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September 09, 2010

5 reasons to get

Ah, you might be wondering why has been switched to, am I right? No? Hng! You wanna know about it? NO?! HNG! Don't care about you, I'm here to tell you my reasonsssss for getting!!!

Many of us will get excited whenever we get something free and we will eventually enjoy using those free stuffs, don't we? So do I, no offence! However, most of the time, free stuffs can never satisfy humans.

You don't expect Air Asia provide you accommodation after winning tickets to fly to any part of the world. So, would you like to know why I am not satisfied with Simple, BECAUSE IT IS TOOOOO LONG!!! Uncle & aunty Grandpa & grandma tends to forget though!

When I wanna sign up for, it was taken by somebody!!!!! What the hell? There's another existence of Ezra Sang?!

Can you see that? "Sorry, this blog address is not available"

Argh. At that moment, I felt like cursing whoever created When I typed the link and hit the enter button on my browser, I almost knocked my head against the wall as hard as I could... and stunned...

Saw it? It was me, Ezra Sang, whom created!!! Back 4 years… Fine… Forget about it…

(3) is already looong, then now add in the looonger - 'theonlyezrasang', and finally it equals to super loooooong.

When people ask me: "Hey, what's your blog?"
I answer: "The only ezra sang dot blogspot dot com".
He or she may ask again: "Hur? The worry ezra sang dot blogspot dot com?"
I've to answer again: "The ONLY ezra sang dot blogspot dot com larrrrr doink!"

You see? Some slight confusion may occur!

(4) Setting a short/nick name
If you set a short name for, it shall be - TOES!!!

Holy mama. Doesn't it sound like insulting my own blog? As suck as toes?! As soft as my toes' tissues?! Where can my blog walk to? According to our great philosopher, Lao-Tzu, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". But hey, once it's TOES, it will remain as TOES forever!

(5) is cool!
Now, the URL is shorter, easier to remember and it looks cooler!!!!!!

I wanna let the entire world universe to know me – Ezra Sang!!! I wanna be somebody!!! I shall dominate this universe as well! I shall colour this universe with green for 80% and blue for 20%! As far as I know, I'm nothing but an ordinary boy…… nobody

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