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August 01, 2010

Miri ICT Expo 2010 (2nd PC Fair)

For the first time in Miri (I think), the PC Fair was organised by CSSA (Computer Sales & Services Association Sarawak) instead of PIKOM (Persatuan Industri Komputer dan Multimedia Malaysia). Overall, it has no difference, just the organiser though.

Image 1: Banner.

For this 2nd PC Fair, I didn't plan to pay a visit, but in the end, I've entered to have a look since I'm passing by Miri Indoor Stadium. Guess what, I did brought along my camera with me, but silly me, I've forgotten to charge the battery (left 1 bar) and I didn't bring my spare battery. Even sillier, I've forgotten to bring my Compact Flash (memory card). LOL! Goddamnit, I was a little tormented and I went back home just to get my spare battery and memory card. Fuel to travel 20km has just gone like that.

The reason I went back on purpose to get my stuffs is because, hmm, I don't want to disappoint my cousin-nephew, Junior. Why? Junior wanted to take picture with the 3 mascots of Wetsern Digital eagerly, whom are Brent, Gus and Blake. Also, he wanted to participate the game prepared by Western Digital. My aunt Shirley and I have waited about 4 hours for the next round of the game. Gosh, luckily Junior has won himself a hand phone strap of Gus. Yet, Junior was a trifle disappointed, because he desired to win an umbrella of the 3 mascots of Western Digital. LOL!

Image 2: Junior and the 3 mascots - Brent, Gus and Blake.

By comparing 1st PC Fair and 2nd PC Fair for year 2010 in Miri, I personally prefer the 2nd PC Fair. Because there were more options for laptop, more accessories and more CUTE girls. *grin* Anyway, 2 photos below are the cute girls and hot chicks scene of the 2nd PC Fair for year 2010 in Miri.

Image 3: 1 corner.

Image 4: Facing the main entrance.

Awww guys, don't feel down because for not taking the photos of the cute girls. I'm just toooooo shy to capture them. As for this 2nd PC Fair, the biggest different was that, there was a booth for Asus laptops (refer on the right of Image 3)! Cool! You should know that Imma Asus #1 fan. Darn, I hope I can get a shirt of Asus for staffs. It simply looks awesome! Ohya, I did haul something for myself too.

Image 5: Just a mouse.

Ta-da~ Nothing special lah, just a Glaser A4Tech mouse (model: X6-005D), it costs me RM49 RM48. Hehehe. I bought it just to replace my old Run-on-Shine A4Tech mouse (model: X5-70MD), since the right click got problem at times. Damnit, I'm missing the 'Office' button badly. >_<

Apparently, my red eyes are not fully recovered. Yet, I've forgotten to apply eye drops on Saturday morning. The epic part is, I've lingered around the town, which included Miri Indoor Stadium until evening. Oooopsss, any of you public and my Curtin friends gazed at my sexy red eyes? @_@

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