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September 05, 2010

AirAsia Rocks Hat Yai, and I'm 1 of the lucky winners

On Merdeka day, I did the things that I used to do daily - chatting, net surfing and gaming. Until afternoon, I saw a message on Twitter from Air Asia, it's a contest for 50 winners to win a pair of ticket to Hat Yai, southern of Thailand. Guess what, it was already the final day when I saw that message. (Find out the contest @ HERE.) Without further delay, I've forced myself to participate, since it's free, so why not?

Furthermore, it's very simple, all we have to do is
  • Participants to send us a tweet telling us why they want a free flight to Hadyai, consist of the following combination: ‘AirAsia’ and ‘Hadyai’ in not more than 140 character with the hashtag #AARoxHadyai @airasiadotcom.
Easy right? And so, immediately, I've twitted the following message to Air Asia.

I must win the Hadyai contest for my beloved parents since Air Asia is rocking at Hadyai!!! #AARoxHadyai @airasiadotcom
On the 3rd of September, the day where Air Asia supposedly to announce the winners, but yet, the name list was not found (my timing was wrong haha). Guess what, I didn't bother to check the winners on 4th of September because I've totally forgotten about this contest!

10 more minutes to 5th of September, then only I've recalled about this contest. Instantly, I log in to Air Asia's Twitter to check out. And so, here is the 50 lucky winners for this contest.

Spotted my name, @ezrasang? hehe... I'm one of the lucky 50 winners though. It has been ages that I did not win any contests. You know what, on the day that I've submitted that Tweet message to Air Asia, I've told my aunt that I've got the confidence to win this contest. Uh la la~

Oh well, since I've participated for fun, thus, I'm giving the tickets away for free. 6th September is the due date to submit the names, gosh, so freaking short time though. Nonetheless, traveling period is within 13-30 September. Better than nothing right?

You know why I'm not going? Here's my reasons:
1. The tweet message above has clearly stated that it's for my beloved parents.
2. My international passport has expired for more than 5 years, I'm sorta lazy wanna renew it.
3. I'll be having 4 mid-terms on September.
4. Tickets are free, but we have to spend our own money on foods and accommodation.

Since my dad has no interest, instead of wasting that pair of tickets, I've asked almost everyone in my contact list. And wahlah, the tickets have been accepted by a friend of mine, Woan Shiang, her dad and her uncle will claim the tickets though. Guys, thank you for not wasting the tickets! Enjoy ya~ ;)

All of the above, million thanks to Air Asia though! I truly appreciate that you've selected me as one of the winners although it's not for me.

P.S: Air Asia's Twitter is

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