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September 11, 2010

DiGi 3G coverage in Miri, yet, no fate

Previously, I've blogged about my dissatisfactions of subscribing Celcom Broadband in Miri, Sarawak. You may read it @ "That's it, I had enough with Celcom Broadband!". And now, I think the connection is getting worse... Instead of connecting with HSDPA, recently, the connection turns out to be UMTS, which is waaaaay much slower!!!

*P.S: When the Celcom connection is stable, I can hit 430kbps for my download, cool hur?

I can't even load my Restaurant City on facebook, even waiting for hours! Once a while only can...

Not only that, it often gets disconnected with UMTS connection! Like every 1 minute if I don't use? And like every 5 minutes during peak hour even though I'm surfing?! Very rude you know... Worst of all, after disconnected, sometimes, Celcom will fail to reconnect! WTF!!!

Click on the image for a larger view.

Based on my previous post, I did stated that I'm so gonna switch to Maxis Broadband, yet, after surveying within these few months, I've found out a package which can be linked with my Maxis Postpaid. However, only my dad can sign up for me, because my Maxis Postpaid is under his name! Oh well, I don't expect my dad will sign up for me, he's a tireless man who works 24/7, just like a machine.

According to the press (on February 2010), The Star, Miri will have DiGi 3G network by second half-year. (Full report @ HERE) Past few months, I've kept monitoring the DiGi 3G coverage @, yet, I get nothing except EDGE. Lately, I've noticed that my DiGi Campus Plan is showing 3G connection!!! Wooohooo~~~ Finally, DiGi 3G has strike in Miri! Got 3G then got Broadband bah, hehe!

Can you see the purple spots? Yes, those are 3G coverage, focused mainly in town area. But... Do you know where I live?

Can you see that red dot? Haih, no fate with Maxis Broadband already nevermind, now, no fate with DiGi 3G... A part from that, based on the same article @ HERE, DiGi will invest RM50mil in Sarawak over the next 3 years for its expansion plan. 3 years?! Ezra Sang will be graduated as a qualified Mechanical Engineer already lorrr...

Guess I've to stick with Celcom Broadband for another 2 years till graduation? Oh nooo, my life is sooo miserable with Celcom! Haha, I'm just an ordinary student who loves to complain, a lot! ;)


  1. digi is stupid.. how come the coverage only in the town area but not in residential area..
    i'm using digi and i've been waiting for few months already..

  2. @Anonymous- How stupid is it? You're using it in Miri too?

  3. yup.. but most of the time, i use it somewhere else not in miri..

    so when i came back, found out that edge line is getting worse.. so frustrating

  4. helo, now digi coverage is ok to whole Miri..

  5. digi coverage ok whole Miri? don't think so. Currently stay at Desa Pujut 2 and digi broadband still not ok for me. Actually all 3 telco service sux at my place.