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September 23, 2010

Prawn Noodle & Tutu Fish @ Sing Chiong Restaurant, Sibuti, Miri

When you are seeking for Prawn Noodle in Miri, most of the locals will recommend you a restaurant, namely Sing Chiong Restaurant. But first, you must know where Sing Chiong Restaurant is located.

Photo 1: Sing Chiong Restaurant.

Apparently, it's located in Sibuti (a small town which is outskirt from Miri, I think 60km away from Miri city). That might be a minor issue for some traveler, no? Back to the Prawn Noodle, this is how it looks like.

Photo 2: Prawn noodle.

Basically, it's known as 炒煮虾面 in chinese. Normally, Prawn Noodle is red in colour, especially in West Malaysia, however, in Miri, or perhaps Sarawak, the noodle is fried with dark soya sauce, then, the noodle is mixed with hot water and turned into "sup" (that should explain the colour). Furthermore, the served prawns are fresh water prawns, instead of sea prawns, and most of prawns are full with prawn eggs. Most of all, the prawns are fresh! As for the price, it's cheaper compared to others, RM8.

A part from the Prawn Noodle in Sing Chiong Restaurant, the other special dish is steamed Tutu fish, or well known as 乌嘟嘟. For several times, Sing Chiong Restaurant was being published in the local press, mainly about its steamed Tutu fish. As for the price, RM80 per kg. I apologise, no sample picture of the dish, I'll try it next time. Anyway, if you don't how Tutu fish looks like, refer to the image below.

*Update: new blog post regarding the steamed tutu fish can be found @ HERE. Do check it out.

(Image source:

You may also try Sing Chiong's other dishes, but do take note, the 2 main ingredients are fresh water prawns and Tutu fish.

To get there is very easy, provided that you got transport. From Miri, simply use the by-pass road to Bintulu (passing by Luak Bay). Just drive all the way straight until you'll meet a junction with a sign stated 'Sibuti' and the arrow is pointing towards left. Once you reached the small town, you can simply ask for direction in nearby petrol station. The journey from Miri should be lesser than 1 hour. ;)

Photo 3: Sing Chiong Restaurant.

Further details:
  • Location: Sibuti, Bekenu, Miri, Sarawak.
  • Operating hour: 7am - 9pm.
  • Service: Fast.
  • Cleanness: B.
  • Facilities: Karaoke set, feel free to sing.
  • Safety: Nothing to worry about.

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