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September 01, 2010

Swimming in Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club, Miri, Sarawak

Are you in Miri? And are you in the mood for swimming? Well, there are several public places you can go, but here, I'm gonna introduce you one of the best place for swimming, in terms of peacefulness. It's the Kool Bar in Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club.

Photo 1: Kool Bar.

Basically, the swimming pool in Eastwood Valley is uniquely different from others. If you're a serious swimmer whom concern about the depth and length of a pool, I think this place is NOT suitable for you, because the pool is merely for relaxation purpose only.

Photo 2: You can seat back and relax on these chairs for the whole day.

Anyway, back to the swimming pool, here are the specifications of the pool in Eastwood Valley.

Length: 50 metres
Depth: 1.5 metres
Width: 6 lanes, not too sure how many metres.
Material: 100% fiberglass
Now you can see the depth is 1.5m, that's the shallowest and also the deepest of the pool. The most unique part is that the pool is made out of fiberglass, unlike any other swimming pools, which are made out of concrete and tiles. So, you can hardly hurt your lovely legs though. And oh, this swimming pool is actually floating on a lake of Eastwood Valley. Cool huh?

Photo 3: The front part of the pool.

Photo 4: The end part of the pool.

Again, since the depth is 1.5m, needless to say, we're not allowed to jump or dive into the pool. But no harm if you would like to jump or dive in the pool. Don't get confused ya. ;)

Photo 5: Strictly no diving into the pool.

Photo 6: Strictly no jumping into the pool.

And since it's a place for relaxation, there will be NO lifeguard on duty! Don't say that I did not inform you, because you can see this warning sign (below) as soon as you're approaching to the pool.

Photo 7: NO lifeguard on duty.

A part from the pool, there are also Jacuzzi, steam bath and also sauna. However, they are limited - only 2 Jacuzzis and only 1 room for each steam bath and sauna for each gender. These are all the same as the swimming pool, floating on the lake. Amazing huh?

Tempted? Now, I think you will ask for the price, don't you?

Photo 8: Price list.

There you go - RM10 per adult, RM5 per teenager and RM3 for each child. Well, there is a special price for college/university students, RM5 per head (if you're lucky)! Ohya, the price that you gonna pay is including everything that I've mentioned above - swimming, Jacuzzi, steam bath and sauna. Best of all, you can enjoy it for the whole day long until... not to sure till what time, LOL!

So what are you waiting for?! Give it a try though! ;)

P.S: If you're interested to get a whole package for the above facilities and gymnasium for a year, or perhaps for your whole family members, feel free to visit for the prices.


  1. ehh i didnt know got discount for uni students :(

    but i agree... very relaxing place hehe

  2. @ninezerothree- You need to mention that you're a student ;)

  3. is the swimming pool clean?

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