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September 28, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

If you dig a random person's pocket or handbag, I dare to bet you'll find at least a phone in it. So, a phone is a basic item that most of us have, or perhaps everyone. Now, here's a Q&A session for myself ;)

Question: Can a basic phone changes a person's life style?
Answer: Probably not.

Question: Can a Java or Symbian phone changes a person's life style?
Answer: Perhaps so.

Question: Can an iPhone changes a person's life style?
Answer: 100% YES!!!

Well, the answers above are based on my own opinion. I, Ezra Sang, personally thinks that iPhone is a great phone. A part from that, iPhone 4 is just like a King of Everything to me. Now, please allow me to imagine on how an iPhone 4 can changes my life style.

(1) the King of Extraordinary phone photography
Apparently, iPhone 4 (with iOS 4.1) has the new High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature which other phones don't have yet - for the purpose of taking pictures. Based on some reviews, you don't have to worry about taking a picture which is either too bright or too dark. Because, the new HDR feature will tend to "balance" it! Kenapa? Tak percaya ar? Read HERE!!!

Imagine an iPhone 4 is in my hand, I think I don't need to bring my compact camera along with me (of course will not neglect my DSLR *wink wink*). Obviously, the new HDR feature in iPhone 4 could make my life waaaaaaaay much easier!!!

(2) the King of Entertainment
When it comes to music, other devices will tend to lose to iPod, how about iPhone then? Haiya, do I have to explain detailly? If a small device from the same manufacturer can perform superbly, of course the bigger device is the same, or perhaps better. No? Hmm…

Anyway, as far as I know, music lovers who owned an iPod, they will eventually upgrade to the newer generation of iPod instead of jumping to different ship. Furthermore, the given earphone/earplug is always better than the normal earphone/earplug on the street.

*P.S: The aspects above usually will satisfy every single Earthling.

No music no life, wonder when will I stand a chance to experience like others do? LOL

(3) the King of Enjoyment
Needless to say, playing games with a touch screen phone is completely different compared to normal bar, flip or slider phones. Unlike any other touch screen phones, iPhone is waaaaaaaay much smoother!!! Lag while playing games? Wait till you try any touch screen phone with the Operating System of Symbian or Windows Mobile!

Uh, with the new Retina display, I think the games can turn to reality. No? O_O

(4) the King of Excitement
Surfing the net with an iPhone is like surfing a kayak on a Level 6 whitewater - full of extreme excitement!!! Although the screen is small, yet, again, the feel is completely different compared to PC. You can pinch pinch, swap swap and push push till your fingers get tired. Fuyoh, syiok lor!

Imagine an iPhone is in my hand now, I think I will not touch my PC for surfing anymore... and I think I don't have to carry my bulky laptop anymore.

(5) the King of
Woot? King of Possible? No? Nuff said, let me show you!!!

Whaddaya think? Will an iPhone 4 changes your life? hehehe...

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