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August 30, 2010

Temptations @ Ramadan market in Miri, Sarawak

On Sunday, my aunt Shirley and I went to a Ramadan market to fulfill our empty stomach (for dinner), it's right behind Miri Indoor Stadium. Well, the Ramadan market is not really big, but, it'll always be crowded.

Actually, the main purpose we went there was to get 1 of the best nasi lemak in Miri, which is from Selera Rasa Segar. I've blogged about it back few months, feel free to read it @ HERE. Anyway, here are some photos of the foods we bought from Selera Rasa Segar at the Ramadan market.

Photo 1: Nasi lemak biasa @ RM2.30.

Photo 2: Beef rendang @ RM5.

Photo 3: Char kway teow plus deshelled cockles @ RM3.

Once again, the sambal from nasi lamak has "killed" my nose and ears. Anyway, it was my first time trying the beef rendang and char kway teow from Selera Rasa Segar, it's tasty indeed, seriously, and I do mean it. Although the beef rendang is quite pricey (others are selling at RM3), but do remember always, good things can never be cheap. hehe

While looking for other foods, desserts to be exact, I was stunned attracted by a bun looking thing. It's just too cute and I can't resist my eyes for not looking at it and also, I couldn't stop the temptation of trying it. Now, refer to Photo 4 and Photo 5.

Photo 4: The fried bun.

Photo 5: The core of the bun.

I can't remember the name of this bun but it costs RM2 per piece. Basically, the bun itself is a burger bun, it's wrapped with popiah skin and stuffed with carrots, corn, chicken or beef (can choose) and some vegetables. Then, the bun will be deeply fried. In my opinion, the bun is dry and heaty because of the popiah skin. However, it's worth trying because the stuffs inside were not bad, really.

Last but not least, our desserts of the day were...... Erm, I don't remember the name either, kuih something. LOL! Just refer to Photo 6 though.

Image 6: Our desserts.

This kuih is a mixture of pure santan and pandan-flavoured santan with gula Melaka - you can see the colour, obviously. This kuih is steamed for some time and ready to be eaten. It costs RM1 for 3 pieces. And so, 3 pieces for me and 3 pieces for my aunt. Taste? Effing delicious!

Will there be a next round? Perhaps so. Stay tuned ;)

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