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August 17, 2010

30-Hour Famine DIY Camp 2010 in Miri, Sarawak (DAY ONE)

30-Hour Famine DIY Camp 2010 in Miri, Sarawak was held in Miri Indoor Stadium on 14th & 15th of August. It was the second largest camp in Malaysia after the 1 in KL - consists of 610 attended participants and 100 plus of volunteers and facilitators.

Initially, I did not plan to participate this 30-Hour Famine, because, why should I pay and starve? Make sense?

As the day of this camp was approaching, for no good reason, voice from my inner heart has told me to participate. 3 days before the camp, I've decided to let my Facebook to make the decision for me. What I did was, I've typed out a status in my Facebook as below:

Hey people, let's vote... Click the LIKE button if you think I SHOULD ATTEND the "30 hours FAMINE" in Miri...... If more than 10 LIKE(s), I'll go then, MUAHAHAHA!!!!
Guess what, not come to 2 hours, about 15 Likes were already there. Guess everyone was supporting me to starve participate this camp! Not only that, my friend, Samuel Ng, has copied my status above and pasted in his Facebook, but he "challenge" me, he set 50 LIKE(s) instead of 10 LIKE(s). Oh well, the 50 LIKE(s) "curse" was broken on the 2nd morning after all, he got no choice but to participate with me! hehe...

Without further delay, Samuel and I have registered through our friend, Ming Jin, whom was a facilitator of the camp. Thanks to him that we were able to register, or else we got no chance to register, as the dateline has over.


In the early Saturday morning, Samuel, Goh Wen Hon and I have a Humanga-dunga breakfast in a hawker centre nearby Desa Pujut. After filled our stomach to the maximum, my cousin sent 3 of us to Miri Indoor Stadium. Upon reaching the stadium, 3 of us headed to the registration booth to check-in and change our T-shirt immediately. And soon, around 10am, the "party" has just began.

Before 10am, I had my last meal, which was a Cadbury Zip chocolate bar. Now, I shall let the photos below do the talking.

Photo 1: My chocolate bar.

Image 2: The "party" began.

Image 3: The VIPs.

Image 4: Samuel on the right with 5 beauty queens.

Image 5: The invited artists on Day One - 徐仕豪 on the left and 凌加峻 on the right.

Image 6: My group and the members - Hope.

After played, enjoyed and starved for more than 10 hours, it was finally our bed time - around 11pm.

Image 7: Good night.

On Day One, our schedule was occupied with games, concerts and also performance. The time has just flew like nobody business, even the feeling of hunger was no longer there. Was it fun? Don't ask me.

Anyway, if you like to see the entire album for Day One, do check it out @ HERE.

P.S, do catch out Day Two. ;)

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