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August 27, 2010

CUTEC Basic Skills Workshop (Sem 2, 2010)

A basic skills workshop, which dealing with turning, milling, drilling and CNC Machines, was held on 27th of August by Curtin University of Technology Engineering Club (CUTEC).

The moment I get to know about this workshop, I've dragged Samuel Ng to participate with me without hesitating. Yet, Samuel didn't turn up in the end, because he's going back to Kuching on that evening. Anyway, it's free for members, and yes, we are the CUTEC members.

Not only that, I was attracted by these words - "turning, milling, drilling and CNC Machines", because, they are related with a unit which I'm currently taking, Industrial Technology 233. Furthermore, free certificate will be given, so why not, right?

Now, let the photos below do the talking.

Image 1: Drilling.

Image 2: Cutting.

Image 3: Milling with a lathe.

Participants stand a chance to touch and feel these machines. Now, you might be wondering what are those white colour workpiece, well, they are just some sort of polymer, not wax. Uh, are you waiting for the cool CNC machine? No? Oh well, it was a bad day for us, because the CNC machine was being used by the final year students for their projects.

To be frank, CNC machine is way much cooler than the others. All the while, I'm only able to watch documentaries on how the CNC machine operates, guess I've to wait for my Lab session for Industrial Technology though. If you don't know what and how CNC machine works, feel free to catch it out in Youtube.

Oh well, I just had my Lab session for Industrial Technology yesterday, dealing with the same machines, excluding CNC machine, the machine which I had the most fun was the lathe. I've milled a small metal rod from a diameter of 12mm to 8mm. It was really fun! LOL!

Woohooo~~~ I might be handling with CNC machines for my 3rd Lab session for Industrial Technology 233! Stay tuned yo~

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