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September 24, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

September 24, 2010, DiGi has officially launched its special packages of the hot-freshly-baked iPhone 4 and it's available at 45 outlets nationwide. In conjunction with this great announcement, DiGi is giving away ONE free iPhone 4 to the luckiest Nuffnanger, that shall be me! No? O_O

Now, I tell you people why I wanna win this iPhone 4 from DiGi sooooo "desperately". Read up closely and carefully.

(1) Who don't want freebies?
Talking about freebies, who don't want? You're lying if you tell me don't want, the temptations are simply too strong for you to ignore. Am I right? Needless to elaborate, I also want to win this free iPhone 4, especially from DiGi!

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(2) DiGi always follow me!
I've been subscribing and supporting DiGi since I was Form 2 (2004) until now, that brings up to 6 years. No matter where I go, what I do, and how I feel, DiGi always follow me, really! A big-huge-gigantic thanks to my buddy - Yellow Coverage Fellow (YCF)! I think he needs a new "home" instead of my soon-gonna-faulty Nokia 5610 (read it @ Bye-bye Sliding Phone), and that shall be an iPhone 4 for him!

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(3) iPhone is the current trend!
Everywhere you go, no matter which corner, there will always be an iPhone in somebody's pocket. To be frank, it effing hurts my sexy eyes badly! My eyes couldn't stop looking at it, regardless it's iPhone 2, 3G or 3Gs. Now, iPhone 4 is the freshly baked pie from the oven, it's more sore-ing than hurting my eyes! Now I know why my sexy eyes turned into sexy red eyes on July 27, 2010 (read it @ My sexy red eyes!). Uhhhh~ Due to my kiasu-ness, I want an iPhone tooooo, iPhone 4 to be precise!

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(4) Physical look of iPhone 4.
I wanna feel the sexiness of the body, feel the silky-smooth touch of new iPhone without laginess, and whats moreover is the fascinating technology in iPhone 4! Do I have to list out? I don't think so, I bet you knew more than I do! High tech? Or super high tech? I don't care! I want the iPhone 4! *winks*

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(5) Desperate for attention.
I'm no longer a teenager since 2010, and, still single and available. Next 4 months, I shall be a "legal" young man - 21 years old! Sadly to repeat, still single and available! I think by showing off this iPhone 4, I can attract sexy babes? LOL!

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What else more? Nothing but to win this hot-freshly-baked iPhone 4 from DiGi!


  1. Nice Job on the
    (5) Desperate for attention
    >D, since N already 1 step faster than us, hope you would get the Iphone 4 and go a mile with it >D