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August 24, 2010

Whoaw~ My little Skyscraper in Nuffnang has grown up to the max!

Last month, I've been talked about my little 4 stars Skyscraper @ Woot ~ My little Skyscraper in Nuffnang has grown up!. Guess what now, the hope of obtaining 5 stars was granted. Just look at the screen shot below ;)

From 3 stars to 4 stars, and now 5 stars, which is the maximum already. Weeee~ Can it go any further? hehehe. I'm just too greedy don't I? Oh well, now I only hope that the other 2 ad units which are Large Rectangle and Leaderboard will have some improvement. What should I do? Hmm, let's see...

As for now, I'm really appreciated what I have. Million thanks to Nuffnang though!!!

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