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August 07, 2010

At long last, my 1st payment from Nuffnang!

WOOHOOO~~~ You know why I'm cheering, duh, title above has told you everything... No fun... Anyway, at looooong last, I've received my payment (more precisely, cheque) from Nuffnang for the 1st time! Yes, for the first time! Practically, I've cashed it out on the 7th of June, and just now, 7th of August, the cheque has finally arrived at my door step in Miri (not Kuala Lumpur).

Now, I'm sure that you wanna know the amount I've cashed out, right? hehe... Secret, I'm not gonna tell you. Nah, just kidding, enjoy the 2 photos below =D

Photo 1: The entire cheque.

Photo 2: Larger view.

Saw? Saw the amount? Hmm, ain't that great though, just RM267 RM266 only. Well, the amount can be small, but it can help me to cover some stuffs. Let's see, I'm planning to spend it on a 16Gb Compact Flash for my Nikon D70 which costs me RM136 and cartridges and inks for my printer, RM82. So-so, balance RM48 is for postage of the items above and hmmm, treat my buddies a drink - Alvin Chiew and Nicholas Gow (a.k.a General_Nic)? *wink wink*

Anyhow, I hope there will be more benefits that I can leech obtain from Nuffnang (have to participate lah of course), especially Project Alpha. Well, I can't wait for Project Alpha Season 3 though!!! Regarding screenings from Nuffnang (sort of beneficial since it's free), I have not participate any of it before, well, simply because of my current location - Miri, studying. I hope I can try 1 as soon as I get back to KL during my semester break! Ultimately, million thanks to Nuffnang! You're the best among the best!


  1. congrates dude!
    It's really a big amount!

  2. congratulation,that's for how many mth's effort?

  3. @DahLia- TQ. Project Alpha helps a lot though, can't wait for Season 3! =D

    @thomas- Thanks, since January 2010.

  4. Congrats! I haven't earn enough to cash out yet, haha :-)

  5. Congrats ya..:) Keep your blogging spirit alive..:)

  6. Congratz !!! can u giv some advice how to earn that much?