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August 22, 2010

30-Hour Famine DIY Camp 2010 in Miri, Sarawak (DAY TWO)

Continue from Day One @ HERE......


I got up at 3:50am, just to go and pee. Once I got back, I've tried to get myself sleep, yet, my legs started to shiver. Goddamnit, it was extremely cold, I swear. First, I did not bring my blanket, then, no sleeping back with me, and worst of all, I was wearing a 3 quarter pants... Smart.

As the minutes went by, participants around me started to wake up as well. Without further delay, I woke Samuel and Goh Wen Hon up, so that we don't have to snatch the wash room with others. My timing was right, it was 4:20am while we were in the wash room, a blink of an eye, the queue has started to get longer.

So and so, 7am was the time where everyone has gathered in our own respective group to perform exercises and aerobics, to get ourselves "warming up". Later, a Singaporean chinese movie was screened - namely "跑吧!孩子", a.k.a "Homerun". According to participants whom participated in the previous 30-Hour Famine, this movie was screened before. Oh well, it was my first time watching that movie though, thumbs up.

After games, again, local artists were invited to cheer us up. Way to go. They were Juwita Suwito, 曾国珲 (Tedd) and 罗忆诗 (Yise).

Image 1: Juwita Suwito (left), 曾国珲 (middle) and 罗忆诗 (right).

And so, the time flew like there's no tomorrow.

Image 2: 1 hour remaining.

And so, the numbers (time) which indicating my birthday also appeared, and I manage to capture it without noticing! LOL!

Image 3: 31 minutes and 1 second remaining.

As the time gonna "end", the top 3 best groups were announced and medals were given. Well, I never know that medals will be given to the top 3 winners. Expect the unexpected. Guess what, my Group, namely Hope (which I think is pretty Hopeless), has won the GOLD medal! WTF?! I got shocked... Guess my last minute "work" by participating this camp is worth after all. hehe.

Image 4: My group - Hope.

Image 5: My gold medal!

As everyone was happy by making new friends, our mission were also accomplished with full of joy. Congrats everyone!

Image 6: Mission accomplished.

Anyway, in my opinion, the most remarkable moment was watching and listening to 罗忆诗 (Yise) live, singing the 30-Hour Famine Theme Song - 明天孩有希望. Woohoo~ A super nice song with super meaningful lyric. Within these 2 days, this song was repeated over and over again, and I'm not annoyed. If you don't know this song, feel free to watch the video I've embed below ;)

Overall, I'm sort of satisfied with this 30-Hour Famine DIY Camp, although I've paid to "torture" my own stomach for the first time. I'll be looking forward for the next 30-Hour Famine Camp, regardless where I'll be at that time.

P.S, feel free to view the entire album of Day Two @ HERE.

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