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September 19, 2010

No midterms please, pity me!

It's my time to complain, and my time kill 2 of my upcoming midterms, on Monday (September 20) and Wednesday (September 22). What midterms? Engineering Management 302 on Monday and Industrial Technology 233 on Wednesday.

*P.S: Do I need your permission? =P

EM (Engineering Management) may sound easy, because the Management part is kinda logic, but not the Accounting part. First of all, I got zero knowledge about accounting. Seriously, I haven't experience any accounting stuffs in my entire life, including my secondary school life... Till now, I have not master EM, although it just cover 6 lectures and 3 tutorials for 6 weeks.

As for IT (Industrial Technology), we have to know and understand many things which are related to industry, such as the basic machining process, casting process, forming process and the list goes on. I think it's worse than EM, because, we have to memorise everything. 6 slides to read, but that's not the problem, the "best" part is, there are 418 pages for us to read!!! Furthermore, there is no tutorial for this unit! Lab? Once every alternate week...

Apparently, I'm gonna die for both of my midterms. I've spent too much time on EM instead of IT, gosh. Whatever I've revised earlier for IT last week has flew out from my brain... Obviously, I will not sleep on Tuesday night. I wonder how... Pity me...

Lastly, I wanna tell everyone that

By the way, who loves exams and midterms? LOL

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