 10, you can see his pai-kia-ness faces, agree? Especially in Photo 10. To those who don't know, pai-kia means naughty boy. Just compare Photo 10 above and Photo 11 below.

Photo 11: Cool?!

FYI, Photo 10 was taken on 3rd of October 2010 whereas Photo 11 was taken on 22nd of April 2010. And why I did I say him pai-kia? It's simply because of his new hairstyle! *wink wink*

October 03, 2010

Penang Clam Fried Kueh Tiaw @ Jalan Pelita 2, Miri, Sarawak

Penang clam fried kueh tiaw is very common and it can be found everywhere in Malaysia, not only Penang. But to get the good one, it's very difficult, especially places which are far away from Penang, the best example now is Miri, Sarawak.

Straight to my point, in my opinion, the best Penang clam fried kueh tiaw in Miri can be found @ Pelita Hai Mai Food Centre at Jalan Pelita 2. First, let me show you the stall that fries the decent Penang clam fried kueh tiaw.

Photo 1: The stall with Penang clam fried kueh tiaw.

P.S: Click on the Photo 1 for a larger view, you can see the menu clearly.

I, personally prefer his Penang clam fried kueh tiaw. At times, you'll see a lady will do the frying instead of the man (in white in Photo 1). No matter husband or wife who fries it, the taste is simple the best in Miri! Now, let me show you the "masterpiece".

Photo 2: Penang clam fried kueh tiaw.

From the beginning, I already mentioned it's the best, I think I don't have to tell you the taste. I'll tell you the other perspective instead. Since it's clearly stated Penang clam fried kueh tiaw, so the kueh tiaw is fried with clam. LOL! Well, it has egg, bean spout, small-sized prawn and also la chang (腊肠, chinese sausage). These combination is common, yet, always very superb! Best of all, it's not oily! Look at Image 3 below for a closer view.

Photo 3: Closer view of Penang clam fried kueh tiaw.

As for the price, you can refer to Image 1. Well, to me, I prefer to order the bigger plate instead of the ordinary one, because, the ordinary one will not satisfy me! Why? Because the portion is small. Anyhow, this is how the food centre looks like.

Photo 4: Pelita Hai Mai Food Centre.

Now you know how it looks like, ladies and gentlemen, if you got the chance, do try it out, with no regret! Uh, almost forgotten, the fried kueh tiaw is effing delicious when it's combined with the blended chili! So don't miss it!

Further details:
  • Location: Jalan Pelita 2, Pelita Commercial Centre.
  • Operating hour: Not to sure, but it's safe to go during lunch hour.
  • Service: Fast.
  • Cleanness: A.
  • Facilities: Nill.
  • Safety: Nothing to worry about.