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August 29, 2010

Air Asia and MAS Merdeka Sales

These few days, to be precise, these few weeks and months, I've been  hunting for the cheapest air fare for myself to go back to Kuala Lumpur (from Miri) during my long 3 months holiday.

For Malaysia Airline (MAS), the price was inconsistent. After monitoring for the first half year, the price remained RM189 (one way) and in between for few weeks, the price jacked up to RM199, then it felt to RM189 again. Until the price of fuel increased lately, the air fare was also affected. FYI, the prices are excluding tax and insurance.

As for Air Asia, I don't really remember the price for the past few months. However, in conjunction with our Malaysia Independence Day (Merdeka), the cheapest is RM113, excluding RM5 for booking seat, RM5 for luggage and RM9 for charges. I kept asking myself, should I book before the price increases? Yet, I've made the right move for NOT booking Air Asia, again. Reason? Just continue reading. hehe...

Last 2 days (27th of August, 2010), I've received an unexpected e-mail from MAS, it's a promotion - 72 Hours Merdeka Sale! And so, I kept reminding myself to check the price  from Miri to KL. Wahlah, that's it, once again, I'm safe by MAS!!!

So people, mark your lovely calender, as I'm going back to KL on the 10th of December 2010! Interested to know the price? RM169 without insurance...

Now, let me tell you the reasons why I've chosen MAS over Air Asia for this trip, or should I say most of the time!

#1. Price:
Yes, Air Asia is a low cost airline, but for domestic flights, the prices are nothing but quite similar to MAS, after summing up the taxes and charges. So why not MAS?

#2. Luggage:
For Air Asia, we need to pay RM5 RM20 to cargo ONE luggage, and the limit is 15kg. As for MAS, price is included in the ticket I think, yet, the limit is 20kg with unlimited numbers of luggage. Most of time, the receptionists will not bother even if your luggage is overweight by 3kg.

#3. Foods:
MAS is free, or should I say it is included in the air ticket. Moreover, you can ask for unlimited times of drinks! Let it be tea, coffee, milk, orange juice or plain water. Ohya, count in sweets as well. As for Air Asia, we have to pay on board if you wanna eat or drink.

#4. Time:
The only chances to get the cheapest price for Air Asia is to take a night flight. There are 1 morning flight and 2 night flights to KL every single day. You can't get a low price for the day flight. As for both of the night flights, it will be midnight by the time you reach KL. If you don't have your own transport, it's not convenient to travel at midnight. Trust me. You can take bus from LCCT to KL Central, yet, the train LRT will be closed at 12am. Not only that, price of taxi fare is doubled too.

However, there are 2 points that Air Asia can win over MAS. One will be the merchandises, Air Asia always produce creative merchandises and public will always buy for souvenir. Second, it is the size of the aircraft. In general, the domestic aircraft for MAS is Boeing 737-400 whereas Air Asia is the bombastic Airbus. Cool hor?

Well folks, just remember that Ezy is coming home on the 10th of December!!! See you there yo~

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