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September 29, 2010

Win Tickets to Adam Lambert GlamNation Tour Live in Malaysia 2010

Oh yeah baby~ Here comes Adam Lambert with a Glam Nation Tour Live in Malaysia! When and where? Continue your reading ;)

  • Date: 14 October 2010 (Thursday) 
  • Time: 8 pm 
  • Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil

Adam Labert big fans, guess what, DiGi is having a fascinating promotion - 25% off for Adam Lambert tickets! Your task is very simple, all you have to do is to purchase 3 Hot CallerTunes of Adam Lambert from DiGi. Just look and read at the following image for details:

*P.S: Kindly visit HERE for more details!

A part from that, DiGi is generously giving away free exclusive tickets to 2 luckiest DiGi Angels for Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Live in Malaysia 2010! And now, please allow me, one of the luckiest DiGi Angels, to perform my task ;D

(1) What I love about Adam Lambert?
Each and every rock stars has his or her own personality. However, Adam Lambert, is uniquely different from other rock stars whom are still existing on this Earth's surface!!! While he's still a contestant in the Top 10 of American Idol Season 8, my 3 sisters and I have supported him like nobody business, especially when he started to dress up like a super cool rock star! I've expected him to be the champion, yet, in the end, he's the runner up of American Idol Season 8 (due to an unwanted incident happened).

However, the journey did not stop here. I'm still supporting him because of the following factors:
---(a) He's an effing pure talented rocker!!!
---(b) He owns a sexy rocker voice!!!
---(c) His rocking style is completely different from others!!!
---(d) He can sing well no matter how rock are the songs!!!
---(e) He owns a pretty face especially with make-up on!!!
---(f) The one and only album that he released is madly awesome!!!

(2) Why I should win the exclusive tickets from DiGi?
Sadly to say, my current location is in Miri, Sarawak, because of my studies. Yet, it doesn't mean that I'm not allowed to participate this contest. The reason I should win this exclusive tickets from DiGi is because I wanna win it for my 3 adorable and lovely sisters who insanely felt in love with Adam Lambert!!! Just as simple as that ;)

Adam Lambert, you may ask me: "Whataya want from me".
I'll gladly answer: "If I had you, for your Entertainment!"

September 28, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

If you dig a random person's pocket or handbag, I dare to bet you'll find at least a phone in it. So, a phone is a basic item that most of us have, or perhaps everyone. Now, here's a Q&A session for myself ;)

Question: Can a basic phone changes a person's life style?
Answer: Probably not.

Question: Can a Java or Symbian phone changes a person's life style?
Answer: Perhaps so.

Question: Can an iPhone changes a person's life style?
Answer: 100% YES!!!

Well, the answers above are based on my own opinion. I, Ezra Sang, personally thinks that iPhone is a great phone. A part from that, iPhone 4 is just like a King of Everything to me. Now, please allow me to imagine on how an iPhone 4 can changes my life style.

(1) the King of Extraordinary phone photography
Apparently, iPhone 4 (with iOS 4.1) has the new High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature which other phones don't have yet - for the purpose of taking pictures. Based on some reviews, you don't have to worry about taking a picture which is either too bright or too dark. Because, the new HDR feature will tend to "balance" it! Kenapa? Tak percaya ar? Read HERE!!!

Imagine an iPhone 4 is in my hand, I think I don't need to bring my compact camera along with me (of course will not neglect my DSLR *wink wink*). Obviously, the new HDR feature in iPhone 4 could make my life waaaaaaaay much easier!!!

(2) the King of Entertainment
When it comes to music, other devices will tend to lose to iPod, how about iPhone then? Haiya, do I have to explain detailly? If a small device from the same manufacturer can perform superbly, of course the bigger device is the same, or perhaps better. No? Hmm…

Anyway, as far as I know, music lovers who owned an iPod, they will eventually upgrade to the newer generation of iPod instead of jumping to different ship. Furthermore, the given earphone/earplug is always better than the normal earphone/earplug on the street.

*P.S: The aspects above usually will satisfy every single Earthling.

No music no life, wonder when will I stand a chance to experience like others do? LOL

(3) the King of Enjoyment
Needless to say, playing games with a touch screen phone is completely different compared to normal bar, flip or slider phones. Unlike any other touch screen phones, iPhone is waaaaaaaay much smoother!!! Lag while playing games? Wait till you try any touch screen phone with the Operating System of Symbian or Windows Mobile!

Uh, with the new Retina display, I think the games can turn to reality. No? O_O

(4) the King of Excitement
Surfing the net with an iPhone is like surfing a kayak on a Level 6 whitewater - full of extreme excitement!!! Although the screen is small, yet, again, the feel is completely different compared to PC. You can pinch pinch, swap swap and push push till your fingers get tired. Fuyoh, syiok lor!

Imagine an iPhone is in my hand now, I think I will not touch my PC for surfing anymore... and I think I don't have to carry my bulky laptop anymore.

(5) the King of
Woot? King of Possible? No? Nuff said, let me show you!!!

Whaddaya think? Will an iPhone 4 changes your life? hehehe...

September 26, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

In conjunction with the official launches of DiGi iPhone 4, DiGi has offered 3 stunning iDiGi Postpaid Plans. They are iDiGi 88 63, iDiGi 138 93 and iDiGi 238 163.

In general, these 3 plans have their own respective benefits. You can compare the benefits of each respective plans at the image below, or visit HERE. Of course, there will be T&C, again, kindly visit HERE for more info.

*P.S: Click on the image for a larger view.

Now, I wanna tell everyone my 4 A reasons on what love about these 3 plans of iDiGi.

(1) Attractive price range
As you can see at the image above or the link that I've provided @ HERE, the prices are insanely attractive, especially for a student like me! But bare in mind, an upfront is required for all iPhone 4, 16Gb = RM2090  and 32Gb = RM2490. Now let's just compare the cheapest plan, from RM88, it dropped to RM63, however, with the Auto Billing system, it only cost RM58 per month! Indirectly, you just have to spend RM2 per day for an iPhone 4 for 2 years (excluding upfront payment). Great deal heh?

(2) Alternative payment option

*P.S: Click on the image for a larger view.

On second thought, the upfront payment can be burdening, yet, the journey will not stop here. There's also another option - by purchasing and subscribing with monthly installment (refer to the image above or visit HERE for more info). For the cheapest plan, it's worth getting iPhone 4 32Gb, since the difference is only RM11.11 compared to iPhone 4 16Gb. Circuitously, you only pay RM4 per day for an iPhone 4 32Gb without the burdening upfront! By the way, kindly visit HERE for more info regarding the payment options. Cool heh?

(3) Advantages of usage
A part from the price range, there are also plenty of FREE usages - Call, SMS, MMS and best of all, Internet! Obviously, I'm attracted to its FREE usage of Internet! However, there is a limited bandwidth for the Internet (refer to the image above or visit HERE for more info), yet, it doesn't really matter, because, you still can surf for FREE even though you've exceeded the monthly quota! No extra chargers for internet! Fascinating heh? Moreover, DiGi 3G has arrived in Miri!

(4) Always the smarter choice
Clearly, it's DiGi's slogan - DiGi, Always the Smarter Choice. In a nutshell, the price is soooo freaking reasonable and the benefits are just like a mountain of sweets. One fine day, I'm sooo gonna own and hug an iPhone, just like this young lady from Germany below ;)

(Image source:

September 25, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

All these while, I can only play my friends' iPod Touch and iPhone 3G, because I love the feel, the touch, and the less lagginess of these products! Each time either iPod Touch or iPhone 3G is in my hands, the first thing I'll do is, I'll play the games inside!!! Regardless of their battery power left, I'll play like there's no tomorrow. LOL!

Alright, now I'm gonna list out the top 5 applications that I'm addicted to, mainly more to games. Hehehe.

(1) Can Shooter

Can Shooter, a very basic and simple game. All you have to do is to estimate the right position to shoot the can to enter the dust bin, the challenging part is, the speed of the wind is random each time a can is being shoot. It's boring if you play alone, yet, it's sorta addictive especially when you wanna challenge with your friends - break their high scores!!! Till now, none of my friends can break my record! Woohoo~ By the way, I've forgotten my high score, so please don't ask =P

(2) Plants VS Zombies

Plants VS Zombies, one of the most well-known games by PopCap and it's available for PC. For iPhone, it can be listed as one of the most essential games that everyone must have. Although it's available for PC, yet, it's completely different by playing via iPhone. It's not because of different level or the small size of the screen, ya know, the feel and the touch are unbeatable compared to mouse! Uh, the only weakness is that, it will lag when there are too many Plants and Zombies appeared.

(3) Pocket God

Pocket God, a game that can entertain you and makes you feel like a "God". I love this because the innocent characters are very adorable and effing funny! Since you're the "God", you can control and do whatever towards these innocent characters, such as, electrify them, throw them towards the volcano, dump them into the ocean and many more. The sound effects are superb funny! LOL! Trust me, it's extremely cute!

(4) Parachute Panic HD

Parachute Panic HD, a simple and a cute application. All you have to do is to allow the people to land safely on the ship by opening its parachute and by controlling the wind (direction). A part from that, you have to destroy whatever obstacles that will try to sabotage these people from landing safely. Now, the reason I like it is because I like the movement and the speed of the game. Basically, your respond have to be very quick, which can prevent you from being sleepy.

(5) Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump, the most and extremely addictive game compared to the other applications that are available in iTunes App Store. This application is a must in your iPod Touch or iPhone! Or else, it gonna be a dead bored iPod Touch or iPhone! Your task is to jump as high as you could, again, just like Parachute Panic HD, you have to destroy whatever obstacles that will destroy you (the idea is like Mario). Due to its madly addictiveness, I'm still playing it no matter how long it takes (provided that I got my friend's iPhone 3G in my hand)! Moreover, it's like a never ending game for me. At times, I'll play it during my lecture hour! =/

Hmm, I think that's it, these are the top 5 applications that really impressed me. In a nutshell, Doodle Jump is my favourite! So what are you waiting for, install it in your iPod Touch or iPhone now!

September 24, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

September 24, 2010, DiGi has officially launched its special packages of the hot-freshly-baked iPhone 4 and it's available at 45 outlets nationwide. In conjunction with this great announcement, DiGi is giving away ONE free iPhone 4 to the luckiest Nuffnanger, that shall be me! No? O_O

Now, I tell you people why I wanna win this iPhone 4 from DiGi sooooo "desperately". Read up closely and carefully.

(1) Who don't want freebies?
Talking about freebies, who don't want? You're lying if you tell me don't want, the temptations are simply too strong for you to ignore. Am I right? Needless to elaborate, I also want to win this free iPhone 4, especially from DiGi!

(Image source:

(2) DiGi always follow me!
I've been subscribing and supporting DiGi since I was Form 2 (2004) until now, that brings up to 6 years. No matter where I go, what I do, and how I feel, DiGi always follow me, really! A big-huge-gigantic thanks to my buddy - Yellow Coverage Fellow (YCF)! I think he needs a new "home" instead of my soon-gonna-faulty Nokia 5610 (read it @ Bye-bye Sliding Phone), and that shall be an iPhone 4 for him!

(Image source:

(3) iPhone is the current trend!
Everywhere you go, no matter which corner, there will always be an iPhone in somebody's pocket. To be frank, it effing hurts my sexy eyes badly! My eyes couldn't stop looking at it, regardless it's iPhone 2, 3G or 3Gs. Now, iPhone 4 is the freshly baked pie from the oven, it's more sore-ing than hurting my eyes! Now I know why my sexy eyes turned into sexy red eyes on July 27, 2010 (read it @ My sexy red eyes!). Uhhhh~ Due to my kiasu-ness, I want an iPhone tooooo, iPhone 4 to be precise!

(Image source:

(4) Physical look of iPhone 4.
I wanna feel the sexiness of the body, feel the silky-smooth touch of new iPhone without laginess, and whats moreover is the fascinating technology in iPhone 4! Do I have to list out? I don't think so, I bet you knew more than I do! High tech? Or super high tech? I don't care! I want the iPhone 4! *winks*

(Image source:

(5) Desperate for attention.
I'm no longer a teenager since 2010, and, still single and available. Next 4 months, I shall be a "legal" young man - 21 years old! Sadly to repeat, still single and available! I think by showing off this iPhone 4, I can attract sexy babes? LOL!

(Image source:

What else more? Nothing but to win this hot-freshly-baked iPhone 4 from DiGi!

September 23, 2010

Prawn Noodle & Tutu Fish @ Sing Chiong Restaurant, Sibuti, Miri

When you are seeking for Prawn Noodle in Miri, most of the locals will recommend you a restaurant, namely Sing Chiong Restaurant. But first, you must know where Sing Chiong Restaurant is located.

Photo 1: Sing Chiong Restaurant.

Apparently, it's located in Sibuti (a small town which is outskirt from Miri, I think 60km away from Miri city). That might be a minor issue for some traveler, no? Back to the Prawn Noodle, this is how it looks like.

Photo 2: Prawn noodle.

Basically, it's known as 炒煮虾面 in chinese. Normally, Prawn Noodle is red in colour, especially in West Malaysia, however, in Miri, or perhaps Sarawak, the noodle is fried with dark soya sauce, then, the noodle is mixed with hot water and turned into "sup" (that should explain the colour). Furthermore, the served prawns are fresh water prawns, instead of sea prawns, and most of prawns are full with prawn eggs. Most of all, the prawns are fresh! As for the price, it's cheaper compared to others, RM8.

A part from the Prawn Noodle in Sing Chiong Restaurant, the other special dish is steamed Tutu fish, or well known as 乌嘟嘟. For several times, Sing Chiong Restaurant was being published in the local press, mainly about its steamed Tutu fish. As for the price, RM80 per kg. I apologise, no sample picture of the dish, I'll try it next time. Anyway, if you don't how Tutu fish looks like, refer to the image below.

*Update: new blog post regarding the steamed tutu fish can be found @ HERE. Do check it out.

(Image source:

You may also try Sing Chiong's other dishes, but do take note, the 2 main ingredients are fresh water prawns and Tutu fish.

To get there is very easy, provided that you got transport. From Miri, simply use the by-pass road to Bintulu (passing by Luak Bay). Just drive all the way straight until you'll meet a junction with a sign stated 'Sibuti' and the arrow is pointing towards left. Once you reached the small town, you can simply ask for direction in nearby petrol station. The journey from Miri should be lesser than 1 hour. ;)

Photo 3: Sing Chiong Restaurant.

Further details:
  • Location: Sibuti, Bekenu, Miri, Sarawak.
  • Operating hour: 7am - 9pm.
  • Service: Fast.
  • Cleanness: B.
  • Facilities: Karaoke set, feel free to sing.
  • Safety: Nothing to worry about.

September 19, 2010

No midterms please, pity me!

It's my time to complain, and my time kill 2 of my upcoming midterms, on Monday (September 20) and Wednesday (September 22). What midterms? Engineering Management 302 on Monday and Industrial Technology 233 on Wednesday.

*P.S: Do I need your permission? =P

EM (Engineering Management) may sound easy, because the Management part is kinda logic, but not the Accounting part. First of all, I got zero knowledge about accounting. Seriously, I haven't experience any accounting stuffs in my entire life, including my secondary school life... Till now, I have not master EM, although it just cover 6 lectures and 3 tutorials for 6 weeks.

As for IT (Industrial Technology), we have to know and understand many things which are related to industry, such as the basic machining process, casting process, forming process and the list goes on. I think it's worse than EM, because, we have to memorise everything. 6 slides to read, but that's not the problem, the "best" part is, there are 418 pages for us to read!!! Furthermore, there is no tutorial for this unit! Lab? Once every alternate week...

Apparently, I'm gonna die for both of my midterms. I've spent too much time on EM instead of IT, gosh. Whatever I've revised earlier for IT last week has flew out from my brain... Obviously, I will not sleep on Tuesday night. I wonder how... Pity me...

Lastly, I wanna tell everyone that

By the way, who loves exams and midterms? LOL

September 15, 2010

[Photos 2 Share] Inspiration from Sunset

On September 14, 2010, the sun was extremely bright, let it be morning, noon, afternoon or evening. Indirectly, the temperature was quite high and the weather was unusual humid. However, the sunset was pretty awesome though. Yet, I did not capture the scene. I felt sorta sorry for myself, I've stopped capturing sunset for weeks and weeks.

On September 15, 2010, the sun was hardly obvious, pretty cloudy the whole day. A question pop-out in my mind around 8am, it asked my little angel whether I should bring along my camera to campus (tutorial begins at 9am). Don't have to guess the answer, it'll be a big YES for most of the time, or perhaps, all of the time.

During tutorial session, laboratory session and lecture, my soul was wondering around - hoping for the sun to come out and shine the day brightly, like September 14. The last lecture ends at 6pm. Immediately, I approached to Curtin lake - my favourite spot for capturing sunset in Miri. Before I set my feet on the grass to cross the field to Curtin lake, I saw the lake was blocked by barrication safety tape. Oh well, I know the tape is for the upcoming Curtin Open Day. Nonetheless, the weather was still the same - cloudy. Once again, I felt sorry for myself and worst of all, full with disappointment.

I set my foot off and get into car to go back home. However, after passing Curtin guard house and a corner, I've parked the car at the road side. Interestingly, sunset!!!

Photo 1: Taken at 18mm.

Uh... Although cloudy for the whole day, yet, the sun did appear before the moon out. Am I lucky or what? Now camera talk, speaking personally, 18mm is boring for me, so, I've zoomed my lens to the maximum, 105mm (refer to Photo 2, Photo 3 and Photo 4).

Photo 2: Closer shot at 105mm.

While I'm taking a few shoots of center-aligned sunset, all of a sudden, I've remembered that my buddy, Nicholas Gow, has told me that sun is best not to snap in the middle. Reason? Rule of thirds. What's that? Google it out!

Obediently, I've followed my buddy's instruction.

Photo 3: Inspiration sunset, right.

Photo 4: Inspiration sunset, left.

Now, you might be wondering why there are words on Photo 3 and Photo 4, and, it may sound so old or so... Simple, because the photos are empty inspiration sunset.

This time, the sunset was not as simple as it used to be. It has inspired me to capture differently, and I'm able to unlock the words that were long sealed deeply in my heart.

In Photo 3, the reason I've stated that "The one that can brighten up the darkness of your life is the one and only one special in your life", is because... Look at the river, do you think that the river can be bright without the sun? You may answer yes, with the help of the moonlight, your torchlight or whatsoever, but, will the aquatic plant survive without the sun?

In Photo 4, the reason I've stated that "No matter where you are, how you feel, day or night... Always remember that, you are not alone!", is because... Look the sun, and its reflection, there are 2 suns, right? Well, I didn't mean that you can face mirror when you are lonely! LOL! The sun may be lonely, but don't forget, planets, stars and moon are orbiting around it, it's just like Ring a Ring o' Roses~ When you're lonely, thousands of people will be walking around you too!

Alright folks, enough crapping, that's all from me for now. The above words are just my own point of view. ;)

-Click on the images for a larger view.
-Photos above were taken with Nikon D70 and Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G.

September 11, 2010

DiGi 3G coverage in Miri, yet, no fate

Previously, I've blogged about my dissatisfactions of subscribing Celcom Broadband in Miri, Sarawak. You may read it @ "That's it, I had enough with Celcom Broadband!". And now, I think the connection is getting worse... Instead of connecting with HSDPA, recently, the connection turns out to be UMTS, which is waaaaay much slower!!!

*P.S: When the Celcom connection is stable, I can hit 430kbps for my download, cool hur?

I can't even load my Restaurant City on facebook, even waiting for hours! Once a while only can...

Not only that, it often gets disconnected with UMTS connection! Like every 1 minute if I don't use? And like every 5 minutes during peak hour even though I'm surfing?! Very rude you know... Worst of all, after disconnected, sometimes, Celcom will fail to reconnect! WTF!!!

Click on the image for a larger view.

Based on my previous post, I did stated that I'm so gonna switch to Maxis Broadband, yet, after surveying within these few months, I've found out a package which can be linked with my Maxis Postpaid. However, only my dad can sign up for me, because my Maxis Postpaid is under his name! Oh well, I don't expect my dad will sign up for me, he's a tireless man who works 24/7, just like a machine.

According to the press (on February 2010), The Star, Miri will have DiGi 3G network by second half-year. (Full report @ HERE) Past few months, I've kept monitoring the DiGi 3G coverage @, yet, I get nothing except EDGE. Lately, I've noticed that my DiGi Campus Plan is showing 3G connection!!! Wooohooo~~~ Finally, DiGi 3G has strike in Miri! Got 3G then got Broadband bah, hehe!

Can you see the purple spots? Yes, those are 3G coverage, focused mainly in town area. But... Do you know where I live?

Can you see that red dot? Haih, no fate with Maxis Broadband already nevermind, now, no fate with DiGi 3G... A part from that, based on the same article @ HERE, DiGi will invest RM50mil in Sarawak over the next 3 years for its expansion plan. 3 years?! Ezra Sang will be graduated as a qualified Mechanical Engineer already lorrr...

Guess I've to stick with Celcom Broadband for another 2 years till graduation? Oh nooo, my life is sooo miserable with Celcom! Haha, I'm just an ordinary student who loves to complain, a lot! ;)

Economy Western Food @ Jing Wood Cafe, Pelita Commercial Centre, Miri

In Miri right now? Looking for western food with tight budget? Alright, you're in the exact place. I'm gonna introduce you a place where to get cheap western food, yea, I mean it, cheap western food, well known as Economy Western Food @ Jing Wood Cafe.

Photo 1: Economy Western Food.

Now, let me show you 3 examples of the western food from the menu. Yes, just 3, the rest is for you to find out. First, Black Pepper Chicken Chop.

Photo 2: Black Pepper Chicken Chop.

According to my aunt, the Black Pepper Chicken Chop is just as normal as the other black pepper chicken chop from other places. A part from that, the sauce is also normal. In short, the Black Pepper Chicken Chop is common. As for the price, RM9 only! Next, Grilled Lamb Chop.

Photo 3: Grilled Lamb Chop.

According to my cousin-in-law's taste bud, this is one of the best lamb chops which can be found in Miri. Unlike any other grilled lamb chops, it's boneless, well grilled and sort of juicy! The sauce? It's acceptable. Price? RM12. Lastly, Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Photo 4: Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Now, I think this is the masterpiece. It's well deep fried, tasty and crispy! Nothing special about the sauce. Anyhow, do you know what is inside the chicken? Well, stated Cordon Bleu, so, ham and cheese are stuffed inside! Price? RM11!

Photo 5: Inside Chicken Cordon Bleu.

In general, the baked bean is served while it's hot. Some places will serve cold baked bean, which I dislike the most.

Now, I've done my part and I think you should give it a try! After all, no harm trying. Anyway, kindly refer to Photo 6 below for the rest of the dishes and the pricing as well. Click on the image for a larger view though.

Photo 6: The menu.

Last but not least, here are some details for you.

Further details:
  • Location: Pelita Commercial Centre, same row with Toys World.
  • Operating hour: Afternoon until night. Close on Tuesday.
  • Service: Kinda slow, because always pack with people.
  • Cleanness: A, clean, but it may not be comfortable while raining.
  • Facilities: Nill. Limited tables during peak hour.
  • Safety: Just keep on eye on your stuffs, you gonna sit along the corridor.
Photo 7: Jing Wood Cafe.

September 09, 2010

5 reasons to get

Ah, you might be wondering why has been switched to, am I right? No? Hng! You wanna know about it? NO?! HNG! Don't care about you, I'm here to tell you my reasonsssss for getting!!!

Many of us will get excited whenever we get something free and we will eventually enjoy using those free stuffs, don't we? So do I, no offence! However, most of the time, free stuffs can never satisfy humans.

You don't expect Air Asia provide you accommodation after winning tickets to fly to any part of the world. So, would you like to know why I am not satisfied with Simple, BECAUSE IT IS TOOOOO LONG!!! Uncle & aunty Grandpa & grandma tends to forget though!

When I wanna sign up for, it was taken by somebody!!!!! What the hell? There's another existence of Ezra Sang?!

Can you see that? "Sorry, this blog address is not available"

Argh. At that moment, I felt like cursing whoever created When I typed the link and hit the enter button on my browser, I almost knocked my head against the wall as hard as I could... and stunned...

Saw it? It was me, Ezra Sang, whom created!!! Back 4 years… Fine… Forget about it…

(3) is already looong, then now add in the looonger - 'theonlyezrasang', and finally it equals to super loooooong.

When people ask me: "Hey, what's your blog?"
I answer: "The only ezra sang dot blogspot dot com".
He or she may ask again: "Hur? The worry ezra sang dot blogspot dot com?"
I've to answer again: "The ONLY ezra sang dot blogspot dot com larrrrr doink!"

You see? Some slight confusion may occur!

(4) Setting a short/nick name
If you set a short name for, it shall be - TOES!!!

Holy mama. Doesn't it sound like insulting my own blog? As suck as toes?! As soft as my toes' tissues?! Where can my blog walk to? According to our great philosopher, Lao-Tzu, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". But hey, once it's TOES, it will remain as TOES forever!

(5) is cool!
Now, the URL is shorter, easier to remember and it looks cooler!!!!!!

I wanna let the entire world universe to know me – Ezra Sang!!! I wanna be somebody!!! I shall dominate this universe as well! I shall colour this universe with green for 80% and blue for 20%! As far as I know, I'm nothing but an ordinary boy…… nobody

September 08, 2010

Info About Curtin Open Day 2010

Curtin Open Day (Sarawak Campus) will be held on September 18, 2010. As usual, it will be opening to all public with free admission! I'm not gonna elaborate further, so, feel free to read the details at the following image.

Click on the image for a larger view.

If you lazy wanna click on the image for a larger view, then, I'm gonna list out the activities that will be carried on. And do read please!
  • Technology & Innovation Exibition
  • Kite Festival
  • Future Students Booth
  • International Culture Exhibition
  • Live Musical Entertainment
  • Dance & Cultural Performances
  • Food Stalls
  • Games & Activities Stalls
  • Product Displays & Retail Booths
  • Charity & Community Corner
  • Kiddies' Corner
  • Health & Beauty Corner
  • Environmental Awareness Corner

A part from that, here's a simple map for you. You can see where each of the activity will be held.

Click on the image for a larger view.

Getting excited? No? Because you're not in Miri? Fly here then!!! I bet it shall be the greatest event in Miri, or perhaps Sarawak. So don't miss it, will ya?

And oh, just a gentle reminder, since Miri city is Malaysia's 1st 'Green city', thus, you're encouraged to bring your own plastic bags and food containers!

Ok now, here are 2 things I would like you to do.
1. feel free to read the news @ HERE. Easy huh?
2. répondez s'il vous plaît (RSVP) at facebook @ HERE.

See you there!