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September 25, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

All these while, I can only play my friends' iPod Touch and iPhone 3G, because I love the feel, the touch, and the less lagginess of these products! Each time either iPod Touch or iPhone 3G is in my hands, the first thing I'll do is, I'll play the games inside!!! Regardless of their battery power left, I'll play like there's no tomorrow. LOL!

Alright, now I'm gonna list out the top 5 applications that I'm addicted to, mainly more to games. Hehehe.

(1) Can Shooter

Can Shooter, a very basic and simple game. All you have to do is to estimate the right position to shoot the can to enter the dust bin, the challenging part is, the speed of the wind is random each time a can is being shoot. It's boring if you play alone, yet, it's sorta addictive especially when you wanna challenge with your friends - break their high scores!!! Till now, none of my friends can break my record! Woohoo~ By the way, I've forgotten my high score, so please don't ask =P

(2) Plants VS Zombies

Plants VS Zombies, one of the most well-known games by PopCap and it's available for PC. For iPhone, it can be listed as one of the most essential games that everyone must have. Although it's available for PC, yet, it's completely different by playing via iPhone. It's not because of different level or the small size of the screen, ya know, the feel and the touch are unbeatable compared to mouse! Uh, the only weakness is that, it will lag when there are too many Plants and Zombies appeared.

(3) Pocket God

Pocket God, a game that can entertain you and makes you feel like a "God". I love this because the innocent characters are very adorable and effing funny! Since you're the "God", you can control and do whatever towards these innocent characters, such as, electrify them, throw them towards the volcano, dump them into the ocean and many more. The sound effects are superb funny! LOL! Trust me, it's extremely cute!

(4) Parachute Panic HD

Parachute Panic HD, a simple and a cute application. All you have to do is to allow the people to land safely on the ship by opening its parachute and by controlling the wind (direction). A part from that, you have to destroy whatever obstacles that will try to sabotage these people from landing safely. Now, the reason I like it is because I like the movement and the speed of the game. Basically, your respond have to be very quick, which can prevent you from being sleepy.

(5) Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump, the most and extremely addictive game compared to the other applications that are available in iTunes App Store. This application is a must in your iPod Touch or iPhone! Or else, it gonna be a dead bored iPod Touch or iPhone! Your task is to jump as high as you could, again, just like Parachute Panic HD, you have to destroy whatever obstacles that will destroy you (the idea is like Mario). Due to its madly addictiveness, I'm still playing it no matter how long it takes (provided that I got my friend's iPhone 3G in my hand)! Moreover, it's like a never ending game for me. At times, I'll play it during my lecture hour! =/

Hmm, I think that's it, these are the top 5 applications that really impressed me. In a nutshell, Doodle Jump is my favourite! So what are you waiting for, install it in your iPod Touch or iPhone now!

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