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August 05, 2010

Double the number of Tigers

Last few days, I'd received a phone call from WWF Malaysia, because I'm a member of WWF. Well, I've forgotten when did I sign up as a member. Did I joined? LOL! Anyway, their purpose is to get some of my personal details and perform a survey. Fuh, kinda surprised, an international non-governmental organisation called a normal student like me.

Anyway, that's not my point. I'm here to share the same thing that WWF Malaysia has shared with me, although via a phone call. It's regarding our tiger on our mother Earth, especially Malayan Tiger. We should know that the number of tigers are decreasing rapidly every year and the tigers might extinct one day. If you enter the sign up page @ HERE, you may see this (below).

Can you see the numbers? Click on the image for a larger view. From 3000 to 500 within 50 years?! Means each year 50 tigers will be missing and...... 10 more years they will be gone... OMG!!!!!

Can you name me the species of the tiger in the picture above? I bet many of you can't. If you can, congrats, no presents for you, hehe. Anyway, the name of the tiger in the picture above is 'The Bengal tiger' or 'Indian tiger', scientific name is Panthera tigris tigris. Cute eh that kitty?

To be frank, as a student, I can't do anything much. Yet, that's not my excuse. It doesn't mean I couldn't do anything about the extinction of tigers. I can simply show my support towards WWF Malaysia by signing up @ Yes, I'm already an official member of since 2nd of August 2010.

Can you see that I'm helping WWF Malaysia to spread this as well? Haha, proven that I'm showing my support! C'mon people, sign up now @ HERE to help to double the numbers of tiger. It doesn't costs you a single cent and not even 3 minutes.

Pledge Your Support!

Tigers, kindly have more *ahhem* with your mate to produce more offspring ;D

You Earthlings, please don't hunt these pooooor tigers!!! I shall vanquish you and your entire family if you hunt any of these pooooor tigers.


  1. dude..thanks fer posting this topic. i've joined n shared it wif all my friends. have u watched d video? pity d tiger.. :(