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September 26, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

In conjunction with the official launches of DiGi iPhone 4, DiGi has offered 3 stunning iDiGi Postpaid Plans. They are iDiGi 88 63, iDiGi 138 93 and iDiGi 238 163.

In general, these 3 plans have their own respective benefits. You can compare the benefits of each respective plans at the image below, or visit HERE. Of course, there will be T&C, again, kindly visit HERE for more info.

*P.S: Click on the image for a larger view.

Now, I wanna tell everyone my 4 A reasons on what love about these 3 plans of iDiGi.

(1) Attractive price range
As you can see at the image above or the link that I've provided @ HERE, the prices are insanely attractive, especially for a student like me! But bare in mind, an upfront is required for all iPhone 4, 16Gb = RM2090  and 32Gb = RM2490. Now let's just compare the cheapest plan, from RM88, it dropped to RM63, however, with the Auto Billing system, it only cost RM58 per month! Indirectly, you just have to spend RM2 per day for an iPhone 4 for 2 years (excluding upfront payment). Great deal heh?

(2) Alternative payment option

*P.S: Click on the image for a larger view.

On second thought, the upfront payment can be burdening, yet, the journey will not stop here. There's also another option - by purchasing and subscribing with monthly installment (refer to the image above or visit HERE for more info). For the cheapest plan, it's worth getting iPhone 4 32Gb, since the difference is only RM11.11 compared to iPhone 4 16Gb. Circuitously, you only pay RM4 per day for an iPhone 4 32Gb without the burdening upfront! By the way, kindly visit HERE for more info regarding the payment options. Cool heh?

(3) Advantages of usage
A part from the price range, there are also plenty of FREE usages - Call, SMS, MMS and best of all, Internet! Obviously, I'm attracted to its FREE usage of Internet! However, there is a limited bandwidth for the Internet (refer to the image above or visit HERE for more info), yet, it doesn't really matter, because, you still can surf for FREE even though you've exceeded the monthly quota! No extra chargers for internet! Fascinating heh? Moreover, DiGi 3G has arrived in Miri!

(4) Always the smarter choice
Clearly, it's DiGi's slogan - DiGi, Always the Smarter Choice. In a nutshell, the price is soooo freaking reasonable and the benefits are just like a mountain of sweets. One fine day, I'm sooo gonna own and hug an iPhone, just like this young lady from Germany below ;)

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